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I Hear the Sound to Something New, [Give Me the Key to Unlock You]

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Stupid Spencer. Stupid Jon. Stupid Ryan. Stupid Day. REVIEW xD

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Chapter Nine: I Hear the Sound to Something New, [Give Me the Key to Unlock You]

Brendon’s POV

“Spencer,” I murmured between gritted teeth as he continued to stand frozen where he was before.

His confused eyes stared at the two of our partially naked bodies, luckily Hayley had a bra on otherwise this could have been awkward.
What the hell was I saying?
This was awkward, awkward to the extent that if I don’t do something now it linger in every conversation I ever have with him.

“Get in here,” Hayley groaned while pulling Spencer onto the end of the bed, with a simple flick of the finger then curtain was again closed and the reading lamp was shut on.

“No…you two- we were only joking-“He stuttered before getting a slap across the face from Hayley.

“For Christ’s sake Spencer, we were not having sex,” She groaned while slouching into her cushion next to me.

“But we did,” I smirked with a sly glance into her direction.

“Shut up Brendon,” She snapped while rolling her fingers over her forehead.

“Okay I’m cool now,” Spencer smirked while slyly staring at the two of us, “This is ironic really, I drunkenly said to Ryan last night that you two locked us out so you could fuck, and look where we are,” He murmured with a strong laugh.

“Yes, haha,” I sighed sarcastically while feeling my leg nervously twitch.

“Spencer please don’t tell anyone,” Hayley practically mouthed while keeping her concentration on the duvet below.

I could almost see tiny droplets forming around the rim of her autumn eyes.

“Why…?” Spencer asked while glancing oddly at me, “I would have thought if you didn't want people to would have been more careful,” He murmured while playing with his hands, he could have picked better wording…

“Just,” She paused and sighed briefly, “He doesn’t need to know,” She mouthed before crawling over me and jumping out of the bed.

“Dude,” I scowled while staring into his crystal eyes, “Josh isn’t talking to her anyway do you really think she’d want to make it worse like this?” I said sincerely while watching his gentle head nod.

“Yeah…” He started while shooting his attention back to me again, “I have to admit though, it is a little creepy that I told Ryan you were fucking, and then you actually were,” He laughed and with that I threw a pillow directly at his head.

“Wanker,” He cried before throwing it back and jumping out of the bed.

I sighed and slowly trailed my fingers over where she had been moments before; the fabric was still warm from where she lay. On the plus side of all this she still didn’t deny dating me, so did this mean we were dating? If it did…then it wasn’t going very well.

I slowly rolled out of bed, doing my jeans up in the process that she had viciously taken off hours ago, seriously, for someone so small she was very strong. I gently cricked my back before rolling my eyes up the generally untidy bus. My eyes glanced over the half empty bottles of vodka, numerous sharpie pens and stains on the carpet in the back room and that is also where I found Ryan. He was sprawled out over the floor a vodka bottle close to his hand, half of which was poured out on the floor. I could smell the beer seeping from his pores, just the smell made me feel sick, I myself wasn’t exactly an angel last night. I glanced around him in search of my shirt; I could have sworn I’d left it round here somewhere.

“Get off my shirt you bastard,” I groaned while kicking him gently with my foot.

All I got in return was a tired moan as his hand moved slightly over his forehead, gently stroking his brow, “Fuck off,” He groaned while rolling onto his side, but still I couldn’t get my shirt, he was actually a heavy guy, or either I was extremely weak.

Stupid Ryan.

With a sigh my feet travelled along the bus, there was no sign of Hayley so I simply jumped out the door and onto the surprisingly wet ground. I could just see the bus playing on the teeth of the horizon, it glistened in the sunlight, that very sun was giving my mind hell. I could feel my stomach churning as I slowly paced towards the metal tin that was my home, I could sense some odd looks from passersby as I strolled by in only my jeans but my head hurt too much to care.

“Jon open the door…” I groaned while pressing my cheek against the metal frame.

I waited impatiently as I heard some movement in the bus, my head was miles away as the door opened and my body fell onto the cold hard steps.

“Ouch,” I moaned a little delayed as usual.

“G’morning,” I heard that southern accent murmur as I looked up at a half asleep Josh Farro, “Where’s your shirt?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Err,” Crap, crap, crap, “I…lost it, I think,” I groaned unsure whether to attend to my head of my back, perfect.

“And that’s why I don’t drink,” He smirked as I followed him up the reasonably quite bus.

My eyes glanced over the empty packets of potato chips, cigarettes and red bull cans, kind of reminded me of the last tour, well besides the fag packets. I slowly climbed onto a seat in the kitchen and watched curiously as Josh placed a cloudy cup of water infront of my nose.

“And that is…?” I asked while staring oddly at the concoction.

“Just drink it, if I told you then you won’t…trust me,” He smirked while shoving a spoonful of rice crispy’s into his mouth.

“I guess,” I groaned while taking a gulp of the drink down my throat, “Ew...” I spat while letting the liquid fall down my throat, “That’s disgusting,” I gasped while reaching for the bottle of milk that was sat on the side.

“See what I mean,” He smirked while resting his weight against the side; his laughter seemed to be getting heavier with the more milk I drunk.

“What have you done…?” I asked while slyly wiping the cream mustache from around my lips.

“That milk,” He mumbled between laughs, “Its two weeks old,” He smirked while jumping onto the seat opposite me, “We bought it over here to pour on Jon when he was sleeping,” He snorted as I felt my stomach churn just at the thought of the sour milk.

“Just-no-“I stuttered while trying to concentrate on something else.

I heard someone’s footsteps trail up the corridor as enter the bathroom, just perfect timing as I felt the contents of my stomach starting to rise up my throat. Quickly I jumped to my feet and aimed my direction towards the door, dodging Hayley; I collapsed onto the grass near the door and let my contents spill.

“That was close,” I heard Hayley mutter as she knelt down onto her knees and rolled her fingers over my back, I just wanted to sleep.

My eyes glanced up into hers; they were red and puffy, like embers of a fire dancing around the autumn browns. A cough lead from the door, both of our attention was drawn to a rather pissed off looking Josh.

“Yo Brendon…!” I heard someone call from across the grass, I quickly glanced at a stumbling Ryan, oh dear god not now.

I noticed his hand was grasping my shirt, “I found this is Hayley’s bed,” He called while tossing it onto the floor.

“What…!?” Josh called instantly from the door.

Stupid fucking gay Ryan.

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