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Chapter 16

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Special thanks to my baby, ficfriction, for being my muse for this chapter.

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W00t! So glad you all enjoyed it, and once again, sorry for the break. The Academy Is...'s new CD, "Fast Times At Barrington High" Is being released August 19, and I can't wait for it! Gossip is going around that Ashlee and Pete are having a boy, although it is unconfirmed, and that she is due in late October. Fall Out Boy are hopefully releasing their new, still untitled album by May 2009, another one to go on the list.

Thats all the goss I have for you guys today.

Hehe on tv you only saw me twice, but there was a good shot of my face and a delectable shot of my arse too... hehe. If you wanna see me, go to I appear around minute one and then minute eight. For a memory refresher, go for a photo of myself taken about a month before the shoot.

kristinluvspete - I know it's crazy, but it wouldn't be writing if I left out the craziness. You are so lucky to have met Cobra, but I'm hopefully meeting them in August. Enjoy this chapter!
ficfriction - I'm happy you liked it baby. Enjoy this next chapter, and you're welcome for the advertisment. Just hope my one-shot for you equals as good as yours for me. And yes, both of them. Biggest twist ever!
fob2adelaide - I only wrote so much cause I couldn't update sooner, and I'm gald you're shocked by the father situation!
doyleangel - Damn you and being able to read my mind! How do you manage it? Yes, Gabe/Pete/Alexiz drama will be aplenty soon, but whose to say Pete and Ali won't be happy?

Chapter 16:

After heading back to the bedroom after talking to Pete, I drifted off into a peaceful sleep. I awoke a few hours later, to see the clock blaring 3pm at me. I removed myself from bed as the craving for coffee intensified, walking towards the bedroom door and letting myself out. I rubbed my eyes as I headed to the kitchen, blissfully ignorant of everything around me, only caring where my feet were being placed, looking out for an Engligh Bulldog trying to trip me over - since I had set foot in this house, Hemmingway had managed to get me sprawled out on the floor a grand total of eight times. Eight very painful times. I bindly reached over to grab a clean mug from beside the sink, pouring a healthy amount of coffee - decaffinated, due to pregnancy - into it, taking a large sip before turning tound and heading back to the bed.

As I passed through the lounge, I heard snickering all around me. Whipping my head around and forcing my tired eyes open, I managed to focus my eyes on five figures - Pete, Patrick, Joe, Andy and Mikey Way. I looked down to the floor, embarassed that I blatently ignored them on the way through.

"Umm, baby, you might want to put some clothes on," Pete whispered in my ear after he came over and wrapped his arms around me. I nodded in his embrace and handed him my mug, before heading back to the bedroom and throwing on something a bit more sociable - black mini shorts over purple footless tights, with a black longsleeved v-neck which rides up over my stomach a little, my navel piercing - which I should remove soon - glinting in the light, and the slight curve of my baby bump noticable. I headed back to the lounge after teasing my hair with my hands a little; sitting on Pete's lap and reclaiming my coffee, which was by this point half gone.

"So I'm guessing this lovely lady is Alexiz then?" Asked Mikey from the couch opposite Pete and I.

"Yep, this is my gorgeous girlfriend Alexiz Asher. Ali, this is Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance fame," Pete said, directing his glances between me and Mikey.

"Well duh, they're only my favourite band outside of the label family!" I laughed, clapping a hand over my mouth at my admittance to being an MCR fangirl. Pete turned his gaze fully to me, concern laced into his face.

"You okay babe? Need to go to the bathroom or anything?" He asked sweetly, which made me giggle slightly.

"I'm fine. I put my hand over my mouth cause I basically told Mikey I was a fangirl, and I realised what I said, not cause I felt sick." A nauseous feeling started in the pit of my stomach. "Although speaking of needing to go," I muttered, rocketing off Pete's lap and making a beeline for the bathroom, slamming the door shut as I vomited into the toilet. Someone came in behind me and held my hair back, whilst I continued to worship the porcelain god.

"I thought you said the suppliments would stop the vomiting?" I heard Joe ask as I turned and cleaned myself up, flushing the toilet, standing carefully.

"It only helps JoeTro, only helps," I replied, slinking back into the lounge and lying down on the recently vacated couch, giving my spinning head a rest.

"Alexiz, are you okay?" Mikey asked, worry etched into his face and posture.

