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Chapter 13

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The flight was long and boring, yet somehow peaceful as I slept my way through the full 36 hours straight of it. As I disembarked and made my way through arrivals, it dawned upon me that I could have harmed the baby by flying whilst pregnant. I quickly pulled my cell out my pocket, turning it back on and booking an appointment with a local doctor Holly's been telling me about thats good in all fields. The appointment was at 5pm that day, and it was currently 3.10pm, so I had enough time to get back to Pete's apartment and settle in, before heading off. Maybe I'll drag Holly with me, if she's home.
I made my way through to the taxi ranks, where I got in the first free one and told him Pete's address. It turned out to be ten minutes away from the airport, and the cabbie told me not to worry about paying as it was such a short journey - it would have cost $5. As I ran up the three flights of stairs - elevator was broken - I left my bags outside apartment 8 and knocked on number 6, waiting for Chizzy to open up.

"Hello?" A girl said as she opened the door, pushing her brown bangs out of her eyes.

"Holly!" I squealed out, before throwing myself at her, in a hug. She giggled and pulled back, and my eyes bulged at her new look.

"When did THAT happen?" I asked, pointing to her very round, very large, very pregnant stomach.

"Call it a wedding night present for Me and Mickey. Six months and fourteen days," Holly replied, taking my hand and pulling me into the apartment. I sat on the couch where Michael was reading, and Holly sat on the seat opposite.

"G'Day Lexie, how do you feel?" Michael asked, putting his book on the coffee table and turning to face me.

"Heartbroken still, tired, worried... I'm guessing Pete's filled you in?" I asked, not wanting to say the wrong things in case Pete hadn't told Chizzy of the whole baby issue.

"All he's told us is that you were coming back and I was to give you his apartment key; that we were meant to look in on you a couple of times a day; we had to fill him in on how you're doing; and that we needed to keep you away from talking to Gabe completely until Pete's back from touring," Chizzy jumped in.

"Why are you back here?" Holly asked, her hand lazily rubbing over her stomach. I whispered out something incoherant.

"Sorry, didn't quite catch that hun."

"I'm pregnant... and it could be Gabe's or Pete's," I said, tears rolling lightly down my cheeks.

"Oh my god... congratulations!" Holly breathed out, coming over to me and hugging me tight.

"Hollz, can I ask you a favour? I have a doctors appointment at five today, and I was hoping you could come with me. I'm scared to go on my own," I begged, and she nodded her head.

"Sure thing hun, I have one a four-thirty any ways, so you come to mine, and I'll go to yours."

"Thank you," I said, hugging her again.

"How far are you along Lexie?" Chizzy asked. He was the only one allowed to call me Lexie.

"About seven weeks," I smiled and replied, before giving him a quick hug and getting the key off them.

"I'm gonna take a nap. Can you call me when we need to leave?" I asked, yawning as I made my way to the front of their apartment.

"Sure thing hun," Holly replied, hugging me one last time before I let myself into Pete's place, throwing my bags inside the giant bathroom sized wardrobe and collapsed on his soft king-sized bed, curling into his pillows, to which his scent still lingered on.


I awoke to the ringing of the house phone. Now, I didn't know the rules to whether I should answer or not, but I did anyway.

"Hello?" I yawned out, rubbing my eyes and sitting up in bed. I flicked on the giant LCD TV that was hung on the wall of Pete's bedroom and flicked to MTV, my most loved channel. As fate would have it, Fall Out Boy's version of "Beat It" was playing.

"Hey baby, how you feeling?" it was Pete, and his beautiful voice was calming to my nerves and feeling of nausea.

"A little nauseous, but that's all. You just woke me from a nap."

"Aww I'm sorry. So everything went okay with Holly and Chizzy?"

"Yeah, got the key, filled them in on the backstory, found out she's been knocked up too," I replied, just as the first chorus came along on the music video.

"Are you serious?... Didn't take Chizzy long then... how far is she?" I could hear the surprise

"A little over six months... and she's literally the size of a balloon. But she makes it look sexy!"

"I'm sure you'll look sexy too when I get home and you grow with our unborn child."

"Yeah, you're right. Oh, tell Joe that if he wants to keep his hair straightened, he either needs to get it cut back a little, or he needs to grow a small beard."

"Oookay, where did that come from?" Pete laughed.

"Sorry, watching the "Beat It" video, and remembering stuff I've been meaning to tell people for a while. Patrick needs to stop acting so gay on stage, Joe has the hair thing, and Andy needs to tame his hair ever so slightly, and maybe lighten it."

"And me?"

"You're perfect just the way you are," I breathed down the phone.

"So are you baby. I miss you," he said, and you could hear the want and need in his voice.

"I miss you too. I need you here with me. I'm scared to go the next month without you."

"But you have Holly there. You're in capable hands honey, and a month won't seem so long if you don't think about it."

"Maybe you could come home sooner?" I subtly hinted at.

"We'll think about it. I can't promise I can get out, but Beckett and his lot want to tour to take a break from recording, so I might send them out instead of us after New Zealand."

