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Chapter 11

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Dear god I'm evil... How is poor Alexiz going to overcome this new obstacle, and what's going to happen to the baby? Gabe's or Pete's? How will one another act when they find out it may be anothers? Will Alexiz change her mind about abortions and get rid of the baby?

Or could it all have been a nightmare that's been captivating her for two days? Anything is possible now, but you'll only find out if you read this chapter!

FOB2Adelaide - Thanks for your review, and dw about only just reading! Thanks for the baby names, they'll be added to the list, and your vote has been counted.
doyleangel - thanks for the names, and also for reading! Hope you enjoy this chapter!

On with Chapter 11:

That night, after crying my eyes out another three times in front of everyone, we clambered onto the buses and started the drive from Brisbane to Sydney, the next stop on the tour. I was laying on the couch in the front of Panic's bus - I was hanging with Kristin who was staying there - listening to the conversation between Kristin, Brendon and Jon in hushed whispers. It was fairly obvious they were talking about me, with the way they kept 'covertly' glancing my way.

"I can hear everything you're saying you know," I said, tears beginning to roll down my eyes again. I wiped them away before I felt a shift in the weight of the couch.

"We were just saying that you should go to a hospital as soon as we hit Sydney to work out where the cancer is, and then you can rest easy knowing that one of the many confusing things will be answered," Kristin answered from the table, and I looked down to see who had sat out the couch with me - Ryan.

"At least knowing what type of cancer you have will ease your mind, even if you can't find out who the father is for a while," Brendon added, instantly slapping his hand over his mouth. I could feel the anger boiling up in me.

"How dare you Brendon! I confided that information to you, and you go and blab it to everyone! And Kristin, I thought you were my friend. There to protect me and help me through struggles such as this, but I was wrong. You're all liars!" I wailed, tears streaming down my face. I got up and ran from the couch through to the bunks, almost killing Spencer on my way through. I picked out a bunk and curled up inside, sobbing my sorrows out, going over the past month's events in my head.

"She doesn't know who the father is?" I heard Jon whisper.

"It could be Pete or Gabe," Kristin replied. Traitor.

"Does it really matter? Either way, she's going to have a baby and she has a big family inside the label to help her along the way," Ryan butted in. Right now, I love this guy. I sat up in the bunk, wacking my head on the beams from the above bunk, letting out a cry of pain. Climbing out of the bunk and rubbing the spot on my head I so delicately injured, a wave of nausea swept over me. I ran up front and asked the bus driver to pull over, before charging off the bus into a patch of nearby bushes, throwing up everything I had in me, and more. I slumped to the ground, my knees unable to keep my weight any longer, silent tears tracking down my cheeks, fighting back wave after wave of nausea, only letting one overtake me for a brief moment.

Just as I thought I was ready to head back, I was sick again, and this time before I collapsed, a pair of arms caught me. I tried to fight against them, knowing only bad could come out of this confrontation, but whoever it was pulled me into their chest. I rested my head there, letting my tears soak through their shirt, breathing in the scent of vanilla deodorant.

"You okay now Alexiz?"

"Why didn't Gabe come help?" I whispered.

"Honey, his bus is leading the pack, and Fall Out Boy are between them and us. No-one knows we've stopped." I nodded my head into Ryan's chest, and felt his bony arms lifting my body.

"What are you doing?" I yawned out.

"It's almost two am, and you need to sleep, and we need to continue to Sydney," he replied as we came onto the bus. He took me down to the bunks and laid me in his, the very same on I hid out in earlier, and tucked the blankets around me.

"I'll be on the couch if you need me," he said, turning to leave.

"Ryan," I whipered, and he turned back around, facing me once more. He crouched down beside the bunk, putting his hands on the blanket that covered my body.

"C-can you stay with me tonight? I just want someone to hold me," I whispered, tears making another reappearance. Ryan nodded and slipped in beside me, wiping my tears away with his thumbs. I curled into his embrace, resting my head on his chest. As he started playing with my hair, I snuggled my head closerto his body, and whispered a thank you.


I woke the next morning to an empty bunk, and a post it note stuck to my forehead. I reached up and pulled it off, reading the message written in bright orange pen:
Ali, gone off to brunch with the other bands. Be back around 1. When I get back, we can go to the hospital. If you want to go now or want to talk to me, give a call on my cell. xx Ryan

/ That boy is so sweet/, I thought, getting up and hunting down my cell. I noticed it was 11:30, so I sent Ryan a quick text message.

