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Chapter 14

by RyanRossLuver


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I awoke to the smell of pancakes cooking. How in the hell did Holly get in here? I shakily rose from bed, scratching Hemmy behind his ears, before extracting myself and slipping on one of Pete's clandestine hoodies, heading to the kitchen, rubbing my bleary eyes. I approached the kettle and switched it on, when I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist. I jumped in surprise, especially when the scent of TAG filled my nostrils. I whipped around and came face to face with Pete. I threw my arms around his neck and buried my head in his shoulder as his arms tightened around me. I melted into the embrace and shifted my head, planting a kiss on Pete's bare collarbone.

Pete pulled my head up with his fingers and placed a light kiss on my lips which I deepened, letting my hands roam in his hair and down his bare back. His arms moved to my torso, unzipping the hoodie and slipping it off my shoulders, all the while increasing the passion in his kisses. His tongue begged my lips for entrance, making my whimper. I slowly parted them, letting his tongue explore my mouth, letting it tangle with mine and dance with mine. My hands slipped down his back and under his jeans, ghosting over his spine as they travelled.

"I missed you so much," I breathed out when Pete let his lips disengage from mine.

"I'm going to show you just how much I missed you," Pete growled out huskily, before picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom, where he deposited me on the bed, climbing on top of me and reattatching our lips. I trailled my hands down to the front of his jeans, unbuttoning them and unzipping the fly, pushing them off Pete's hips quickly, taking with them his boxers. I rolled us over and pulled away from Pete's plump lips, sliding down his body and taking his hardening member into my hands. I slowly stroked his length as I dipped my head lower, lightly licking at the tip.

"You don't have to," Pete whispered.

"But I want to sweetie. I want to," I replied, smearing the bead of precome over his length before engulfing it with my mouth. I slowly moved down his length; pumping that which was not in my mouth; sucking and sliding my tongue around his pulsating cock. Pete slid his hands to the back of my head, coaxing me to take more of him into my mouth. Instead I lifted my head away, placing a chaste kiss on his pelvic tattoo.

"Tease," he moaned out, before flipping us over and removing my sweats. He kissed down my body, and over the fabric of my sports bra, lingering a while over the bump which was barely visible beneath my navel piercing. I groaned out of frustration. Pete, taking my subtle hint, removed my panties. He slowly slid a finger into me, making me arch my body up and spill deep moans out of my mouth. He added another finger, pumping hard into mee, soon using his thumb to trace circles over my clit. I was soon to unravel, but Pete denied me that pleasure as he removed his hand from my dripping wet core.

"Peeete," I whined out, drawing out the 'e' as I knew it annoyed him. He responded by lowering his head and kissing my core, separating my folds with his tongue which plunged into me. His thumb returned to my clit, aiding in my unravelling, coming hard. Pete lapped all my juices before sliding up my body and kissing me deeply, allwing me to taste my juices.

"Is it okay if we... you know?" Pete asked.

"It won't harm the pregnancy at all," I replied, and Pete slid into me gently, drawing out a breathy moan from me. He thrust into me repeatedly, changing the angle occasionally, drawing moans out on both our parts, sending me over the edge again. I rolled us over so I was straddling Pete's hips and ground down onto his cock, relishing the full feeling I had whilst doing so, and felt him buck into me.

"I'm close baby," he moaned, and I started bouncing and grinding harder. Soon he let out a gutteral moan, informing me that he was done, before pulling out. I curled up in his arms as he pulled the covers over us.

"How come you're back so early?"

"I just missed you so much after the Adelaide show that I decided to fly out right away. I was waiting for the perfect moment to sneak in, and slip the necklace on you," he replied, and my hand flew instinctivly to my collarbone. There I felt a necklace, which I traced over. It was Pete's clandestine chain - the one woth the bartskull on the chain, and a dogtag that proclaimed "Property of Pete Wentz".

"Your necklace... the one you love so much."

"I don't love it even a quarter of as much as I love you," Pete replied, pulling me in tight and kissing the top of my head. Before I could slip back to sleep, my stomach grumbled as the smell of the pancakes sitting on the counter wafted through to the bedroom. I got up, retrieved my panties and slipped them on, before heading out and helping myself to a huge stack, just as the phone rang. Pete talked to whoever it was, and by the time he hung up, I was done eating my five pancakes, and had started on the dishes.

"That was William. He said TAI are happy to fill in for us, but they want a replacement guitarist as Chizzy's staying behind. I called Patrick seeing as he's sticking with Cobra to start recording sounds for a CD, and he said he'd fill in. Then I had to call William back and inform him of how it would all work, so all is sorted." I dried my hands with the nearest towel and walked over to Pete. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, lightly rubbing my belly, whispering in my ear.

"I love you Pete," I announced, falling back into his strong, comforting embrace and closing my eyes.

"I love you too baby, but I think I should get you a glass of milk and sit with you in the bathroom. You're looking really pale."

"Thanks a bunch," I sarcastically said, before I felt nausea sweeping over my body.

"I may actually take you up on that offer," I replied as Pete chuckled and got me a glass of milk - soy, as I was allergic to all things dairy. I downed the glass quickly and headed off to the bathroom, just in case the inevitable happened. But it didn't. The milk did its trick with coating my stomach and counteracting the acid, and soon I was holed up in bed with Pete, my head on his chest, watching re-runs of "Will and Grace".
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