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Welcome to The Family

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While enjoying some recreation Jeffery decides needs a fifth general to command his navy and he just happens to have someone in mind.

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-Jeffery sat on his temporary throne and watched his generals with a smile. His forces had over taken the luxury liner and killed most of the people on board but the four women had each picked out a special playmate. All four of them were young, attractive girls now being raped and brutalized by his generals.

-Hellen ripped the clothes off of her victim and removed her own pants. The young girl tried to crawl away but Hellen firmly grasped her around the throat with one hand and took a hold of her thigh with the other. From her own vagina extended a large phallus. The young girl stared in horror at the cumbersome object that would soon penetrate her much to Hellen's delight.

-"This is gunna hurt!" Hellen said with joy just before thrusting her member into the girl. The young woman let out a scream of pain as her skin was stretched to accommodate the girth of the intruder. After several powerful thrusts the girl was bleeding between her legs and Hellen began to laugh.

-Jade took a different approach with her little pet. She threw the girl down on her back and sat on her chest. Jade took off her own pants and brought her face up to the girls and said, "the faster I cum the sooner you get to breath so you'd better put that tongue of yours to work." And with that she placed her vagina over the girls face.

-Scylla didn't like to get directly physical wit her little lab rats. Instead she enjoyed watching them test out her toys for her, against their will of course. She used a spear gun to nail the girl down on her back, puncturing her hands and feet. Then she tore off the girls clothes and applied dozens of needles that were hooked up to a switch that Scylla held.

-When the girl stopped whimpering over the piercings in her hands and feet Scylla smiled and pressed one of the buttons. The girl instantly screamed and thrust her hips upward as electricity went through her body and Scylla began to laugh. The girl convulsed and relaxed and Scylla would press another button for one of the needles and the girl would convulse again.

-Kikki wasn't interested in sex as much as she was her own amusement. She knocked her playmate down on all fours and her long, thin devil like tail came forward from between her legs and wrapped around the girls throat like a whip. She then sat on the girls back and pulled her hair. "Mush!" Kikki commanded and slapped the girl's rear end. The woman crawled forward slowly and Kikki started to laugh and holler.

-"Faster!" Kikki ordered and she jumped up and came down on the girls back, breaking her spine. The girl let out a cry of agony as she collapsed from the injury. Kikki didn't seem to understand, or she just didn't care. All she was concerned with was that her little pony wasn't moving anymore.

-"Hey, move!" Kikki commanded as she pulled back on the girl's hair with so much force the woman's neck broke and then she went completely limp. Kikki still tried to coax her dead pet to move but to no avail. "Uh oh," she said as it dawned on her. She looked over to her master with pleading eyes. "Master, I think I broke mine. May I have another?"

-Jeffery looked to the luxury liner to see if there were any survivors. The ship was sinking from a breach one of the mega sharks had made with its blade like dorsal fin. It looked like everyone had been killed and eaten already. He looked back at Kikki with a shrug. "Sorry Kikki, there aren't anymore."

-Kikki sighed with disappointment as she pulled out her knife and plunged it into the girls flesh. Blood splattered across her face as she carved out chunks of meat to eat and to toss to the sea demons in the water. The demons fought each other over the bloody scraps as Kikki tore the girl's heart out for herself.

-Hellen was almost finished with her love toy. The girl screamed with every thrust and she was bleeding more profusely from between her legs. Finally Hellen was ready to climax. She tightened her grip on the girl and her talons pierced the woman's weak flesh.

-Hellen groaned in ecstasy as she unloaded inside the girl who was moaning in pain. The moans soon turned to cries as she realized that Hellen hadn't stopped Cumming. The girl watched in disbelief as her stomach swelled up and distended until her organs ruptured and she let out one final scream as her body popped like an overfilled water balloon. Hellen licked the blood from her fingers with a satisfied smile.

-Jade was also finishing up. Her vagina had stretched and nearly engulfed the girl's entire head. The human flailed helplessly as she struggled for air but the spasms only seemed to arouse Jade more as she pushed down harder on the girl's face. "Almost there honey," Jade said, "better hurry."

-Jade breathed harder and finally threw her head back and howled with bliss. In her ecstasy the spikes inside her vagina extended and the muscles tightened, biting the girl's face off like a Venus fly trap. Jade stood up from the gory mess and smiled down at the corpse, "Was it good for you?" she asked.

