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Chapter 15

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What you've all been waiting and/or hoping for

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Five weeks had passed since Pete's surprise visit home, and everything was going perfectly well. Holly and Chizzy were doing well and they finally decided to get the sex of the baby checked, dicovering they were to have a little boy. Patrick had returned home from tour with a girlfriend he picked up in Perth - Laicei. She was the spitting image of a younger, less slutty Paris Hilton. They were perfect together. Panic and Kristin continued on more tours, and Cobra returned to New York, and so far I had been successful in avoiding them. I talked with Vicky on the phone every second day, she was keeping me posted on what they were up to - about to have another tour with The Cab and Paramore. My stomach had grown a bit more, and was now noticable if I wore any of my tight baby-tee's, so I started shying away from wearing them. I occurred to me that it was a little odd for me to be growing so early in my pregnancy, but shoved it aside, classing it as being due to the unhealthy amouts of junk food I had been consuming due to my cravings for candy, soda and various other sugar or fat filled substances.

Today was my 12th week doctors appointment. Pete was joining me in my visit, and we were going to find out about paternity tests. I knew today was going to bear big news upon us as we walked into Dr. Dorian's examination room.

"So is this the father?" She asked, indicating Pete as I layed down on the bed.

"That's something I wanted to chat with you about. I don't know who the father is, and I was wondering if I could find out the father any sooner than fifteen weeks. I really need to know now," I pleaded, and Dr. Dorian lowered the clipboard she was scribbling on.

"The method we would use, Amniocentesis, is generally done week fifteen onwards. However, in special cases, we can perform the procedure as early as ten weeks. It carries a slightly higher miscarriage risk, but it's still minimal. Seeing as you're rather... hopeful to find out the father as soon as it is possible, we can do the procedure. If you like, we can do it today after your sonogram."

"That would be wonderful. How long until we can hear of the results?" Pete asked.

"Anywhere between one working day and a week. It depends how backed up the hospital labs are and how soon we can contact you," Dr. Dorian replied, wheeling over the machine and aasking me to remove my shirt. I merely unbuttoned it and parted it at my stomach. The cold gel was squeezed onto my stomach, and soon the sound of light, unrhythmic heartbeating filled the room.

"Whats wrong with it?" I whimpered, tears clouding my vision as the heartbeat refused to steady.

"There is nothing wrong with either of them. Both heart beats are strong," Dr. Dorian replied.

"Both heart beats? I though the machine only measured the fetus' vital signs," Pete said.

"Miss Asher, Mr. Wentz, you're going to have twins."

"Oh my god," I whispered out, the tears falling from pure happiness. Pete wiped away my tears and held my hand tight.

"Twins baby," he smiled, kissing me briefly on the lips. I squeezed his hand and turned to the Doctor.

"I'll start the other procedure now. I suggest if you dislike needles, you should turn away or refocus your attention on something more... appealing." I turned my attention to the pictures lining the far wall of Dr. Dorians room, presumably of past patients or even family members. I felt a slight sting as the needle entered me, and I began remembering all those nights I spent with Gabe as my boyfriend before we went on tour, back when I was happy and carefree, without the pending motherhood hanging over my head. Tears spilled silently from my eyes as I remembered the way he used to look at me before we turned the light out; how he caressed my arm as I fell asleep; how he'd always sleep with a smile on his face. The next thing I kew, Pete was pulling me into his arms, letting my tears soak his shirt. He rubbed my back gently as I sniffled into his shoulder. He kissed the top of my hair and pulled back, holding my face in both his hands as he dried the fallen tears from my cheeks.

"Lets go home baby and wait for the results. We can talk there," he whispered to me, and I nodded, buttoning up my shirt.

"Thank you Doctor. We'll see you in another four weeks," Pete said, taking my hand and pulling me out the room. He made an appointment for my November check up, whilst I stared blank eyed at the floor, the memories not breaking away. They were not only memories of Gabe, but those of my graduation; the road trip home with Kristin and everyone; my first boyfriend; my first kiss; my first time; my first pregnancy. I was so lost in my own world that I didn't feel Pete pick me up and carry me home.

