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Chapter 10

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Another short one guys, but at least I'm alive!!!

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Hmm, so you guys are more clued in than I thought. But this comment doesn't exactly mean that you're correct. I had some real fun planning and writing this chapter, and you'll find there are a couple of nice twists starting here that will progress later through the story.

PanicFOBAcademy26: Kait, I love you, and you may be right with the assumption. Absolutely loved your two updates, sorry if the reviews never turned up. And I have a name for my vampire - Quinn Twilight (thanks for the kick-ass middle name) Wentz. You like?
kristinluvspete: Sorry if I haven't been including you much lately, but you'll be big within the next few chapters. Once again, very probable assumption, yet your deliberations bring a lot to mind. Keep rocking girl!

This would have been posted sooner IF I weren't so busy with my Theatre Studies production. It's been non stop rehearsuls and we've been stressing cause we haven't learned our lines fluently; I'm the costumes girl and I kept hitting walls with costumes; I sprained my knee three days before opening night; and joy of joys, I've had to keep up with regular school work on the side. That's why this chapter took so long to update. Tonight is our first performance, and I'm terrifically worried, and stressed too - I haven't slept in weeks. Oh well, this is what happens when you're an actor.

Oh, and for all those who knew about me being in a TV show who live in Australia, season two of City Homicide is starting up in a few weeks, so make sure you watch episode two, cause that's mine. For those who live overseas, search it on YouTube at some point once it's on, and if not, I can send you a copy of the episode next month.

On with chapter 10:

I cautiously left the first aid room, wary of how shakey my legs were and how pale I felt. Gabe met me a few metres down, and instantly ran over to me, holding me steady as I almost buckled beneath my own weight.

"Alexiz, what's wrong? You're so pale," he started, worry laced into his voice.

"I-I-" But I never finished my sentence, as the disorienting feeling washed over me and I fell unconsious in Gabe's awaiting arms.


"Miss Asher, I honestly don't know how to tell you this."

"Just say it. I can take whatever you have to say. I think I know you're answer anyways."

"There you are correct Miss Asher."

"Please call me Alexiz."

"Okay Alexiz. You are, as I believe you figured out previously, pregnant."

"W-wow. I-I'm speechless, honestly..."
A million thoughts raced through my mind

"Is there any way to determine the father before birth?"

"Would you mind if we got to that later? I have something else to tell you. This is the one thing I cannot prepare you enough for. This is so hard for me to even fathome in such a young, talented, vivacious girl such as you, but I'm afraid you..."

I awoke to a dimly lit room, surrounded by a couple of my closest friends, scared of what I had to tell them.

"Hey baby, how are you feeling?" Gabe asked, running a hand over my arm, clapsing my hand.

"M'okay... I s'pose," I replied, yawning and sitting up, distinguishing who was in the room with me - Pete, Gabe, Kristin, Vicky, Alex, Joe, Ryan and Brendon.

"So... what's wrong with you?" Vicky asked.

"Uhm... well, how can I phrase this?"

"Just tell us in the easiest way possible," Pete said, and I started to tear up.

"That's the thing. There is no easy way to tell you guys this. I-I'm pregnant," I choked out.

"Whats so bad about that?" Gabe asked happily, hugging my tiny body. I shook my head as I collapsed into his embrace.

"That's not the only thing honey. I... I can't. There's something else, but I'll tell you later. It's too hard right now," I finished.

"Well, congratulations sis!" Vicky giggled, running over and hugging me tight. Everyone else in the room was soon to follow, and Kristin was last.

"K, can I talk to you outside for a minute?" I whispered, and she nodded.

"Kristin and I will be right back," I announced, leaving the room, my best friend hot at my heels. We walked so we were a few corridors away, before sitting down in the middle of the hallway.

"What's up Lexiz?"

"I'm scared about the baby. I don't know who the father is. It could be Gabe or Pete. If it's Gabe's, I've lost Pete's friendship. If it's Pete's, I've lost my relationship with Gabe."

"Who's do you want it to be?"

"I would love to say Gabe's. But if I say that, I may be lying. I honestly don't know, but whosever it is, whether I lose a friend or partner, I'm going to keep it. I can't destroy an innocent life," I admitted, a stray tear falling down my cheek. I hastily brushed it away before getting up, Kristin following moments later.

"Where you going?" She asked, running to catch up with my hastened pace.

"I'm going to tell them the other thing. I have to get it off my chest before it ruins my life and my baby's life," I replied, opening the door to Cobra's dressing room and getting everyones attention.

"There truly is no easy way to tell you guys this. And I don't want you to over-react once you hear the news. It's something I need to live with, and I need as much support as possible during this time, so I'm counting on all of you. I... I -" Tears started to well in my eyes ago.

"Geez, will I ever stop crying!?" I joked out loud, wiping these tears away.

"Okay, I... have cancer." Terrified gasps could be heard all round, and soon four pairs of arms were enveloping me in a hug - three tattooed, one tanned - Gabe, Brendon, Pete and Ryan.

Yeah, this was supposed to be this short. I wanted to update for you, and I need to do more research into the cancer, the lifestyle changes, and names for a potential baby, although I do have an idea for a name for a girl, and a slight idea for a boy. However, being an author that likes reader input, I'm posing a question to you guys:

Can you suggest some names, both boy and girl, for Alexiz's and ?'s baby? Also with your name submissions include your preference to baby's gender, as this will help with random generation.

Hehe, I had to put ? as I am undecided to who I'll make Daddy... either sexy Spanish speaking Daddy, where Spnish will be spoken all the time and I can have huge fun, or smoking hot punk rocker Daddy who'll teach baby to play bass, write lyrics and make a name of themselves on the internet... Hmm, so many good descisions!!!!!!!!
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