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Practice Makes Perfect [Sense to Me]

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A Sharpie Fight Ends Up Wth A Locked Bus YAYY. Reviews?

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Chapter Six: Practice Makes Perfect Sense to Me

Hayley’s POV

My eyes glanced into his, they were heavy and tired. A hint of remorse lingered in the air with another hint of anger. What had I done? He caught onto my line of stare and hastily jumped out of his seat and towards the front of the bus. I sighed and sunk deeper into my seat, I wanted it oh so badly to swallow me up or to at least tell me what was wrong with him. Josh had been acting weirdly ever since we had come off stage; he had barely looked at me let alone spoken to me. What was he jealous? Or even pissed off that Brendon came on stage? Everyone else was cool with it; in fact everyone else wanted him to do it again for the next show. Or at least that was the only problem I could pin point in this situation, I had only been myself today. But what if he didn’t like me, maybe that was the problem…

“Hey SpongeBob,” I heard Zac call as he literally jumped onto the space next to me.

“Zacky,” I smiled while wrapping my arms around him.

“How was the panic bus last night?” He asked as I took my arms from around him, he raised an eyebrow as I knew exactly what he was getting at.

“Nothing happened,” I sighed, part of me wishing that it had.

“Sorry I guess you’re sick of Jeremy going on about him, but seriously, what was it like?” He asked sincerely with the usual curl of his lip which matched perfectly with the expression of his eyebrows.

“It was cool, we watched movies and played Halo,” I smirked while lying down on the sofa next to him, “And we played practical jokes on Spencer,” I laughed while envisaging the look on Brendon’s face when I had hugged his friend, it was only a hug…

“They have Halo!? No fair, we only have a wii,” He pouted as a smirk wiped over my ruby lips.

“Yeah they have lots of stuff on their bus,” I sighed while gently shutting my eyes, I felt his fingers pull gently on my hair and with that my eyes shot open, “Oh yeah, why exactly did you tell Brendon I dyed my hair with ketchup?” I asked while sitting up in my seat.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” He gasped while putting on such a fake hurt look, I knew this boy way too well.

“Of course,” I beamed while watching a small smile wipe over his face, “Well if anyone asks, I totally did not tell anyone that you dye your hair with Worcester sauce,” I laughed while watching his fingers roll through his luscious locks.

“It’s all natural baby,” He smoothly attempted while raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I’m sure your forgetting the bald cream,” I laughed while he returned it with a pillow hitting me exactly on my head, “I will so get you back for that,” I smirked while picking up the same pillow and returning it at his head…

Brendon’s POV

“Brendon, how many freaking times, I don’t wanna play Halo,” Jon groaned while covering his cell with the palm of his hand. I sighed and sat on the floor staring up at him with a fake pout, “You’re so gay,” I smirked while watching his eyes roll.

“Yes Brendon, I am blatantly gay, you know since I’m on the phone to my girlfriend and everything,” He smirked while stressing the word ‘girlfriend,’ “Get Spencer to play with you,” He added while jumping onto his bed and placing the phone back to his ear.

I sighed and let my feet carry me to the back on the bus where Ryan was lay on the floor with a bottle of Vodka attached to his porcelain lips.

“Give me some,” I murmured as he passed me the bottle and I chugged some down my throat.

The usual burning sensation melted the senses in my mouth as the liquid fled into my stomach; I sighed and blinked repeatedly while jumping onto the sofa opposite him.

“Wanna play-“

“No, you wouldn’t play football with me earlier,” He smirked while poking out his tongue.

“So you’re not gonna play just because of that?!” I cried while shooting up in my seat.

“Uh huh,” He nodded while grabbing the bottle off me, “Anyway everyone knows you cheat so what’s the point?” He shrugged while shutting his eyes.

I sighed and watched Spencer creep into the room with a marker pen in his hand, “Here,” He mouthed while passing me one and aiming his direction of stare at Ryan, who had just dropped vodka on the floor letting its contents seep everywhere.

Slowly we both crept over towards him, the pens were already lidless and it was just a case of one of pinning him down and then drawing on him, it was the perfect game. Quickly Spencer grabbed both of his arms and before he could as much as struggle I was writing ‘Ryan loves men’ up his arm.

“Muwhahaha,” We laughed in unison as a very confused Ryan stared up at both of us.

“What in the hell…?” He slurred while pulling his arm away from my grasp and staring at the writing on his arm, “Ryan…loves…men,” He paused and again stared up at the two of us, “Oh yeah real mature guys,” He groaned while grabbing the pen off me, before I knew it I was shoved onto the floor, Spencer pulled up my shirt and they were drawing on my torso.

“Seriously-stop-it-guys,” I cried between laughs, the rough edges of the pens were grazing over my skin, and I was and always had been a ticklish person.

“I think it’s a masterpiece,” Spencer nodded while letting me go.

I slowly got up and edged towards the mirror, “Wow my stomach has a face,” I sighed while watching them both laugh as I noticed another drawing lower down. “Kiss me where it smells funny?” I laughed while trying to wipe off the arrow that was pointing down towards my crotch.

“I’m okay Brendon, I’m most certainly not gay,” Spencer laughed as I tackled the pen off him, “Oh shit,” He stopped while watching me and Ryan edge closer towards him, sharpies for weapons.

Before we could even attempt to attack him with the pens he was racing towards the end of the bus, with a clutch of a handle he literally jumped out of the doorframe and onto the grass.

“Crap,” He moaned as we jumped on the floor after him and started attacking him with the pens.

“What in the hell are you guys doing?” A voice called from the stairs, instantly, we all turned around to face a very confused looking Jon.

“Err nothing…” Ryan grinned while hastily hiding the pens.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” He smirked while throwing a box of beer at us.

“Aww thanks Jon,” Spencer smiled while crawling over towards the case of beer and in unison with that the buses door slammed and echoed throughout the camp which was reasonably quiet.

I watched Ryan stumble to his feet and beat the door with his puny fists, “Jon you douche, let us in!” He cried while sliding down the door.

“At least we have beer,” Spencer chimed in while passing us both a bottle; I casually shrugged while undoing it with the bottle opener of which I had in my pocket.

“That’s true…” Ryan paused while taking a slug, “But Brendon has no shirt,” He laughed while glancing at my bare chest.

He was right, I had no shirt and it wasn’t the greatest night in the world in fact I could hear the faint sound of thunder echoing in the distance, and there was still the risk of teenies. I wasn’t exactly sure which one was worse, but in my opinion, I’d probably go with the teenies.

“Where are you going?” The others asked as I slowly stumbled to my feet.

“To find Paramore’s bus,” I stuttered while watching both of their eyes roll and return with the eyebrows.

“Have fun Brendon,” Spencer winked with unison of Jon opening the door ajar.

“Have a shirt,” He called while throwing a green clandestine one at me, and with that the door was closed again.

“Oh so he could give you a freaking shirt but not let us in?!” Spencer groaned while throwing himself onto the dry grassy floor.

“Apparently so,” I murmured while making my way down the dusty path.

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