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With Hellen buried alive and the battle raging all around what will Jeffery do, try to save his general, or get revenge?

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-Siren watched with a smile as a shark the size of a whale wrapped its massive jowls around the hull of the battle ship. It bit down and chomped right through the metal as the crew abandoned ship only to be eaten by the other denizens of the deep. Sharks and squids and eels all ripped human flesh apart in a giant feeding frenzy.

-At that point the battle was little more than a clean up, the ships were burning and most of the sailor boys had been killed and eaten. The air craft carrier had been fun, the planes it unleashed had been a real bother but Siren simply sent the remainder of the flying blade fish to kamikaze the machines and after that the battle had been a slaughter.

-She laughed as she watched a group of sailors trying to swim away from another giant shark. The beast overtook them in no time and with its mouth wide open swallowed all five of them whole. Siren felt no desire to spare any more of them; she already had two men tied up in a fish net behind her. She would enjoy them after the battle to help her get used to her new body.

-She was about to order a patrol to look around for any other unfortunates that she could torment when she felt something. It was a sinking feeling in her stomach, as if someone had punched her in the gut. She looked toward the burning city and in the back of her mind she knew that something was wrong.

-Jeffery rushed over to the pile of rubble where Hellen had once been. He tore at the gravel and dirt with his bare hands desperately trying to get to his beloved Hellen. He tossed away boulders with ease and ripped through the twisted metal of cars until he finally reached her.

-Hellen lay motionless in a pool of blood. She had cuts all over her body; the side of her face had been burnt. Jeffery placed his hand over her chest and felt a faint heartbeat. He closed his eyes and focused on keeping her alive, just a little longer until the serum kicked in. He wasn't about to lose her to some stupid jar head who had gotten off a lucky shot.

-As he knelt down beside her he remembered the day he had created her. When she had been human she was a professional wrestler. He had been impressed by the large woman who had managed to kill one of his demons with her bare hands. He had given her his mark and she was reborn even stronger and more free than ever before.

-Jeffery remembered her first slave, she had ridden the man so hard she had crushed his pelvis and asked for another one. After that she had gone through three more men before she had been satisfied. Even when she had shared Jeffery's bed she was rough, in everything she did form sex to battle Hellen had always seemed unstoppable. But now she was broken and bleeding before his eyes.

-"Don't you dare die on me," Jeffery whispered in her ear as he held her hand, "there are more battles to fight and humans to kill, so don't you dare die." For the first time since the day he had awoken, Jeffery felt fear. But not for himself, Hellen was an inhuman, sadistic demon that he himself had created. But she was his, and he valued her.

-Jeffery heard the unmistakable sound of wings gliding through the air and then saw Jade's shadow as she stood behind him. She stood quietly looking on in shock at the sight of her strong sister. Kikki also joined them and the two watched their master try to bring their sibling back to life. Since Jeffery had first made Scylla he had never lost a general.

-"Come on Hellen, live!" Jeffery said with a twinge of desperation in his voice. Jade and Kikki knelt by his side, they weren't sure what they could do but they wanted to be there for their master. Hellen cringed and coughed up some blood as she said, "your my...command, master."

-Jeffery sighed with relief as he watched the cuts on Hellen's body begin to heal up on their own. Jade smiled and Kikki jumped up and down with joy as their sister slowly recovered. Soon she was back on her feet looking as good as new. Kikki brought her the halberd she had lost; it was badly damaged but still usable.

-"Would you like to rest a bit, Hellen?" Jeffery asked. His general looked at him with surprise and then smiled eagerly. "Not a chance master, I have to show these bastards what happens when they try to kill me and fail," Hellen answered, "besides, I need to make sure my body still works right." Jeffery smiled with pride, even after that close call Hellen was still eager for bloodshed. It was good to know it hadn't shaken her up; he had to admit that he wanted some pay back as well.

-All four of them turned to the sound of a man moaning. Hellen walked over to a large chunk of concrete that the sound was coming from. With one had she moved the large slab to reveal a most unexpected prize. "Well look who it is," Hellen said as she gazed down on the human soldier who had almost killed her. Through some miracle he had survived the blast, though from the looks of him that was a temporary state.

-The young man's clothes were torn to shreds and soaked in his blood. He had several pieces of shrapnel sticking out of his torso and his neck had a nasty gash in it. His body twitched involuntarily from the trauma of his injuries as he looked at the untouched demon woman he had fired a bazooka at. Hellen stared into his eyes and tasted his fear, and she liked it.

-"Looks like he won't last long," Jeffery said unsympathetically, "a shame you wont get to make him pay." As soon as she heard her master's words Hellen got a look on her face, as if a light bulb had turned on in her head. It wasn't a look she got very often but when she did come up with an idea it was usually a good one.

-"Master, can I give him the serum?" Hellen asked. Jeffery frowned as he saw the flaw in her plan. "Hellen, you know the serum doesn't heal pre-existing wounds," he answered. Jeffery expected to see disappointment on Hellen's face do to the news but instead he saw delight. "I know it won't heal him, but it will stop him from dying." Hellen explained with a devilish smile.

-Jeffery thought for a second and realized she was right, though the serum wouldn't heal the man's wounds it would sustain his life, even in his current condition. He would be kept in a state of perpetual agony, a constant state of dying. Jeffery quickly pulled out the pistol from its holster and fired a black barbed dart directly into the man's heart, ensuring an instantaneous effect.

-Hellen smiled down at the man as it became apparent that her plan was working. The soldier wasn't going to die, no matter how much he wanted to. She reached down and grabbed him by the throat, her claws digging into his skin. With one hand Hellen lifted the human off of the ground. "So you thought you could kill me did you?" She said with a grin as she brought him closer to whisper in his ear, "Well now you're mine."

-Jeffery smiled, Hellen was fine and now she had a new pet. He looked around at the city, now on fire and patrolled by his demon monsters. He looked toward the beach and saw the terraformers at work; soon the city would be engulfed by dark territory. Jade and Kikki went off to weed out the remaining human forces but Jeffery had had enough fun for one day. Now he needed to regroup his forces and then the real fun could begin.
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