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Close Call

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While Jeffery's forces siege the mainland something happens to one of his generals, perhaps they are not so invulnerable after all.

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-Jeffery stood proudly on the leviathan's back as he surveyed the shoreline. He didn't need binoculars; his eyes could focus in on objects over a mile away, see in the dark and in other light spectrums beyond the senses of normal humans. He could see every single grain of sand on the beach, and that wasn't all.

-The entire beach had been turned into a military stronghold. There were bunkers and gun nests all along the perimeter. Barb wire fences and beams of steal dotted the beach creating kill zones intended for the demons that would soon attempt to take the sandy turf.

-"Welcome back," Jeffery said, apparently to no one. "Report." A girl giggled and then slowly appeared behind him. Kikki stood naked, her thin tail swaying in the breeze. Kikki's skin pigment had a chameleon like ability to make her invisible, though it did not affect her clothing it did allow her to do her job more affectively.

-"It's as you thought, master," Kikki said, "the town has been evacuated and an army now occupies the city." Jeffery nodded, the government would have been down right incompetent to ignore the threat he posed. It didn't matter, there was no place they could escape his wrath. They would all be his, sooner or later.

-Jeffery smelled something all too familiar; he sniffed the air and was sure of it. "Kikki," he said, "why do I smell blood on you? Your mission was to spy, not to kill anyone." Kikki gave him an apologetic look with her puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry master but one of the humans discovered me so I had to keep him quiet," Kikki said sweetly.

-The blow hole of the leviathan opened and Scylla came out. She walked up to her master and waited for him to finish speaking with Kikki. He dismissed the naked general and Kikki went to retrieve her clothes. Jeffery then nodded to Scylla to come forward. "How are the preparations going?" he asked.

-"The terraformers are ready whenever you are, master," Scylla said with her head lowered. Jeffery smiled and he turned to the sound of a large splash as Siren leapt from the water and landed, kneeling before her lord. "Ah and how is the navy doing?" Jeffery asked.

-"My lord, a small enemy force is trying to intercept the landing party," Siren said. "The sharks and squids are taking care of them, you will not be interrupted." Jeffery nodded and looked around as he thought to himself. Things were coming together nicely, his forces were ready, any harassment was being taken care of before hand and best of all the sun was shining. It was the perfect day for a gruesome battle.

-"Thank you Siren," Jeffery said, "I trust you to take care of them." Siren bowed her head and then dove back into the water to return to her beasts. "Kikki," Jeffery said, "go tell Hellen and Jade to start their attacks." Kikki finished dressing herself and giggled with excitement at the thought of the impending battle, "Yes master." She said as she leapt from the edge of the mutant whale's back and landed on another some distance away.

-Jeffery watched as the creature's blow hole opened and Kikki dropped down inside to inform Hellen of the order. A moment later she jumped out and made her way to the back of the fleet where Jade's aerial forces were waiting. After her task was completed she returned to her master and awaited the advance.

-Jeffery gave the signal and thousands of the flying blade fish erupted from the water just off shore. A couple of the nearby soldiers were caught off guard and quickly sliced to pieces by the creatures but the rest of the men got with the program and opened fire. While the soldiers wasted their time with the small fries, underwater several mutated crustaceans used their claws to break the chains that anchored the floating mines. One by one the round explosives floated to the surface where the crab monsters handed the chains to ogres. The ogres were giant and brutish creatures, roughly human but larger and much stronger.

-The ogres swung the mines around by their chains as if they were giant maces. Then they hurled them towards the beach and the human's base was assaulted with their own explosive weapons. Dirt and concrete were thrown through the air as well as the body parts of soldiers caught in the blasts. The blade fish were also killed but it didn't matter, they were cheap cannon fauder.

-Once all the mines were gone the whales rushed in and beached themselves firmly in the sand. The great beasts opened their gigantic mouths and from their gullets poured thousands of demons, all eager for death and destruction. They rushed across the beach and several of them were unfortunate enough to step on the land mines buried under the ground. Fiery explosions threw sand and demon parts into the air only to rain down on the survivors that still ran full speed toward their prey with no regard for their fallen comrades. Even the demons whose limbs had been blown off still dragged themselves in the hopes of a meal.

