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Chapter 17

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Thanks for the wild responses to the last chapter. I had so much fun writing it, especially the double slash pairing! Stay tuned for more cuteness from Joe, Andy, Frank, Mikey, FOB and Alexiz. Not to mention the up and coming MCR.

MrSz-Or3o: Glad you like the story, and I warned you about all the love!
ficfriction: Nice surprise, eh?! I knew you'd love Frankie's appearance, and hope this chapter is fine work. One-shot is in a bit of trouble, but we can fix that together later.
doyleangel: So happy you like the story, and I had to have Joe/Andy. I didn't want to have to make up too many characters, so I thought they're cute together. And same with Mikey and Frank. I needed MCR in the fic, and I love the idea of Mikey/Frank... it's so adorable! And as for Gabe... we'll have to wait and see. Even I don't know that yet!
fob2adelaide: Yes, Andy/Joe and Mikey/Frank. Hot huh? I know, she has to be a sweet mom because thats my side of the personality - really caring. And as for the tour, maybe thats what I want to happen. Maybe I want to have her stressed so Pete gets worried... lol. Nah, I've already taken that into account.

On with chapter 17:

Pete's POV

"Wh-what did I say wrong?" Frank asked, doe eyes forming. Mikey pulled him into a huge as I let out a sigh.

"A... problem arose when we sat down and worked out when Alexiz concieved. In that week, she slept with both myself and Gabe - Gabe Saporta. We couldn't work out who it was, so yesterday we went to get a paternity test. It turned out that both Gabe and myself were the father, a very rare occurance," I said with baited breath, wondering if I should be telling this without Alexiz's okay.

"So what's the real problem?" Mikey asked, knowing it was deeper than I was letting it on to be. It's why I loved the guy so much.

"The problem is... Gabe was her boyfriend when we went on the Australia-New Zealand-Asia tour, and she was madly in love with him. Even more in love than I was with her. But his ex-girlfriend caught up with him over there, and Ali caught them fucking on the bus after her first pregnancy appointment. She ran to me, and she flew back here. I joined her a few days later, but she's haunted by all the memories of their relationship. She took the break-up pretty hard, and deep down I know she's still in love with him, but it pains me to see her so torn up over him," I admitted, sighing once more.

"I'm so sorry from bringing it up," Frankie sobbed, burying his head in Mikey's chest. I went over to him and grasped at his free hand, squeezing it gently.

"It's okay Frank. You didn't know," I replied as Patrick stood.

"Guys, do we all want to heaad to my place and we'll discuss there whilst Pete and Alexiz have a bit of alone time?"

"Thanks Tricky. We'll try to make it down there," I replied, and everone said their goodbyes before filing out of our apartment. As soon as they left, I attempted to enter the bedroom, but Alexiz had blocked the door.

"Baby please let me in," I begged.

Alexiz's POV

I thought for a while, still crying heavily,, before wiping my tears and letting the door swing open, revealing my very worried boyfriend. He pulled me into a hug as I cried into his shoulder, gripping onto his shirt for dear life. Pete whispered nonsensical words in my ear, rubbing my back and letting me vent all my tears out.

"Baby, I told Patrick and the guys that we'd meet them at his place if you felt up to it. Do you want to go?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded into his shoulder and mumbled a 'yes'. He took my hand and led me out of the apartment, picking up keys and cell phones on the way.


After talking a while at Patrick's place, we had decided that I would go on tour with them, but I'd perform only on the days I felt I could. It would be MCR and FOB, with guest bands when tours crossed over. And Pete was going for an interview with Rolling Stone on Wednesday, so that gave him three days to prepare for the landslide of questions. As we made our way back to the apartment with Frank and Mikey, who were claiming the guest room, Mikey announced that he and Frank would make dinner, seeing as Pete may not know any vegetarian recipes.

"Well, if Frank has any memory whatsoever, he should remember that I'm vegan, so the food front is covered," I snapped as we entered the apartment complex.

"Woah, calm down Alex. I'm sorry," Frank said. Him asking me to calm down really got me aggriavated.

"I'm going to talk to Holly a sec. See if I can stay there with her when you're at your interview on Wednesday. And she might be able to help me calm down... I'm so frustrated, and I'm taking it out on you guys." I talked to Holly and arranged to head over there, and went back to enjoy a delightful meal of spiced lentil curry, before saying goodnight to Mikey, Frank and Pete and heading to bed, falling into a dreamless sleep for once.
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