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Get on Your Knees and Pray

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Jeffery continues his campaign against Europe but finds the time to enjoy the locals. It's all good fun until an old problem persists.

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-Jeffery strolled down the center of the street as if he owned the entire world. All around him humans and demons lay dead and dying while the able bodied continued to fight. It was quite a show, death everywhere with him right in the middle. He was having the time of his life.

-The generals had spread themselves out through the city to lead their own individual armies. Even after Hellen's incident they charged forward without hesitation. Jade's gargoyles flew overhead, spotting enemy positions and reporting them to the ground forces led by Hellen and Kikki.

-Once notified the two girls converged their demons on the humans and overwhelmed them with shear numbers. The soldiers were ripped apart and eaten alive and screaming by thousands of nightmarish creatures. There were even a few civilians in the town; apparently the army hadn't foreseen Jeffery's army pushing so far so fast. Neither women nor children were spared by the soulless hell spawn that swept trough their city. Scylla brought up the rear with the terraformers in tow. They spread the dark territory and picked off any straggling humans that the over zealous front line had missed.

-As Jeffery strolled down the road he found himself in front of a church. The building hadn't been touched by his children and yet he was certain he could smell humans inside. He stepped to the door and could hear the whimpers and sobs of the helpless little lambs inside, waiting to be slaughtered. Jeffery briefly considered calling some of his demons to come and take care of the occupants but why deny himself some pleasure?

-He kicked the door open and the wood shattered before his might. He boldly stepped over the splintered bits of wood and found himself looking at a half dozen humans, all huddled together. There were two children, brother and sister it seemed. An elderly couple, one middle aged woman with dirty blonde hair and a nun.

-They all looked at Jeffery nervously, unsure what to make of him. He looked human enough, but his armor and sword told them that something was wrong. The two children didn't seem to recognize the danger; instead they almost appeared happy to see someone who looked like a comic book hero. Children were so naïve, Jeffery thought to himself as he stepped forward.

-The elderly man held his wife closer to him, it was a touching if useless gesture. The woman put her arms protectively around her children while the nun did her best to look strong. There was so much fear in the room that Jeffery could have choked on it, he could hear their hearts racing, their muscles tensing up. It was electric.

-Jeffery looked at the two children with disinterest. Their mother wasn't the most attractive woman around, and he felt no real desire to waste his time on trivial matters. The old couple were equally undesirable, a few more years and they would both be dead anyway so why bother? The nun however was a different story.

-The nun was in her late twenties, early thirties at the oldest. She hade a pretty face that screamed of innocence and charity, the very things Jeffery hated most. He walked up to her and stared her down. She looked away almost instantly, diverting her eyes off to the side, nervously glancing up at him as he looked her over. She had a slim physique and a frail form, Jeffery would have fun with her.

-"The rest of you are free to go," Jeffery said without looking away from the nun, "but not you." Without hesitating the woman hurried her children out the doorway that Jeffery had entered. The elderly couple was somewhat slower in their response but they eventually departed without a fuss. They hobbled out the doorway, leaving Jeffery alone with the sister.

-"Now what shall I do with you, sister?" Jeffery asked with a grin. The young woman was practically trembling. She closed her eyes and bowed her head, holding a cross up to her forehead. "God who art in heaven, deliver me from evil..." Jeffery cut her off as he ripped the trinket from her hands. "I am your god now, little bitch!"

-Jeffery tossed the woman to the ground in front of the large crucifix of Jesus. He stepped forward and looked up at the statue with defiant eyes, "let's give Jesus here a good show, shall we?" Jeffery said as he returned his attention to his helpless victim. The nun tried to crawl away but there was no escape.

-Jeffery tore away her hood revealing her long, red hair. The woman was down right beautiful. It had been a crime for her to deny herself to the world but Jeffery was about to change all that. He reached out again, this time tearing open her shirt and exposing her well sized breasts supported by a white bra.

-The nun screamed and tried in vein to fight Jeffery off. He grabbed her arm and spun her around so her back was pressed up against him as he cupped her breast in his hand. "Now why would someone with your body want to live a life of chastity?" He asked with an eager smile.

-The woman broke away and tried to run but Jeffery grabbed her skirt and ripped off the remainder of her clothes as she fell to the ground in little more than her underwear. Her skin was pale and white from so many years of being concealed. Jeffery opened his pants and steeped forward with desire in his eyes.

