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Medically Speaking You’re Adorable. [What’s A Crush to do?]

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Chapter Five: Medically Speaking You’re Adorable. [What’s A Crush to do?]

Brendon’s POV

My feet carried me, carried me down the bus. I sighed as I inhaled the salty air of the west coast, the odd scent of grease from the hotdogs was smothered in the air but it still had a distinct salty taste. We had finally reached the second destination on the warped tour, it was a long journey made even more so due to the fact of the Hayley and Spencer situation. I couldn’t shake off the feeling when I watched her wrap her porcelain arms around him, I wanted it so badly to be me. What the hell was wrong with me?

“Brendon,” I heard someone call from across the grass.

“Ryan,” I smirked while watching him run over towards me.

He had his usual sunglasses on and oddly a football in his hands. Ryan Ross was carrying a football, what the hell was wrong with him? He flicked his hair back behind and out of his line of vision and chest passed me the ball.

“Wanna come and play…?” He asked with a cheesy grin.

“Well err-“

“Wanna go and explore…?” I heard a familiar voice call from behind me, I hastily turned around and my eyes clicked with an ever so smiley Hayley.

“Sorry man,” I smirked while throwing the ball back at Ryan and heading towards her instead.

“You’ve got it bad dude,” He smirked as he casually walked past the two of us; I sighed and shrugged at Hayley with a warm smile.

In all honesty I had just shrugged off the Spencer situation last night because I didn’t think anything needed to be said about it, but just glancing into her autumn eyes made me weak at the knees. Every second of which I was in her presence made my breath a little bit hotter, my heart beat a little faster, and everything else that little bit sweeter.

“Are you guys off somewhere…?” I heard someone call from behind us as we started to slowly pace over the horizon.

Hastily turning round a running Jeremy and Spencer were revealed before our eyes.

“No way,” I smirked with a sly sarcastic tone.

“Yeah real funny,” Jeremy smiled with the casual roll of the eyes, “How bouts we tag along and hang with some fans?” He suggested with a cheetah grin, his arm wrapped around Spencer as they both put on pleading faces which Hayley of course couldn’t deny.

“Yeah,” She cried while beaming her excited smile at me, “It’ll be fun, come on Brendo,” She smirked while linking her arms through mine and Jeremy’s and pulling us along with Spencer in tow.

“Hayley’s pimping,” I laughed while getting a casual glare off her and an odd look off Jeremy, “What?” I asked in an innocent tone.

“I’ve just realized who you are...” He smirked as we stopped at a bench to grab a bite to eat; it was almost lunch time and everything.

“Eh?” I asked while pulling a confused face.

“You’re the guy that laughed when my suitcases fell on me,” He pouted while crossing his arms, I pictured the scene in my head and I really couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah I remember that,” I smirked between laughs, “And then you called me a hillbilly,” I smirked while watching his unshaven head nod.

“Yeah, you’re a cool hillbilly though,” He smirked while exchanging an odd look with Hayley, “I also know who you are because Haywee likes you-“ Before he could finish Hayley had he hand cupped over his mouth, I felt my stomach churn as the words melted into my ears ‘Haywee likes you’ or at least apparently.

“Likes your music,” She smirked with a laugh to cover up her rosey cheeks as she took her hand away from his mouth.

“Oh,” I murmured trying not to sound too disheartened, “Well that’s cool to know,” I smirked while trying to take the attention away from what had just happened, “What time are you guys on stage?” I asked while breaking the ice a little.

I watched Hayley’s eyes glance at Jeremy’s watch, “Fifteen- Crud, fifteen minutes,” She cried while exchanging a panicky look with Jeremy.

“Catch you later,” Jeremy sighed while grabbing her hand and with that their two bodies were running across the green grass and towards their tour bus.

It was still fresh in my mind what had almost just happened then; just the thought pieced the butterflies in my stomach and made me feel sick. Great, she had the ability to make me feel sick, what a complement.

“You hoo,” Spencer smirked while clicking his fingers infront of my trance of stare, “Just because she’s gone doesn’t mean you can be all like, oh-em-gee I love her,” He smirked while glancing his blue eyes into mine, “You’ve got it bad,” He laughed while watching my eyes roll.

“I do not love her, love is a word that I don’t toss around after knowing the girl two weeks,” I smirked while watching him nod his head timidly.

“Yeah okay then…” He paused while staring at his shoes, “Brendon likes Hayley, Brendon likes Hayley,” He sang as I felt my cheeks burn up, I’m sure he could feel the steam rolling from my skin as he quickly stopped and with a nervous laugh he glanced into my eyes.

“You’re no fun,” He smirked while rolling his fingers through his forest fluff hair, “You should go surprise her,” He added while resting his head on the table.

“But they're performing…” I sighed while slouching in my seat.

Ah the stage, the place where both of us felt at home, it was odd how we were both the same but yet so different. In all honesty I was afraid to have her, I was afraid that she could like me, I was afraid that I could break her. A heart is fragile, more than anything words can describe; anything can pierce it to let all the feelings seep out creating storms of pain. I wasn’t the smooth rock star I was portrayed as in all the magazines, I was hopeless. I was a hopeless coward, I was afraid that I’d hurt her like I had done to everyone else.

“They’re performing,” Spencer murmured breaking the silence, his ocean eyes were shut tight and there the penny dropped.

“They’re performing!” I smirked while wrapping my arms around him, “Thanks dude,” I added while jogging off towards the main stage...


My heart was racing irregularly in my chest as I stared at her jumping about on the stage like it was her home. She fitted perfectly into place with the lights and epic sounds coming from the equipment and her band mates. I shook my head while letting my hair flick out of my line of vision, it was getting long. I heard the chorus to ‘That’s What You Get’ echo through the stage while the crowd chanted it back at her as if she was on a spell. I noticed Jeremy glance at me; a smile caressed his curled lips as he signaled me to come on stage. I shrugged and transferring the weight onto the balls of my feet I trailed onto the platform with extra nerves running through my system than per usual. Her eyes shot into mine and a confused smile beamed onto her face as Josh played the guitar break between the verse and chorus.

“What the-“She mouthed as retorted with a casual ‘Just roll with it.’

“Pain make your way to me, to me,” She sang into the microphone, it was as if the words were created to be rolled off her perfect lips.

She signaled me to sing the next line and with that I did, “And I’ll always be so inviting,” The crowd was going crazy as the softness of her voice was merging with the deepness of mine.

“If I ever start to think straight, this heart will start a riot it me,” We sang in unison with her letting me cry, “Let’s start, start hey!” I watched autumn eyes break away from mine as she jumped about like some kind of wild fire, letting the music carry her through the last lines of the songs.

The crowd was going wild, she was going wild, and as I glanced over at Josh the glare on his face was a different kind of wild...a wild hatred aimed directly at me.

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