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Every Day When the Stars Come Out [I Miss You] [I Need You]

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Maybe Brendon should consider wearing a helmet to avoid pain...

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Chapter Ten: Every Day When the Stars Come Out [I Miss You] [I Need You]

Hayley’s POV

“What…!?” Josh called from the door.

I could already feeling my stomach churning, it didn’t help that my hang over was already giving me the need to throw up and add to the pile Brendon had made earlier. I could see the veins popping up on Josh’s forehead, this always happened when he was angry; things could seriously not get any worse.

“Why the in the hell was that in your bed?” Josh spat, I noted the extra venom he has packed into ‘that’ like the item in question wasn’t anything at all, it was the kind of tone that showed that Josh was about to rip the shirt to pieces or more to the point…Brendon to pieces.

“Josh please,” I sighed while watching a laugh form on his lips.

“Just answer the bleeding question Hayley,” He cried as he jumped off the steps and paced towards me.

“Brendon- and I-“I stuttered the words did not want to come out.

“Me and Hayley…” Brendon sighed, I glanced into his eyes I could taste the fear in the hazel pixels, “We…” He sighed oh how hard he was trying to avoid the point, “Slept together…” He sighed sheepishly but I could say anything Brendon was out cold on the floor and Josh was stood over his body, fist trembling…

“How could you…?” He whispered I glanced at the droplets in the corners of his eyes, how could I?! How could he knock Brendon out?!

“What the hell?” Jeremy asked from the door frame soon joined by a half awake Jon.

“Why don’t you ask Hayley? Oh unless she’s too busy fucking Brendon,” Josh spat before walking off towards our bus.

“Hayley…!” Jeremy gasped; I couldn’t quite tell if he was angry or more shocked.

“It just…” I sighed and stared at Brendon’s motionless body, either Brendon was as weak as a stick or Josh’s punches really did hurt, “I do like him…” I whispered while watching Jon pull him up off the floor.

“Christ did Josh hit him that hard?” Jeremy asked a little disbelievingly as he stared at the blood ooze from his eyebrow.

“Apparently so,” I sighed while feeling a tear of two shed away from my hazel eyes.

With a sigh I dropped to my knees and watched Brendon’s eyes slowly stutter open, they instantly locked with mine. This was my entire fault, I knew I shouldn’t have let myself fall for him; I couldn’t, not with Josh butting in. Yes I could choose who I wanted to date but it didn’t change the fact that he would despise every guy that hung out with me let alone tried to kiss me, even if it was more than that in this case.

“Did he-“Brendon started before fastening his eyes shut and rolling him hand over his forehead. I watched him groan as the pain shot to his eye which was rather red looking.

“Can you help…like get him inside?” I asked a half awake Jeremy who still had an odd look on his face.

He would always do this, he’d pretend he was okay with it until it ate away at him and eventually came out in a huge emotion of anger.

“Sure,” He shrugged while simply picking him up in his arms; it was quite a funny site really considering the situation and all.

“Jeremy are you okay with-“

“Haywee,” He smirked while placing Brendon on his bed, “I know he won’t hurt you, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, don’t get me mixed up with Josh kid,” He smiled while making his way towards the front of the bus again.

“Could you be anymore patronizing?” I laughed as he returned it with a sarcastic shake of the head.

“Hayley…” I heard Brendon groan from the side of me, I gently made myself comfortable on the bed next to him while hastily shutting the curtain, I didn’t really want to upset anyone else today.

I gently bit my bottom lip and let myself get lost in his hazel eyes, I loved the way they absorbed the light to create a chocolate fusion, and they were so drawing.

“Looks like your ‘muscles’ didn’t work this time,” I smirked while watching a small laugh form on his lips.

“Ouch, that hurt,” He smirked as he squinted through his left eye, “I haven’t felt pain like this since I got hit in the head with a bottle…maybe I should start wearing a bicycle helmet. It could be my signature feature, like Patrick stump and his hats, mine would be Brendon and his bicycle helmets,” He smirked while letting his lips craft that perfect smile he carried.

“Sounds like a good idea,” I smiled and playfully raised my eyebrows, “It would also mean we wouldn’t see your face…” I smirked while watching him pull a ‘shocked’ face.

“Are you suggesting I’m ugly Hayley Williams?” He demanded.

“No…” I smirked with a sarcastic tone.

I watched a devilish smile appear on his face, kind of reminded me of a lot of last night, he gently placed his hand on my waist and pulled me closer towards him, I felt his body press on top of mine as he rolled on top of me and restrained my hands above my head.

“Okay, okay, Brendon’s not ugly, he’s lovely,” I laughed as he started placing kissing along my neck.

“That’s more like it,” He murmured between kisses.

“Seriously Brendon,” I groaned as rolled his lips over mine, I could see where this was going…

“Sorry,” He smirked as he rolled off me and onto his side.

“I didn’t say stop,” I laughed as I felt his fingers intertwine in mine.

“I know but I did just get hit on the head, and, we kinda need to talk,” He muttered while burying his head into my neck.

“I think me and Josh need to do someone that,” I whispered, just by the mention of his name I felt Brendon clench my hand tighter, his eye must have really hurt.

“I don’t know Hayley,” Brendon started while opening his eyes up into mine, “He’s a bit wound up right now…why don’t you talk to him later?” He suggested.

He was kind of right. Josh was extremely wound up, but we were due on stage in a matter of hours…not days.

“I’m okay here,” I sighed while feeling my eyes grain heavy. With a sigh I rolled onto my side and placed my head delicately on his chest.

I was so tired, so tired of Josh not talking to me, so tired of hiding just so he wouldn’t throw more punches about. In general though I was actually tired, I hadn’t done much sleeping last night, partly due to the fact that I couldn’t stop staring at Brendon, he was so cute when he slept.

“I swear I did not tell Josh...!” Spencer cried as he pulled back the curtain.

“We know…” Brendon groaned while rolling his fingers over my stomach.

“Ryan did,” I informed while opening my eyes in Spencer’s rather confused ones.

“Is he still drunk…?” He asked sounding rather confused.

“I don’t think so…just hung over,” Brendon added with a scowl, I could tell he was mad with him still, it was a very stupid thing to do, even for Ryan.

“Hey guys,”

Talk of the devil

I felt Brendon move from being my pillow to his feet, “What…?” Ryan asked while facing Brendon.

I watched his lips quiver slightly, luckily he had sense, and he’d been punched once today I doubted he wanted another argument to add onto that, unless he was going for some kind of record.

“Brendon…” I mouthed as he stormed down the bus.

Instinctively I followed him, my bare feet trailing down the dreary bus and to outside where I found Josh holding him up against the wall…

“Put him down!” I cried as I felt my heart race in my chest

Sorry about the lack of updates, had work experience and now its cw :/ so i apologise if there isn't another chapter before the weekend. Reviews would be nice though :)
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