"I will be if I stay horizontal. Thanks Mikes," I replied, hearing a snort from Andy and Joe.

"Can you guys be any more immature?" Pete asked, and Joe hid his head in Andy's chest. Andy started stroking the guitarists hair, and I couldn't help but do a double take.

"Hang on, you guys look awefully cosey," I stated, sitting up and facing my friends. Andy blushed as Joe snuggled his head further into the crook of the drummer's shoulder, slowly stroking his right arm, ignoring the fact that four people were staring at him.

"Well... we were talking during the tour in Australia, and we just decided to give it a go," Andy admitted.

"I knew it," Pete, Patrick and I announced in unison, which got everyone in the room laughing. Joe looked up at the sound of his closest friends laughing, and at the brush of Andy's lips on his forehead.

"So you guys are okay with this?" He asked. We all nodded happily, none of us, even Mikey, objecting. Both Andy and Joe let out an audible sigh of relief, before Pete stood, making his way to the side of the lounge where everyone could see him.

"Okay, so I invited Mikey here because we were discussing a tour that Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance would go on together, after the success of Warped Tour back in 2005. we've decided that it'll be a States and Central America tour, lasting around three and a half months. Now, the reason we brought this discussion back to the apartment because, Alexiz, we wanted to ask you if you'd be our opening act."

"Uh, when are you planning to have this tour?" I asked, worried about going onstage with a round belly, or tagging along with two newborns.

"We were thinking around the second week in January," Mikey replied, just as a banging on the door began. I reluctantly got up to answer it, whilst contempleting joining my boyfriends band and my favourite band on tour. As the door swung open, I was thrown to the floor as something... black launched itself upon me.

"Alex, so good to see you. It's been far too long!" The body said, the voice muffled by my shirt.

"Ugh, Franklin, would you mind getting off me. You're hurting my stomach," I groaned, and the black figure pulled himself off me. "But you're right, it has been too long. Almost ten years, hey."

"Ten years too long," he said, before sweeping me into a hug. You see, my little friend, Frank Iero, he used to be my best friend while I grew up in New Jersey with my Mother. We'd do everything together. It was like AlexizandFrank, all one name whenever people talked about us. But when I was sixteen, my Mom died, and I moved to Chicago to live with my Father and Vicky. I left Frank for the first time in sixteen years, and we lost contact completely. I tried to regain it when I learned he was in My Chemical Romance, but he obviously took it as being a completely over-obsessive fangirl.

"Hey Frankie, what are you doing here?" Mikey asked, walking to the door and pecking Frank on the lips. Another surprise for me apparently.

"Well, you dear darling brother finally divulged to me the fact that you were in Chicago meeting with Petey about a possible tour, so I had to fly my ass over here because my boyfriend conveniently forgot to say where he was going and goodbye," Frank vented, walking towards the vacated couch and sitting down on it. Mikey was soon to join him, and Pete sat on the end, leaving me to sit with Patrick in one of the two loveseats.

"So, as we just told Alexiz, we're planning for a January tour, probably starting around the fifth, that lasts approximately three months, touring the States and Central America. It will just be our two bands, and we're attempting to convince Lex to be our opening act," Patrick relayed as everyone got comfortable. I rested my hands lightly on my stomach, daydreaming about the day when I could take my babies on tour with me. Frank glanced my way and saw the position I was in, and clapped a hand over his mouth.

"Oh my god Alex, who's the father?!" He exclaimed, coming over and resting a hand on top of mine resting on my bump.

"H-How did you know? Is it that obvious?" I stammered, hoping it wasn't so I could enjoy being carefree about my pregnancy.

"Only by the way your hands are resting over your stomach, as if shielding all the bad demons and thoughts away from it; and the way you're staring into space with a small smile on your face, whilst you subconsciously rub your stomach." I beamed as I knew it wasn't a obvious giveaway, and then looked down and my hands, and lo and behold, I was rubbing my tiny bump.

"So, dish. How far along are you?"

"I'm at twelve weeks, and I'm going to have twins," I squealed out.

"And who's the father?" I knew this question was coming, but I couldn't stop the tears that began flowing out of my eyes. I couldn't form words, and instead ran to the bedroom, slamming the door shut before sinking to my knees and sobbing my heart out, the memories resurfacing once again.
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