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I Won’t Let [You] Give Up On a [Miracle] Because It Might Save [You]

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'I now dub the, Brendon Boyd Fucking Urie, as…err…the Xbox retard' What more can i say? ;] REVIEWWWW

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Chapter Three: I Won’t Let [You] Give Up On a [Miracle] Because It Might Save [You]

Brendon’s POV

I could hear the faint murmur of the thunder echo beyond the thick smog of clouds above my head. I gently ran my fingers through my hair as I waited. Patient as I was, we had now been sat in the parking lot for the past two hours waiting to carry onto to our next destination on the warped tour. Show number one was over. In all honesty I wasn’t a fan of thunder, whenever I was sad I would like to count it, to take my mind off everything but then saying this every time it thundered it reminded me of everything I had ever done.

“Hey dude,” I heard Ryan call from the steps of the smaller bus opposite us.

“What’s up,” I smiled while watching him jump off the bus with two familiar faces in tow.

“I’ve got a proposition for you…” He started with an odd smile, “Could you swap buses with Josh so he can hang out on our bus…?” He asked with a hint of arrogance in his stare.

“That’s Paramore’s bus…?” I asked feeling slightly down heartened.

I had been looking for Hayley all afternoon, I had seen her on stage, well infact I had stared at her for the entire performance, but if I had known her bus was right next to ours it would have saved a hell of a lot of time.

“Yeah,” He replied with a small smile while sliding down the dirt ridden bus next to me, “So what’d you say…?” He asked while nudging me slightly.

“Can’t you go over to theirs, like you swap with someone?” I asked while feeling my body fill with doubt.

“I guess,” He bit his bottom lip and stared at his plaid vans, “Yeah…I’ll swap with someone, not sure who but one of them will go, I mean our bus is bigger,” He said with a wide smile revealing his perfect pearly whites.

“Awesome,” I smirked while throwing him a slap of a hand onto the palm of his. “See you tomorrow then, I’m gonna go play Halo 3 with Spencer,” I yawned while stretching to my feet.

“Tomorrow,” I heard him call as I made my way up what felt like mountainous steps.

I could smell the faint odor of the unhealthy treats we had been living on since we had accommodated this metal cage. My eyes glanced over a sleeping Jonathon Walker who had himself slumped out over the sofa in the kitchen area with a laptop sitting firmly on his chest, only moving when his breathing rose and fell. Next to him was a smirking Zack, as his fingers rolled over the keys on Jon’s laptop to quietly change his background from a picture of his girlfriend to an image of pornography. I smirked as I strolled past the reasonably tidy bunks, past the tables, and into the back room where my best friend sat slumped on the floor with a controller clutched firmly in his palms.

“I thought you were buggering off to the Paramore bus tonight?” Spencer asked as I jumped onto the floor next to him and clutched one of the other several controllers in my hands.

“Nah, one of them is coming over here,” I muttered while concentrating on the screen, I gently put the drink to my lips that lay next to me on the floor as I watched his lips uncover a sentence.

“Oh just Ryro said you wanted to Fuck Hayley-“He couldn’t carry on as I had spat the contents of my mouth over him, “Dude…!” He cried while throwing the controller onto the floor.

“Sorry,” I laughed while wiping my mouth, my eyes studied the rather pissed off expression on his face and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Now I smell like…” He paused and bought his shirt towards his nostrils, “Capri sun with essence of Brendon spit,” He smirked while starting to undo the buttons on his now wet black shirt.

“I’m too sexy for my shirt…” I started to sing as he returned it with the casual middle finger. “Seriously, I am genuinely sorry,” I smirked while trying to contain my laughter.

“Hmm…I’m sure you are,” He scowled while throwing his shirt onto the floor next to his controller. “Be right back,” He sighed while trailing off towards the bunks.

I bit my bottom lip and slyly edged over towards the Xbox, and with a sly flick of the wrist I tugged his controller out of the slot. Muwhahaha…
I shuffled myself back onto the sofa where I sat before; trying to contain my laughter he jumped back onto the floor in a clean egg yellow shirt and picked up the controller.

“Ready…?” I asked almost sarcastically.

“What the fuck do you think?” He smirked while throwing his crystal eyes into mine, and with that I indented my thumb into the center button and let the game commence.

“Aw come on Spencer, are you just gonna stand there,” I laughed as I sat closer on the pin point of my seat my thumbs drumming on the analogue stick and directing myself straight for him.

“No- The fucking-“He stammered while hitting the controller frantically onto the floor.

“Muwhahaha,” I laughed as I hit him head on and knocked him right out of the game, “Oh, oh, who’s the Halo god…? Brendon Boyd fucking Urie, that’s who,” I laughed while jumping onto the floor and poking my finger at his particularly red face.

“That takes the piss, the- It just-“He stammered again struggling to create an audible sentence.

I couldn’t help but let the laughter ooze from my mouth and cause me to roll about on the floor like a two month old baby, “Geeze Spence it’s only a game…” I paused to create tension, “That I’m the fucking king at!” I laughed while watching his lips form a perfect scowl aimed directly into my hollow brown eyes.

“What did you do…?” He asked slyly while half closing his gemstone eyes.

“I did nothing,” I gasped pretending to sound offended.

I fell backwards and shut my eyes while imagining his scowl in my head, oh god how he made me laugh. That’s why Spencer Smith was my best friend, he had the ability to make me laugh, heck even to make me cry, and no matter what he was always there.

“Brendon…? Hello…?” I heard him call with a suggestive tone in his voice.

“Noo,” I groaned with a laugh, “You’re making me laugh in my head,” I smiled while feeling a pressure force down on my nose and spring up as it was gently taken away.

“Brendon…?” A different voice asked this time, as my eyes clicked with hers, I knew exactly why there was a suggestive tone in his voice now.

I smiled, maybe to just match the rubyness in hers but it only dawned on me when Spencer coughed to break the silence how far away her lips were from mine.

“Hayley, I’ve been looking for you all day,” I smirked while grabbing her hand and pulling her down onto the floor.

“You have…?” She asked with a genuine smile.

“Oh yes…he has,” Spencer smirked while shuffling over towards the Xbox.

“Well you found me,” She smiled while yawning slightly.

“I don’t mean to sound informal…” Spencer started while fiddling with machine, “But what exactly- Why exactly is my fucking controller unplugged!?!?” He cried while throwing his line of anger directly at me.

“It was the wind,” Hayley butted in while sharing a grin with me.

“Yeah, it has a habit for sabotaging you’re ‘amazingness’ at the moment,” I smirked while watching the Xbox controller just miss my head by an inch.

“Brendon you wanker,” He paused a second and a grin submerged from the scowl, “I now dub the, Brendon Boyd Fucking Urie, as…err…the Xbox retard whom of which has to cheat to therefore win,” He laughed in a posh accent while knighting me with the very controller he had just thrown at me.

“Yay,” I cried while grabbing the controller off him and cradling it like a baby.

I watched him jump to his feet and throw a wink at me and Hayley as he slyly left the room.

“So what are you doing here…?” I asked while throwing her a more of a serious smile.

“Well…” She paused while letting the words roll perfectly from her ruby molded lips, “I’m staying with you tonight,” She smirked as I felt my lips engulf with a huge grin which I could rest assure was quite scary.

“If you think about it…it makes up for not hanging out today,” She suggested while nervously playing with her camera that was clutched to her hand.

“That is very true,” I smiled while nodding my head, “Wanna take a picture…?” I asked while watching her face light up as soon as I asked, and that was when Hayley Williams came out of her shell.

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