-While the soldiers were focused on the demons on the beach Jeffery looked to Jade and gave a whistle. She spread her large, black wings and with one mighty flap launched herself into the sky. The rest of her gargoyle horde followed her and soared toward the battlefield. Jade drew her sword and dove for the nearest machine gun nest.

-The demons fought their way up the hills on the beach, many of them falling to gunfire. But for every demon that fell three more pushed their way through to the humans and tore the soldiers to pieces. And as the surviving soldiers ran for the safety of the bunkers they were snatched up by gargoyles and carried into the air only to be tossed away like garbage.

-Jeffery watched the battle with amusement, normally he was content to merely observe the battles but these people needed to know who they were dealing with. He drew his large sword and led the second wave to the beach. Again the whales beached themselves and opened their mouths. This time Hellen charged out of one of the behemoths and she and Jeffery stormed the beach together leading their demon hordes to slaughter the humans.

-Hellen jumped up into one of the machine gun nests with her halberd in hand and ripped the humans apart. Jeffery proceeded to dismember any soldiers he came across with violent fervor as the battle raged on around him. His forces were winning and the humans were falling back into the city.

-Kikki had also joined the fun and used her staff to pole-vault up into one of the bunkers while she laughed gleefully. Her laughs were quickly drowned out by the screams of the soldiers she found and one by one their broken bodies were hurled out of the concrete instillation.

-Jeffery and his army chased the soldiers from the beach and forced them into the city where they hid like rats. The demons were forced to spread out which made them vulnerable but whenever there was an encounter and the soldiers fired their weapons all the surrounding demons descended upon them as if they had heard a dinner bell.

-Back on the beach Scylla unloaded the terraformers. They were large, bloated humanoid creatures that lumbered across the beach. Every few feet they would vomit up a black tar that spread across the sand and took root. Before long they had covered the entire beach with dark territory and once they were done they moved for the city.

-In the city the humans fought for their lives, and lost over and over again. Those that sought refuge on the rooftops were befallen by Jade and her gargoyles. She cut them to pieces with sadistic glee as her minions devoured the screaming men. On the ground Jeffery calmly walked down the streets admiring their handy work. Kikki flung corpses into the air with her staff for the beasts to feast on while she giggled with joy.

-Ahead of them Hellen led the charge on a large force of human soldiers. They had two of the large machine guns from the beach and were defending themselves quite well. They were using two cars for cover while they unleashed their fire power on any approaching demons, but that wouldn't stop Hellen. She planted her halberd into the street, freeing her hands to lift up a nearby pickup truck. With a roar she hurled it through the air and into the cars that protected the humans.

-Before the men could recover Hellen came down on them. She cut down the nearest soldier and laughed hysterically as she attacked the next. Several of the men opened fire on her; the bullets tore holes in her body but she quickly healed and it only served to anger her further. She ripped them apart one by one and then went after the ones that had fled.

-She chased after them, her eyes wild with the promise of chaos and carnage. One of the men turned and fired a bazooka at her. She jumped to the side and avoided the explosion. The man quickly pulled out another shot but Hellen had no intention of letting him try again. She kicked off of a building and launched herself at the human with her halberd held high, ready to strike down the little bug. But while she was in the air the man finished loading the weapon and readied bazooka. He took aim and fired.

-Hellen's eyes went wide with panic as she realized the danger. She swung her halberd, desperately trying to deflect the deadly projectile but as her blade struck the shell it detonated. The blast consumed Hellen in fire and damaged the nearby buildings. The human who had fired the weapon in haste was torn apart by the force of the close explosion and the shrapnel.

-"Hellen!" Jeffery screamed. He had been watching her fight and had seen the threat but not soon enough to help. He rushed towards the explosion to help her. The serum had its limits and if her body was completely destroyed she would die. Jeffery ran as fast as he could but one of the buildings collapsed from the damage, and buried her.
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