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Chapter 12

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Thats a load off Alexiz's shoulders, but whose to say that the baby won't wreak havoc on her life now the threat of cancer has shifted. And, this story, up until the end of chapter 11 without authors notes is over 14000 words long - my longest yet! And I have almost 50 reviews! Goes to show how much I love you guys and you guys love me, this fic and especially these characters! Anyway, enough of my before chapter babble.

PanicFOBAcademy26: I've been promising a threesome for ages, and admittedly I did tell you it would involve Sisky, Emmi and William. How about we call it quits at Pete, Gabe and Alexiz? You'll see why later.

With those within acess to watch City Homicide in Australia, my episode is airing 7th July! That's next Monday, so make sure to watch and attempt to work out if you can see me. If you need to see a photo to refresh your memory of what I look like... just ask. I can upload a photo between now and then onto my user page.

Oh, and to my readers who I chat to on MSN and AIM, I have my home internet back now! We've moved into the new house and have everything connected. I've only been without decent internet access for a month and a half... never again! I hope this chapter makes up for the lack of updates over the moving process! Now I has internets, updates should be a little more regular. Also I'm on holiday for the next two weeks, however, I'm away Thursday/Friday next week at my formal. I've been looking forward to it for a while, and have an awesome dress and beutiful jewellery... dw, I'll take plenty of photos!

And in the last chapter I originally said Alexiz was three weeks pregnant, instead she is just under seven. I have gone back to change it in the chapter, but for those who have already read it, don't worry, I've told you now.

On with chapter 12:

We made it safely and successfully to Adelaide by 3pm a couple of days later, after the show in Melbourne and a general realxation day. The bands all decided to go out to see a movie before sound check - Get Smart. As I had seen it many a times before, I told them I'd go find a clinic and have the required tests and examinations done.

As I walked through the door to the clinic, I could feel all eyes on me. It was a little unnerving to say the least. I visited the reception and filled out all required forms, and had just settled down in a seat in the waiting room when the male doctor called my name.

"That's me," I announced, standing up, walking towards his room.

"Hello... Alexiz. I'm Dr. Carter."

"Hi," I replied nervously, taking a seat on the bed that was in the room, throwing my bag on the floor.

"Now before we get an ultrasound, I'd like to ask a few questions about your history and get to know my patient a little before we get into the important things," he continued, sitting on the chair opposite the bed.

"Umm, you do know that I'm only here for today."

"That's not a problem, I can forward all information onto your GP in the States. Now, just a couple of simple questions, complete procedure, so don't laugh at the directness and, well, simpleness of them."


"What is your full name and date of birth?"

"Alexiz Scarlett Asher, Alexiz spelt with a Z, and I was born on July 12th 1981."

"Thank you. Now, do you know your blood type by any chance?"

"I'm not 100% sure, but I think I'm A+... yeah, Vicky and I are the same."

"And who is this Vicky?" Dr. Carter asked, scribbling down on the clipboard in his hand.

"Vicky is my baby sister."

"Thank you. Any other siblings?"

"Nope, just lil Vicky," I replied, swinging my legs off the edge of the bed like a little kid.

"How are you coping with morning sickness?"

"Other than the fact thats it's constant and I've already lost half of my diet cause of it, I'm fine."

"And what does your diet consist of?"

"I'm strictly vegan. Due to many allergies and I just don't like to eat animals."

"Well, we may need to get you some iron, calcuim and various other suppliments you can aquire through the ingestion of vitamins. And the name 'morning sickness' is very misleading, I'll admit. But luckily here in Australia, we have a wonderful vitamin blend specifically created for women battling morning sickness during pregnancy. I can give you the information if you wish," Dr. Carter mentioned, ever so nicely.

"That is so sweet of you, and I think I would like it," I replied.

"Now final question before we get started. Have you been pregnant before?"

"Yes, but I really don't want to talk about it," I replied, my eyes glazing over with tears.

"Okay, thank you. Now if you wouldn't mind removing your top and changing into this robe, or if you prefer remain in only your bra, then we'll get on with the ultrasound. You can go behind that curtain over there," he said, pointing to a curtain in the far left corner of the room. I just shook my head and pulled my shirt over my head before lying on the couch.

"Dancing around half naked on stage and changing in front of at least four guys all the time makes me not worry about what gets seen," I clarified as Dr. Carter looked at me dumbfounded. He wheeled over the needed equipment, pulling out the bottle filled with blue gel.

"This may be a little cold," he noted, before squeezing a healthy amount onto my stomach, using the stick to locate where the life growing inside of me was. After tapping lightly on a few buttons, he found the tiny life sign, and attempted to point it out to me.

"I can't see it," I sniffed, waiting for the tears to ultimately fall.