As he placed my delicately on the bed and lay down beside me, I curled into his embrace and let the rest of my pent up tears fall; letting them out in loud wails filled with sorrow. He asked no questions, just held me close, stroking my back and hair, shushing me and whispering to me, making me feel better.


After three hours straight of sobbing, I broke out of my reverie, still holding Pete close.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. When he didn't respond, I took it as him being asleep. Yet I continued talking. Go figure.

"No matter how hard I try, and how hard I want his memory removed from my life, I can't get the thought of Gabe and him possibly being the father out of my head. There is no one I want to be the father of my children more than you. You're perfect, and I know you'll make a great Dad. At least the children will have a strong shoulder to depend upon. My shoulder is nowhere near strong enough, even with you, Patrick, Vicky, Joe, Andy, Kristin and Ryan around. I love you Pete. I love you more than life itself."

"I love you more than everything and everyone I've ever known. I love our babies even more, even if they are his. I love that you're not perfect. And there is no need to be sorry when I'm in the room," Pete replied, making my heart jump and my senses fill.

"I though you were asleep."

"I've been too worried about you to sleep lately. I can't wait for these results to return so you can finally get a decent nights sleep again," Pete said, kissing me deeply. I pulled his head closer, sliding my body over his, grinding my hips into his. As Pete slid his hands down my spine and under my skirt, I pulled back and climbed off him.

"Whats wrong baby?" Pete asked, genuinly worried.

"I feel so fat and unappealing," I admitted, laughing at how immature and pregnant I sounded.

"When you're carrying twins, it's understandable for you to feel big. But you most certainly are not fat," Pete replied, kissing me again. I stood and headed to the lounge where I left my cell to charge overnight. I searched through my phonebook and found the number I was after, and let it ring.

"Kristin here. I'm probably busy fucking Brendon or dealing with Panic's hissy fit's, so leave a message!" Voicemail, how I hate it.

"Hey Kir, lil Ali here. You really need to change your message, cause one of these days your Mom is gonna call when you ain't picking up and she'll hear what you're doing to poor innocent little Brendon. Lol. Anyways, just wanted to update you on the baby front, but you're not answering, so I'll call you back later... after I spill to Ryan what's going on first! Bye lovie!" I scrolled down my phonebook and located Ryan's number, and on the second ring, he picked up.

"Ryan Ross here."

"Ryro! You answered!"

"Uh, course I did. I always answer, unlike someone on this bus," Ryan replied.

"Is that someone Kristin?"

"No, actually. Alexiz, if you can believe it, it is Spencer, and his Miley Cyrus ringtone is slowly driving me up the wall." Ryan sounded exhausted.

"Spencer has a Miley Cyrus ringtone?" I laughed.

"I know. I swear it's something to do with Hayley though."

"What has Miss Williams been doing to him now?" Yeah, you heard me correctly. Spencer is dating Hayley, as in Hayley Williams, Paramore frontwoman. They are the cutest couple in the Fueled by Ramen family, behind me and Pete and Holly and Michael. They've been together since Panic first met Paramore, so around three years. Paramore, The Hush Sound and Panic At the Disco were all on tour together.

"For one, she's managed to get him to propose. He popped the question two nights ago, when we were in Michigan, and she said yes. She acted all surprised, but you could tell if you really looked at her she knew," Ryan said with a small giggle.

"Do you have a video of him doing it?"

"Course I do. I wouldn't deny you and Pete the joy of watching Spencer make a fool of himself."

"He didn't!"

"No, but Brendon almost did. Kristin's been beating him up the past two days about it."

"Haha, well, anyways, I have huge news for you. Three things, actually."

"Okay, let me sit down first," Ryan joked, and I could hear Jon and Brendon in the background, shouting at what I suppose was Guitar Hero.

"Do you want serious, happy or inquisitive first?" I asked, knowing Ryan liked choices.

"I'll go with happy first. Then serious, and inquisitive last thanks."

"God, you sound like you're on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"! Anyway the happy news, and feel free to tell anyone who asks you, except Gabe, is that... I'm having twins!"

"Oh my god, congratulations!" I could hear Brendon yelling in the background at Ryan, and Ryan passed the message on.

"Hey Lex, I'm putting you on speaker. Jon, Brendon and Spencer want to hear." I waited a few moments, and soon congratulations and cheering could be heard.