-Scylla saw that her sisters were done so she decided to wrap things up. She pressed all the buttons at once and the girl let out a horrific scream as her muscles convulsed so hard she broke every bone in her body. She bent herself in half backwards, collapsed to the ground and was silent.

- The girls all ate their fill and tossed the rest over the side. The sea demons fought violently for the meager scraps and even started to devour one another in the feeding frenzy. Jeffery watched with displeasure as he army turned on itself and he made up his mind.

-"Girls," Jeffery said, "would you mind having another sister?" The four generals smiled and bowed their heads obediently, "not at all," Jade said. "Your will be done," Hellen added. "Of course not," Scylla answered. "The more the merrier," Kikki cheered.

-"Good," Jeffery said with a pleased smile, "and I have just the one." He took the device from the holder on his hip and pointed it upward. He pressed the button and the dimensional hole appeared in the sky. A second later their old friend Emily fell through and slammed into the ground. The leviathan they were riding on let out a small bellow in complaint of the impact but nothing more.

-"Hello again Mrs. Emily," Jeffery said pleasantly, "how nice of you to drop in." The girls smiled and Kikki giggled at the sight of the human who had once dared to challenge them. Emily slowly got to her feet once she realized she was no longer falling. Jeffery suspected that her mind had been shattered along with her body, which had been the idea after all.

-Jeffery stepped toward Emily and as soon as he did she slapped him across the face. Jeffery was surprised to have been caught off guard, and that she was still sane enough to remember who had sent her to the pit. The girls all reacted differently. Hellen clenched her teeth in anger at the assault on her master. Jade smiled in anticipation of her masters soon to come retaliation. Scylla had no reaction at all and Kikki nervously bit her thumb in fearful anticipation of her master's outburst.

-Jeffery looked at Emily and smiled, "well, I'm surprised you still have some fight in you." He said. "Good, that will serve you well as my new general of the seas." Emily looked at him with confused eyes and then laughed defiantly at him. "I would never serve you," she declared, "I'm human; I'm not one of your mindless servants like them."

-"But they were once human as well," Jeffery said. "Most of my demons were once human, now they all serve me unquestioningly. And Raven, the girl who captured you, is still human and serves me of her own free will." Emily looked at the four girls, it was true the resembled humans but if they had truly been human why would they serve the monster that took that life away form them?

-"Do you hear that?" Emily asked them, "you were once human, and he took that from you, he stole your lives just as he has you steal the lives of others!" Emily did not get the response she wanted. They smiled and shook their heads. "We already knew that," Jade said, "we retain the memories of out human lives. We remember being human, being weak and cowardly, being small. Our master gave us strength, gave us purpose and for that we are eternally grateful, as you should be. You should be on your knees thanking him for this gift. And you will be soon enough."

-And with that Jeffery grabbed Emily's hair and pulled her head back exposing her vulnerable neck. She tried to fight but it was no use, he chomped down on her throat and pierced her skin. He injected his dark rage into her body and then released her. Emily grabbed her throat protectively but the wound had already healed thanks to the serum she had been injected with months ago.

-At first Emily felt fine, the injury healed and she didn't understand. Then her body was wracked with pain. She clutched at her stomach and fell to her knees. It felt like her organs were being torn apart form the inside. She curled into a fetal position and her skin began to melt. It liquefied and surrounded her in a ball and became a small womb for her rebirth. Inside her body was changing but from the outside all anyone could see was pulsating ball of skin.

-Jeffery saw her in his mind and molded her, shaped her to suit her appointed task. He made her just as he had made the others and he had gotten quit good at it. The girls watched in anticipation, Kikki was the youngest and the only one to never witness the process for her self. She was giddy with excitement at the thought of having a younger sister.

-All movement stopped inside the fleshy ball and then it tore open. A beautiful woman stood up from the sheet of skin and looked around with her new eyes. Her hair was a mix of different shades of green and her eyes were a golden yellow. She had fins on her forearms and the sides of her legs. Down both sides of her back stretched long gills for breathing under water. A thin webbing of skin connected her fingers and toes and she wore a tight bathing suit made form fish scales.

-Jeffery looked her over and smiled at his newest creation. "Welcome to the family, Siren."
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