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I Have Done A Few Things I Regret. [But is this…?]

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You DID NOT see this coming :P Spencer and Ryro, what a duo! REVIEWS?!

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Chapter Eight: I Have Done A Few Things I Regret. [But is this…?]

Hayley’s POV

“Ouch…!” I heard someone cry from towards the front of the bus, with a sigh I buried my head deeper into the plush pillow.

In frustration of the noise coming from towards the front of the bus I rolled onto my side, usually there would be nothing but a stretch of free bed, but today, there wasn’t. My eyes shot open like a bullet through a flock of doves and there he was, lay perfectly still next to me…Brendon Urie. Now surely I should have seen this coming especially after last night, ah yes last night, the night I got drunk...


“No…! I am not having a hug with a sharpie glued to your fist,” I could hear Ryan bellowing from the inside of the bus.

Man, they were loud.

I was stood outside; my feet were practically stapled to this empty spot of grass, the buses rusty side gave my back some comfort as I froze in the cold. The moons gentle glow gave my thoughts company, not to the fact that they needed any tonight. What was I doing? I shouldn’t be stood out here, for one it was my tour bus, well Paramore’s tour bus, since I was the only member using it I would could class it as mine. The wind blew some of my hair slightly out my face as I heard the bus creak slightly. I gently tossed my head to the side and my eyes clicked into his, whenever I glanced at that brown it reminded me of freshly ground coffee, I could almost smell it.

“I think Hayley should have some beer,” Ryan butted in while pushing a dazed Brendon off the steps and onto his ass.

“You shouldn’t encourage me, I’m only eighteen,” I smirked while watching him stand puzzled on the foot of the stairs.

“Yeah Ryan,” Brendon mocked from the floor where he had found himself, lips attached to a bottle of vodka.

“What are we even talking about…?” Ryan asked shortly after stumbling back up the steps of the bus, I could smell the beer just oozing out of the doorframe.

Neither did it make me feel sick or tantalize my taste buds as I didn’t really drink anyway. I felt my feet carry me towards Brendon who had his eyes trailing along my body as I reached my hand towards his to pull him up. He indicated for me to take the bottle as his hand fitted loosely into mine, with a sigh I took it off him and slugged what my mouth could take down.

“Ew…!” I gasped as I felt the vodkas tangy aftertaste attack my throat.

“Great isn’t it,” He smirked while I passed it back to him, “Beers better, you can have some of that,” He slurred while pulling me up, what seemed, mountainous steps.

“Gee Bren…” I started as he hastily turned around almost knocking me over but luckily firmly placing his hands on my waist.

“Beer,” He smirked while waving one in front of my face, with a strong smile I gently rolled my eyes and grabbed it out of his playful hands.

“Did you know Hayley,” Spencer started as we walked into the back room, “Brendon likes men,” He added quickly followed by a heavy laugh.

“No Spence…” Ryan smirked while glancing at me and Brendon, “He can’t like men, unless you’re suggesting Hayley’s a man,” He laughed as I glared at both of them.

“You wrote it…!” Spencer cried while throwing the sharpie out of his hands.

I glanced at Brendon, who by the second, was not looking best pleased before I knew it he had the sharpie latched in his hands and he was scribbling all sorts of insults up both of their arms.

“Run Ryro…!” Spencer cried as they quickly scattered down the corridor and jumping out the door.

With a grin Brendon’s hand gripped the handle and he closed it firmly shut, “Now I see why Jon did it to us,” He smirked while jumping next to me on the sofa.

I quickly unlatched the lock and stared down at the two. Ryan was frantically banging his fists onto the rusty door; the echo of the thud bellowed throughout the bus, almost shaking it, the only response was a gentle laugh from Brendon. Spencer on the other hand was slumped on the floor feeding the bottle towards his lips.

“Hey guys,” I said in an almost teasing tone.

“Let us in you ‘tards,” Ryan groaned while jumping up towards the window, pointless really because there was no chance on him getting in.