"How long would that be then? I really need you, I'm so scared," I begged, panic laced in my voice.

"New Zealand is two days time, then three days to fly home. If I can get you to talk to Chizzy and get him to contact TAI, they can be in Asia for the start of that leg."

"Sure, okay." I glanced at the clock, and saw it was 4:10.

"Baby, I've got to go. I'm going with Holly to her doctor's appointment and then I have one."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just being paranoid I think. I love you Petey."

"I love you to Lexiz. Bye baby."

"Bye," I whispered before hanging up, catching the last of Linkin Park's "Leave Out All The Rest". I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, hunting down Pete's spare can of TAG deodorant, a spraying a little on my body, before heading back out and swapping shirts. Just as I grabbed my purse, I heard knocking on the door. Walking to open the door, I stopped by the table near the door, picking up the keys before answering, revealing a glowing Holly.

"Ready?" She perkily asked.

"I guess so," I mumbled whilst plastering a fake smile on my face and following her out of the apartment complex.


We decided to walk to Dr. Dorian's office, seeing as it was only ten minues away, and made quick time, chatting about what had happened since Holly graduated over a year ago, including where she and Michael went for their honeymoon; how my final performance went; the joys of speaking at graduation; how Holly and Chizzy reacted to having a baby; and whether we could deduce who the father of my baby was.

"After Gabe showed me where his heaert truly lied, I've been hoping and praying that it's Petes. But I don't know..." I trailed off as we entered his building. We took a seat in the empty waiting room, and within seconds, Dr. Dorian appeared.

"Mrs. Chislett, just this way please," she said, beckoning for me and Holly to follow her into the examination room. As Holly sat down on the bed and I sat in the seat by the Doctors desk, Dr. Dorian turned to me.

"And who are you? Sister... secret lover?" She joked.

"Best friend. My name is Alexiz Asher," I replied, smiling to her.

"Ah my Five o'Clock." I nodded, and she got on with Holly's examination.

As Holly and I swapped places for my appointment, I started feeling really nauseaous.

"Well Holly, it appears you are healthy and the baby is doing fine, but you should probably go with a caesarean birth as your hips are a little too narrow. It would be best for you and the baby, and will provide - Miss Asher, are you okay?" Dr. Dorian asked, turning to me. I shook my head and raised a hand to my mouth, which apparently was the signal forHolly to aid me and show me where the restrooms were.

Once I was done and had rinsed my mouth out, I returned to the examination room where Dr. Dorian was waiting for me.

"All better?" She asked and I nodded, lying down on the bed.

"I would love to know why morning sickness is all day long," I commented.

"Yes, the name is very misleading, but it should all clear up by the time you hit your fifth month. As for now, there are some prenatal suppliments I can prescribe you which could ease the frequency of bathroom visits."

"It's okay, I have some vitamins I bought in Australia which a obstetrician reccommended me, but I haven't had time to start using them - I've only just arrived back from overseas. And that brings me to why I made an appointment with you."

"You were worried about flying whilst the embryo was still so small?"

"Precisely." I went through a sonogram, and found out the little critter was doing perfectly fine. I left with a genuine smile on my face, and Holly and I headed back to her apartment, where I found William and Mike were visiting.

"Hey guys!" I screamed as I saw them, pulling them into giant bear hugs. They chuckled as they returned the hugs, and my hand protectivly went to my midriff.

"While I remember, and before I have chance to feel sick again, Pete wanted me to ask you guys something," I stated, directing the comment to William, Mike and Chizzy.

"Shoot," Mike said as he and William sat on the couch next to Holly and Chizzy. I sat on the opposite seat, pulling my legs to my chest and wrapping my arms round them.

"Wel, something has come up with our Fall Out Boys, and they can't continue their tour with Cobra and Panic, and Pete wanted me to propose to you, as apparently William has been bitching about being in the studio for too long, that you take their place on the Asia/United Kingdom tour for the next month."

"We'll be so happy to do so. I know I'm free, and Sisky and the Butcher have nothing to do," William replied, beaming.

"Well, if everyone is up to it, I want to get one of our techs to play for me. I can't leave Holly here on her own when she's so far along," Chizzy spoke up, putting an arm around his wife. I yawned and stood up, rubbing my stomach absentmindedly.

"I'm going back to Pete's place to crash. Can you guys call me at his place once you've made a decision, and I'll ring him. I would hang round longer guys, but baby's not being too thoughtful of Mommy," I announded, circling my navel as William's and Mike's gazes fell to me.

"Are you...?" William started.

"Yeah, I'm pregnant too. The Fueled by Ramen family is growing even more now! But the Daddy is unknown, and I'll let Hollz and Chizz fill you in on the full story, as I'm about to collapse," I admitted with a huge yawn, before heading out and to Pete's apartment, where I stripped down to a sports bra and sweatpants and ran my hand to my slightly rounded stomach, where the smallest bump was visible. I climbed under the covers and curled into Pete's pillows.
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