Thanks for the note, but I'll go on my own now. Best if I do it on my own or I'll never go.

Soon my phone vibrated with a reply.

Yw, and gl with the visit. Call Gabe as soon as you can - he's really worried.

I'll call him after I'm done with the x-rays. Tell him not to worry so much, he'll wrinkle early.

The last part was something I always said to Gabe, ever since I first met him. I stood and got ready, stealing some of Kristin's underwear - hey, she owed me - and had a shower in the pokey bus bathroom. Once I was out, I grabbed a bottle of OJ from the fridge and left the bus, calling for a taxi to take me to the hospital.


As I was redressing after the x-rays, my doctor, Dr. Styne, came through, holding a clipboard in her hand.

"The x-rays didn't hurt the baby, did they?" I asked suddenly, my hands protectivly flying to my stomach.

"No, there's no need to worry there. The little one will be perfectly fine. Now, can I get you to fill this form out with all your details, and we'll give you a call later tonight with the results." I took the clipboard off her after slipping on my Clandestine hoodie, and stated everything needed, putting the address of the venue where I should have put my address.

"Can you get me the results any sooner?" I pleaded, not wanting to have to think about it too much longer.

"We can try to push it up the line, but the earliest we'll get it all back will be about 9pm. We've had a huge influx of people needing x-rays today, and the machine and reults lab is backed right up."

"Okay, thank you anyways Dr. Styne."

"You're welcome Miss Asher, and we'll talk tonight." As I left the room, turned my cell back on and dialled Gabe's number.

"Hey honey, how are you feeling?" He greeted.

"Not bad. I' m at the hospital and I've had my x-rays done, so can you please pick me up?"

"Sure thing. Just as well I'm sitting in the waiting room right now," he laughed as I turned the corner to the waiting room. There he was, sitting down, looking as casual as ever. I closed my phone and ran up to him, giving him the biggest hug ever, kissing him lustfully.

"Nice to see you too baby," he joked, setting me back on the ground. We headed back to the venue, where we killed time by sitting on the stage during everyones sound checks, cuddled up tight and just enjoying each others presence.


Tonight I was performing with only Cobra, once again 'Guilty Pleasure' and 'Bring It!'. However, this performance didn't go as well as the last one. My mind was focussing on getting my results, and I completely messed up the cues, the words, the tone, everything. In the end, I ran offstage during the third chorus, scared I was going to make the fans hate the band. As I was calming down in the dressing room, and as Cobra started filing in to have showers, my cell rang. I signalled for gabe and Vicky to sit with me, as I answered the phone.


"Good evening Miss Asher, it's Dr. Styne here."

"Hi there, how are you?"

"I'm good thanks, and you?"

"Nervous," I admitted, grabbing hold of Gabe's hand with my free one.

"There's no need to be nervous Miss Asher. These x-rays have given us a clear view of your body, and from them, we can 100% tell, that you have no traces of cancer whatsoever. You were misdiagnosed back in Brisbane." I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"You don't know how happy you just made me. Thank you Dr. Styne."

"Hang on Miss Asher, there's something else you might like to know. Concerning your baby."

"Umm, okay. What is it?"

"We can tell from these x-rays that you are approximately seven weeks pregnant, and that the baby is nice and healthy. However, when you get to Melbourne or Adelaide, I suggest that you have a check up at a regular clinic and get an ultrasound and some information on pregnancy and child birth," Dr. Styne continued, and I got up and left the room, out of eavesdroppers.

"Dr. Styne, can you tell me, how early can you tell who the father of the baby is?"

"It's normally around the 15 week period, but you can get it at 10 weeks. However, that does carry the risk of miscarriage, so we do recommend you wait until you're fifteen weeks along."

"Okay, thank you Dr. Styne."

"You're welcome Miss Asher. Stay healthy for me and that baby of yours."

"Will do. Bye." I turned off my cell and went back inside the room, delivering the news. Everyone was ecstatic, and Gabe picked me up and spun me around. We ended up in a heated lip lock before we were called back by the tour managers, telling us that the Cobra bus needed to depart as soon as possible as it needed refueling.
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