"It's just here. At this point in term, the embryo is approximately an inch long." I noticed where he was pointing, and my heart lept at the thought of a little boy or girl growing within me.


I returned to the buses after stopping at a pharmacy and picking up three months worth of the morning sickness suppliment, a smile plastered on my face, my whole body glowing with anticipation. But my happiness was to be short lived. As I walked onto the Cobra bus, I came across a sight which made my heart break and tears spring to my eyes.

"I thought you said you were broken up!" I screamed at Gabe, who had a very naked Beverly (ex-girlfriend) on his equally incredibly naked lap.

"A-A-Alexiz..." He stuttered out. I started backing towards the door, keeping my eyes locked on the one who had my heart locked around him.

"You lying bastard. I trusted you.... Hell, I loved you. I still love you. But you do harm in these proportions to me. It's too much. Goodbye Gabe," I said, walking off the bus and speed walking to Panic's bus. I really needed to talk to Kristin right now.


"And then they turned around and made no effort to pull away from each other," I sobbed into Ryan's chest and he comforted me, while Kristin hugged me and Brendon made me a cup of cocoa.

"If he can cheat on you without feeling any repercussions then he is nowhere near good enough for you," Kristin stated, rubbing my arms. Brendon handed my cocoa over, which I greatfully took a sip of, before handing it back so he could place it on the table.

"And to think I wanted the baby to be his," I continued, letting out a yawn before I heard knocking at the bus door. Jon got up from his place at the table to open the door, where Vicky bounded in.

"He told me what happened, the fucking bastard," she said, and I flinched at the sound of a curse. Vicky walked over to me, pulling me into a hug.

"I want to go home Vic," I admitted, and I felt her stiffen around me.

"You can't go home, not without me there to stop him. Remember the last time you told him you were pregnant?"

"Of course I remember. He pushed me down the fucking stairs during my 29th week, causing a miscarriage, and didn't help me up. God, he continued beating me, that's just how much he cares!" I said, tears streaming down my face at the influx of memories, my hand clapping over my mouth as I swore.

"Who's this, ex-boyfriend?" Jon asked.

"Father," Vicky and I replied in unison.

"Oh my god," Ryan breathed out, pulling me into a hug.

"Well then at least let me return to Chicago. I can hang with Holly while I wait for Pete to return after this tour in a month, and then I'll live with him. I mean, on possible father has chickened out, so why not live with the other one?"

"Pete could be the father?" Vicky enquired, and I nodded, putting an arm protectivly over my stomach.

"I'm going to talk to him. Maybe I can get the keys to his apartment off him, seeing as he's across the hall from Holly and Chizzy."

"You go girl," Kristin said as I nodded in affirmation, picking up my bag and wiping my stained cheeks before heading to Fall Out Boy's bus.


"You mean I could be the father?" Pete asked. I nodded my head in response as I trailed my hand up his leg and grasped at his.

"R-remember the night we arrived in New York, and you and Gabe came with me to my apartment to move in my boxes and stuff I needed, and we decided to have drinks?" Pete nodded.

"Remember how we ended up beyond wasted and started fooling around together, all three of us?"

"Yeah, how could I not forget a night like that?"

"Well, neither you or Gabe used protection, and you both slept with me. And that date traces back to the week I would have fallen pregnant. And that is the same week where I slept with you at Julliard and Gabe the next night in one of our rest stops. So it narrows it down to you or Gabe. But I don't want it to be his. He's already broken my heart, I don't want him to break our baby's. And that's why I want to go back to Chicago, so I can reduce meeting him right down... and I can talk to Holly. Her sister went through this," I finished, pleading with Pete to let me go.

"If you go back, you will stay at my place, no matter what," Pete said, before I nodded and he told me to talk to Chizzy when I arrived, as he kept the spare keys.

"Alexiz, before you go. How soon can you tell who the father is?"

"Week fifteen. Eight more to go," I replied, before kissing Pete's lips, giving him a hug and leaving; taking with me my bags which Vicky delivered for me and heading to Adelaide International Airport.

Hey, I did promise drama, and I have another friend coming in soon! But here's the drama for now, and I hope you enjoyed it. But what's going to happen now Alexiz hates Gabe's guts? The only way you'll find out is if you wait patiently for my next update. And on the side before I go - I'm working on a very special one-shot, partly for me, and partly for ficfriction, although she doesn't know I'm writing it at all. She wrote Nosey Neighbours, which was based around me and Ryan. Now I'm writing a sequel to it, currently unnamed, which stars Panic, me and her. Can you say Brendon+Kit= More drama than Ryan+Emmi? Lol, go read her fic "Nosey Neighbours" right now!!!!
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