“How are we ‘tards?” Brendon asked while exchanging a smile with me, “You’re the ones that managed to get themselves outside,” He laughed while dangling a beer above Ryan’s head.

“No…!” Spencer shot while jumping to his feet, “You locked us out here,” He added with a glare, “Please,” He started while jumping onto his knees, “Give us some beer and we’ll leave you alone?!” He begged literally.

“When in the hell did we agree to-“Before Ryan could argue anymore Spencer pulled him onto the floor, silencing him into a praying position aimed directly at us.

“Wow, we have a religion now,” I laughed while glancing into Brendon’s eyes.

“Yeah,” He smirked with a sigh, “Fine, you can have some beer…” He sighed while throwing a crate onto the floor, “But…” He paused to create suspense, “You can’t have the bottle opener,” He laughed and with that I hastily locked the window and their moaning was just a simple murmur in the background.

“Nice one Urie,” I smirked while clashing my palm against his.

“I’m here all week,” He smiled while pouring the contents of his bottle down his throat.

“You’re not gonna let them back in are you?” I asked while tackling the vodka out of his grip.

“Nuh uh,” He laughed while jumping onto the floor and picking up the sharpie that Spencer had discarded earlier.

“And it also means…” He paused while stumbling to his feet and moving the sharpie into a daggered position above his head, “That you can’t get out,” He smirked.

I quickly jumped to my feet with a laugh and ran down the corridor, pointless really since there was no way out. I felt his arm scoop me up and carry me over towards the seats we had been at moments before. He gently placed me onto the sofa like a porcelain doll, with unison of jumping onto me the pen rolled over my skin marking several different phrases onto my arms.
“Brendon,” I laughed as his hands moved to tickle me; the more I laughed the more he tickled, for a drunk he was a lovable one.

“I told you that you couldn’t get out,” He smirked while jumping off me.

“Shut up,” I smirked while rolling my eyes over the words he had marked on my pale arms, “Ginger Ninja…oh yeah I’ve never heard that one before,” I smirked with a sarcastic tone, “Hayley loves Brendon’s amazing muscles,” I laughed as he raised his eyebrows with a smooth smile.

“You do,” He smirked with a proud smile as he attempted to arch out his chest, notice the word attempt.

“I’m gonna hit the hay,” I sighed while trailing towards my bed.

“Haha hit the hay!” He laughed as I casually gave him the finger, before I knew it I felt his hands place firmly on my waist and turn me round to face his ever so calm composure.

“Well I’ll hit the hay with you,” He slurred, before I knew it his lips were latched onto mine.

They were like velvet cushions rolling over mine, they were perfect, he was perfect, this was perfect…well besides the stench of the beer on the carpet. My eyes gently opened into his as I took his hand and led him to my bed…


I sank my head into the pillow as I watched his chest slowly rise and fall declaring a precious breath to and from his body. What was this? Did he, would he eve remember? I only had a slug of vodka and my head was blurry, he was practically a brewery last night. With a sigh I watched his nose crinkle and his eyes squint, like a gentle dove he opened them and they instantly glanced hurriedly around the unfamiliar settings.

“Jesus…” He murmured before slapping his hand onto his head, “My head…” He groaned while rolling onto his side and burying his head into my shoulder.

“Brendon…” I muttered as he gently took his head away from my neck, I could feel his hand resting gently on my warm stomach; it was like ice, “What is this…?” I asked as a gentle smile washed over his satin lips.

“This is…” He paused and gentle rolled his fingers over my rough cheek, “This is the start of something,” He finished while gently pressing his lips against mine. Did this constitute for him remembering?

“The driver let us back- Holy shit!” We both drew our attention to a startled Spencer who stood frozen with the curtain in hand. Yes, this was indeed the start of something.

Sorry for the delay, i like this chapter though. Betcha didn't see that coming :P reviews please??? Thanks for the ones so far xD
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