"Thank you guys. Okay, the next thing, which is for Ryan only, but you boys can hear, is... we were wondering, Pete and I, if you... wanted to play with the idea of... being the twin's godfather," I breathed out. It was something Pete and I had been discussing over the past two weeks, and we came to an agreement on four godfathers and two godmothers.

"I'd be honoured," he replied, and I could hear him smiling.

"And finally, we had the paternity test today. We should get the results soon, but I'll call Kir once I get them, as I want her to be the first to know. Do not tell her about you being a godfather Ryan, cause I have a surprise for her," I finished. We said our goodbyes and I hung up, instantly dialling Vicky's number.

I filled her in on the happenings, and she was beyond happy that I was going to find out who the father was soon. After spending an hour on the phone with her, hearing how recording was going, that Ryland was doing his own TV show on MTV after his success with TAI TV - Guy Ripley will be a household name by the new year. By the time I was done, Pete has cooked dinner, a delightful meal of vegetarian lasagne and herb bread. After eating my fill, I retired to bed, slipping into a pair of Pete's boxers and my sports bra.


I woke at 11am, to find Pete gone. The bed was still warm beside me, meaning Pete had only recently vacated. After I showered, I found a note by the coffee machine, saying Pete was with Andy, Patrick and Mikey Way. I continued my regular morning routine - checking e-mail, updating the FOB site and myspace, checking for abusers of the chatboard rules, writing a little journal to the fans about me and Pete, and ordering some books and DVD's of Just as I placed my order for the complete collection of "Will and Grace" DVD's, the house phone rang, so I extracted myself from my laptop and picked up the lounge phone.


"Hi there Miss Asher, how are you today?" It was Dr. Dorian. That meant she had the results. Suddenly I felt very ill, very nervous and very on edge.

"F-fine thanks Doctor, how are you?"

"I'm fantastic, yet a little surprised by your results."

"What do you mean?" I was getting more worried by the moment.

"This is something that appears in maybe one per cent of all pregnancies, and is even rarer in a woman carrying multiple fetus'. It appears that you have been impregnated by two men. Your twins have two fathers." I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Y-you mean... both Gabe and Pete...?" I was beyond dumbstruck.

"Yes. I find it hard to believe myself, but I hope this eases your worry. I'll see you next time for your 4th month checkup. Goodbye Alexiz."

"Bye Dr. Dorian," I sighed as I hung up. Not caring about where Pete was or what he could possibly be discussing with Andy, Mikey and Patrick. I instantly dialled his number, and he picked up on the first ring.

"Baby, you okay?" He asked worried. Everytime I rang him when I was at home on my own, he always imagined the worst.

"Yeah... but I'm not to sure what to think of the news I just received."

"What happened?" I could hear Andy and Mikey whispering in the background. I walked to the couch and moved my laptop aside.

"I didn't interrupt anything, did I?"

"No, just talking about a possible tour Fall Out Boy and My Chem are going to have early next year. But please, tell me what happened?"

"Dr. Dorian rang about five minutes ago. She's got the results for the paternity test. I'm apparently a rare case among slim to none odds for women bearing twins," I started, sinking back into the couch.

"What do you mean?"

"It turned out that both you and Gabe are the twins biological father." I could hear Pete sigh from the other end. "And you're not too happy about it."

"It's not that baby, it's the fact that you said you wanted nothing more to do with Gabe. This puts him in your life forever."

"Not if we don't tell him. As far as our friends know, other than Vicky, Kristin, Fall Out Boy and Panic, the babies are yours. And I want it to stay that way."

"So do I. I hate to see you so upset because of him. Anyway, I'm coming home, and I'm bringing Mikey back with me. He's gonna crash at our place for a couple of nights. Is that okay?"

"It's fine sweetie... just make sure to warn him of morning sickness and mood swings."

"Just make sure you walk round the house in a little more than my boxers and a sports bra."

"Deal. I love you Peter Panda."

"I love you to Alexiz Asher," he replied, and hung up.

So, I'm back, and I'm glad to be done with moving and able to catch up with fanfictions, both reading and posting. Check out some of my poems I posted today too!

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