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The Forth Drink Instinct

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Brendon gets drunk, Hayley gets deep, Spencer gets confused and Ryan looses a shoe. Review?

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Chapter Seven: The Forth Drink Instinct

Brendon’s POV

I sighed briefly as I pulled the green t-shirt over my head, it was my favorite one at the moment it was odd how Jon knew. I wasn’t entirely sure if I should even bother going to Paramore’s bus. For one I was half drunk therefore I would probably end up doing something most certainly stupid, and that’s without adding the fact that Josh was acting weird with me and Hayley. I could almost taste the awkwardness as I approached the bus that I thought, was theirs. With a sigh I softly pounded my fist on the door, patiently waiting for an answer. I quickly slugged down the last of my beer and with unison of discarding it on the floor the door opened.

“Brendon…?” I heard her voice ask as part of me was lit up from the dim light inside the warm vehicle.

“Hayley,” I smiled while watching her toss her fiery red hair to the side of her head to reveal her perfectly sculpted smile, “Jon locked me out,” I slurred while letting a laugh break out of my composure just thinking about the recent situation.

“How lovely of him,” She smiled while gently scratching the back of her head.

“Can I stay on your bus tonight?” I asked while putting on a fake pout.

She bit her bottom lip and grabbed my hand to pull me up into the bus, I felt it grasp tighter as the thunder rumbled the skies.

My eyes glanced over the reasonably tidy kitchen area, or at least in comparison to the one on our bus, she lead us past the bunks and past the sitting area to the back of the bus where a single light stood next to an apple macbook. “Where is everyone?” I asked as I trailed my fingers over the collection of CD’s that stood in a tower in the corner.

“In your bus,” She smirked as I turned around to face her.

“What…!? So Jon kicked us out for you guys? And more to the point he refused to play Halo with me,” I groaned while slouching closely next to her on the sofa letting my thighs brush against hers.

“Well no, Josh, Zac and Jeremy, he rang them and asked if they wanted to go play Halo cause apparently you guys had gone off drinking,” She explained with a perfect curl of her lips as she mentioned alcohol.

“No, no,” I laughed while staring into her eyes, “We chased Spence outta the bus, and attacked him with sharpies, Jon threw some beer and us and then locked the door.” I paused again as she gently nodded her head as if to say carry on. “I got scared because I thought teenies were coming for us and came over here to see you,” I finished.

“You attacked Spencer with sharpies?” She asked with a disbelieving smile.

“He started it…!” I cried while jumping to my feet and pulling up my shirt, “See,” I smirked while watching her eyes widen and cheeks rosen slightly.

“Kiss me where-” She started but interrupted with a laugh, “Sorry but that’s quite funny,” She smirked as I jumped back onto the sofa next to her.

“Meh, I guess I asked for it anyway,” I shrugged while shuffling closer towards her to get a glimpse of her laptop screen.

I glanced as the light from the screen beamed onto her face showing the beautiful color of her skin tone, I loved the way how her hood was creating perfect fusion with her hair color, in that split second she looked perfect.

“Are we alone…?” I asked openly.

“Yeah, I did say Josh, Zac and Jeremy were in your bus,” She smirked while glancing her hazel eyes into mine.

“Oh yeah,” I murmured while blinking my eyes to regain my vision.

“Brendon…” She started while nervously closing her laptop.

“Hayley,” I smiled as she placed it onto the sofa next to her and crossing her legs.

“Do you have any idea…whatsoever…why Josh isn’t talking to me?” She asked with a hint of anxiety in her tone.

I felt my bottom lip quiver, “I think I have some idea as to why…but I mean I don’t really know the guy.” I paused and inhaled deeply, “When I came onstage with you guys earlier he went weird, like I looked over at you and you were all crazy and he was like,” I paused I couldn’t put the pin point on the word, “He looked almost hurt I guess,” I sighed while watching her gently bite her bottom lip, she looked hurt too like she’d lost something.

“Stupid Josh,” She moaned while slouching deeper into her seat, “I don’t get why he has to be so overprotective all the time.” She sighed while slowly rubbing her eyes.

“Well…err why?” I stuttered I didn’t really know what to say.

“We used to date…a very long time ago, I mean when we were like fifteen but it felt nicer to be friends. I got into this relationship with this guy and he really hurt me, so now Josh seems to think that every guy will do that,” She sighed while staring up into my eyes, by the tone of her voice I could tell that a part of her still hurt from that.

I could see the broken shards in the corner of her stare; it still didn’t explain why he was being weird with her though.

“So who do you think that he thinks will hurt you?” I asked while getting a ‘are you that dumb’ look off her, “Oh yeah…” I murmured while getting a slight nod off her.

“He’s just doesn’t know when not to sometimes,” She sighed.

“I wouldn’t hurt you,” I said openly, damn, I hated alcohol sober Brendon would not have said that, “Or at least not intentionally, whatever happened in the past that guy was a jerk because I think you’re lovely,” I smiled while watching one appear right over her face.

“Gee Brendon…” She smirked while rolling her hand over her cheek, attempting to hide the rosey red color, oh what a failed attempt.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have blurted that out,” I smirked while shaking my head; I felt my leg twitch like it always did whenever I was nervous.

“No, I think…” She paused as I stared deeply into her eyes, I had never noticed the intensity of the color before, “I think you’re quite lovely too,” She smirked while gently biting her lip on her smile.

“Well that’s-…” I smirked with a small laugh, man I was such an idiot, “I was jealous the other day, when you hugged Spencer, and yeah it was just a hug but I don’t know I just felt…weird,” I murmured while titling my head to the side and rolling my fingers through my silky locks.

I watched her nervously nod her head as I inched closer to her; my heart was racing in my chest as I glanced at her lips. She smiled while placing her hand on her foot nervously trailing her fingers in and out of her toes; I smirked and slowly cupped her hand in mine. It had an icy tingle but it merged with the warmth of mine. Slowly I bit my bottom lip and knelt in closer towards hers; “Finally the right fucking one!” We quickly separated as Ryan and Spencer staggered their way up the bus.

“There were fucking teenies Brendon! Teenies…!” Ryan cried while grabbing me by the shoulders.

“You just left us for them, they were like a pack of wild animals,” Spencer slurred while chugging down the rest of his beer.

“Look,” Ryan paused while hopping on his leg and shoving his foot in my face, “They stole my shoe, my shoe Brendon!” He moaned while jumping on the sofa opposite us.

“No Ryan,” I sighed with a laugh, “You never had a shoe on anyway, you’re not wearing any,” I laughed while watching his expression drop.

“Spencer they took both of my shoes!” He cried while pointing at his feet.

“Oh-em-gee,” Spencer smirked with a roll of the eyes; I knew that he was sober enough to understand that he wasn’t actually wearing any shoes.

I sighed and grabbed a beer out of the crate that was on the floor, I really did need it, what the hell had just happened? I glanced to the side of me where Hayley was sat, her lip was bitten and he eyes were slightly watery. I watched her rise to her feet and walk towards the front of the bus, I glanced at the two drunks who were laughing on the floor and jumped to my feet after her.

Quickly I grabbed her hand and spun her around; luckily we were out of sight, “What was that…?” I asked biting my lip down nervously.

“It was…” She sighed and glanced out of my stare, “It was nothing,” She sighed while letting go of my hand, I watched her eyes glance into my stare again and with that I knew it was sure as hell not nothing.

Thanks for all the reviews they mean alot, also, sorry bout lack in updates ive been away seeing Elliot Minor who were amazing and i met :) Next chapter will appear soon xD Oh yeah reviews would be good haha
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