-The nun turned over and tried desperately to kick at Jeffery but he easily grabbed her ankles and pulled her to him. He then grabbed both of her wrists and pressed his body down on top of hers. The sound of her breathing, of her heart beat excited him to no end as he leaned forward and removed her bra with his teeth.

-The nun let out another indignant cry of humiliation and Jeffery moved his head lower. "Oh god no!" The woman begged as Jeffery tugged at her underwear with his mouth. He chuckled as they finally came off and exposed her vagina. Despite her protests she was clearly aroused and so was he, but he had patients and he wanted to make her squirm.

-Jeffery flicked his tongue around her vaginal lips and was rewarded by the surprised gasp the nun made. His tongue licked every inch of her and the more he did the more the nun's breathing hastened. Little by little the woman's arms lost their strength as her desire to resist faded away and Jeffery let go of her arms and took a firm grip around her thighs. Now that he had her attention, it was time to take off the kid gloves.

-Jeffery's tongue split down the middle and formed a fork as each side wrapped around the nun's clitoris. Instantly the woman arched her back and let out a cry of ecstasy. "Jesus!" The nun whispered as her body was electrified with sensations she had never experienced.

-Jeffery's snake like tongue wiggled and rolled over the woman's G spot until finally she let out a blissful scream and her body spasmed so hard Jeffery almost lost his grip on her as she experienced the first orgasm of her life. Jeffery lifted his head and looked up at the woman's face. Her eyes were wide with wonder and her cheeks were flushed. "Now it's time for me to have my fun," Jeffery said as he positioned himself.

-The nun's moans of ecstasy returned to cries of pain and shock as Jeffery forced him self into her roughly. Fortunately for the woman she was wet enough to provide some lubrication but Jeffery's powerful thrusts were unsympathetic to her body. Jeffery had suspected that the woman had been a virgin and the blood that trickled out of her only confirmed it. Several moments later Jeffery groaned as he came inside the servant of god to the sound of her lustful moans.

-"That's one hole down, two more to go," Jeffery said. "I'm gunna give you the sexual experience from hell!" He grabbed her hip and flipped her over. He placed his penis between her but cheeks and slowly pushed forward. "Oh god, you can't!" The woman protested but Jeffery didn't listen. He forced his way into her body once again and the woman screamed with discomfort.

-Again and again Jeffery brutally thrust himself into the woman's anus as the nun screamed with tears in her eyes. Unlike the front end this time there was no lubrication and the opening was considerably less accommodating. But like the front the woman was soon bleeding and Jeffery groaned once more as he came in her ass.

-Jeffery took a moment to catch his breath, though he didn't really need it. The nun shivered uncontrollably from the trauma of loosing her virginity twice. "Dear god, please forgive me," she whispered, but Jeffery heard her words. "Time for you to learn a new way to get on your knees and pray," Jeffery said as he stood up and grabbed the woman's head.

-The woman gasped and Jeffery pushed her mouth down on his phallus. The nun offered little resistance this time, her arms hung limply at her sides. Her body was completely exhausted and her mind had been shattered. It wasn't long before Jeffery came for the third time and he dismissively let the woman collapse to the floor.

-Jeffery stretched his muscles and sighed with satisfaction as his little toy lay motionless on the ground, covered in bodily fluids. Jeffery looked around, wondering what to do next. He could make the girl an immortal and brutally rape her whenever he wanted, but once he had had a human he lost interest. Instead he decided to throw in some pain with the pleasure; he would be the only lover this woman would ever know.

-Jeffery ripped down the crucifix and pulled off the figure of Jesus. After tossing it away he grabbed the nearly unconscious nun and placed her on the cross. "You want to worship him so much? I'll bring you closer to Jesus." Jeffery said as he drove a nail through the woman's hand. The nun became alert once again and screamed out in pain as Jeffery nailed her other hand down.

-He then nailed the girls feet down and grabbed a large cross off of one of the tables and rammed it into the nun's rectum. The woman screamed and sobbed in despair as Jeffery raised the new and improved crucifix and hung it upside down. He crossed his arms and admired his work as the woman lost consciousness. "Well I may not have a crown of thorns for you, but this will have to do," Jeffery said before he turned and walked out, leaving the young woman to die.

-Jeffery hadn't gotten far when they came back, the voices echoed in his head louder than ever. They were so loud that Jeffery couldn't think straight, it hurt! It hurt so much that Jeffery fell to his knees. Was this the wrath of god? Was he being punished for raping that dumb woman? Jeffery was given no answer as he passed out and fell into the swirling blackness of oblivion.
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