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That’s what [You] Get When [You] Let [Your] Heart Win

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His eyebrows were creased, his hollow brown eyes almost watery. What was he jealous? No. Why would he be? R AND R :)

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Chapter Four: That’s what [You] Get When [You] Let [Your] Heart Win

Hayley’s POV

Pictures, oh how I loved them. No matter how good or how crappy the image was, the pixels will always have prisoner to it, it can never be changed, at least not to an extent where the moment that has been captured will disappear. I watched his skeleton fingers roll over my camera as he scrolled through the hundreds of pictures I had, I mean literally hundreds.

“I like this one,” He smiled while glimpsing a picture of me that Zac had taken sometime last year.

We were lay on the floor as we had been for the last hour, he had his hands on my prized possession while I lay closely next to him, my head resting delicately on his shoulder like a feather.

“This is really cool,” He smirked while glazing his large coffee eyes over a picture of Hemmingway which I had taken only days before, “Man that dog gets around,” He added with a glance into my eyes.

“Sometimes, I wonder if he has a bigger fan base than Pete,” I smirked while watching a laugh flow from his perfectly sculptured lips.

“At least he’s not a man whore though,” He added with a sly smirk.

“That is very true,” I smiled while watching him play with some of the settings on the camera.

“You need a picture of us, because we’re cooler than anyone on here,” He grinned, “Well besides the ladybug in that forest picture,” He added with a nudge.

“No, no, the ladybug bites our dust,” I smiled as he positioned the camera above our heads, and knowing him he would make an ass out of himself so I did too.

“That one’s quite good,” He smiled while twitching his leg nervously. I nodded my head slightly as he glanced into my eyes again, he was a twitchy character.

“Sorry it’s a bad habit,” He smirked with a sheepish laugh.

“What is…?” I asked curiously.

“The twitching…I have ADHD, and I always twitch when I’m nervous...or bored but trust me you could never bore me,” He smiled while handing me back his camera.

“Awwh,” I smiled while watching his cheeks rosen a little.

He smiled sheepishly at me as I flung my arms around him, his warm scent wafted up my nostrils as I glanced up into his now closed eyes. I felt his chin press against the top of my head as I rested my head against his chest. I liked being with him, he made me feel safe in this hunk of metal that resembled his home.

“You’re hair doesn’t smell like ketchup,” He murmured while pressing his nose against my recently dyed hair.

“Excuse me…?” I smirked while laying flat on the floor next to him.

“Zack said…well,” He paused while trying not to laugh, “Zack said you shoved your head into a bucket of ketchup for thirty minutes rather than hair dye,” He laughed as I gently rolled my eyes.

“Yeah it’s how I dye my hair all the time, I used mustard when I had the yellow bit at the front,” I laughed as I felt his echo throughout the bus.

“I use soy sauce when I go black,” He laughed while letting his oaky brown eyes roll in his sockets; they were perfectly large with a hint of depth.

“I’ll have to try that,” I laughed one last time while letting a deep breath creep out of my ruby lips.

I watched him briefly shut his eyes as the bus drove into a tunnel a dim light crept throughout the bus leaving the cracks and crevasses dark and lonely.

“Zack…” I heard Jon groan from the front end of the bus.

I heard a small laugh form from Brendon’s composure, his eyes still firmly shut.

“You changed my background again…!” Was all that could be heard throughout the bus.

“Again…?” I whispered into Brendon’s ear.

“He changed it yesterday…and the day before…and the day before,” He smirked while gently opening his eyes, “It’s repetitive but yet funny,” He smirked while closing his eyes again.

“Are you going to sleep…?” I asked while watching a small smile appear on his lips.

“Trying to…” He mumbled as I knelt up.

I bit my bottom lip and reached my hand towards the pillow that lay closely next to him on the floor. I silently pulled it behind my head and with a little amount of force I hit it down onto his chest gaining a playful groan from his sleepy composure.

“I’m bored,” I whined while throwing my body back onto the floor next to him.

“Well read some porn,” He muttered with a small smile.

“No, that’s what you do when you’re bored, not me,” I smirked while watching his cheeks fall a pale shade of crimson.

“I’m offended…I don’t read porn, I steal it,” He laughed while slightly opening his eyes into mine.

“Nice,” I smirked while lowering my eyebrows, “Lets watch a movie,” I suggested while rolling my eyes over the bands extensive movie collection.

“Okay,” He said simply while rolling up off the floor and stumbling gently to his feet.

“Yo Spencer, Jon movie time,” He called down the bus while following me over towards the row of DVDs, “No Hayley, I’ll pick the film,” He smirked with a sarcastic tone.

“But…” I muttered while watching him wink at me as his finger rolled over the DVD cases.

With a smirk he opened the player and placed the disc inside the machine before finding his seat next to me on the sofa. I sank into the chair feeling its softness cushioning me as Brendon shuffled closer towards me letting his arm brush against mine.

“What are we watching…?” Jon asked as he poked his sleepy head round the door followed by an excited Spencer.

“Just watch,” Brendon smirked with an innocent tone, which was quite scary for him. I smiled as he exchanged a glance with me and the others made their selves comfortable in the dim lighted room.

“Holy shit…!” Spencer cried as creepy orange haired clown jumped out of what appeared to be a washing line.

Throughout the bus all that could be heard was mine, Brendon and Jon’s laughing as a red faced Spencer scowl at the pair of them.

“It’s not funny,” He pouted while folding his arms.

“Awwh poor Spencer,” I cooed while jumping on the floor next to him and wrapping my arms loosely round him.

I noticed Brendon halt with the laughing as I glanced at him on the sofa, I studied his expression, his eyebrows were creased, his hollow brown eyes almost watery. What was he jealous? No. Why would he be?

Thanks to everyone who has read and even chosen to review this story so far. I'm really enjoying writing it and im hoping you guys are enjoying reading it. New chapter will materialize soon :] I apologise for typos ;]
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