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Jeffery isn't the only one who hears the voices, but what are they, and what is Raven up to?

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-Raven slowly opened her eyes and returned to the world. She looked around in a daze, unsure of where she was. The room was dark, cold and wet. She looked over to the young man tied to the table. He had whip marks all over his naked body and Raven began to remember.

-She slowly got back to her feet and cleared her head. The voices had been bad that time, worse than ever. She hoped that the master was alright, but as she was ok chances were that he was as well. She looked back to the unconscious man that she had been enjoying. She was no longer in the mood for fun but she didn't have the urge to kill him either. Instead she simply left him there, perhaps she would return later to finish up.

-Raven walked out of the cell and down the hall. The master had been gone longer than she had expected and things were getting boring. The men in the dungeon were a pleasant diversion but they were running out, and like a drug they satisfied her less and less each time. Raven knew something had to be done.

-She walked up the stairs and entered the throne room. Marrow didn't even bother to look up at her as Raven walked in, the big beast laid at the foot of the throne awaiting her master's return. The wolf hardly spoke to Raven despite the fact that Raven had been put in charge of the castle during the master's absence. Normally it wouldn't have bothered her but with the master being gone for several months; Raven's patience was wearing thin.

-"Anything to report?" Raven asked in a whisper, hoping for something to take her mind off of the master's absence. Marrow growled with irritation, constantly reporting nothing was getting on her nerves and she despised having some pathetic human give her orders. But the master's word was law and Marrow would never disobey him, no matter how distasteful it might be.

-"No," marrow said curtly, "if there ever is I will let you know, human." The giant wolf laid her head back down and continued to ignore the girl. With the master gone the remaining demons were growing restless. Marrow's role had been changed to keeping them in line rather than killing intruders and she found the task demeaning.

-Raven ignored the blatant disrespect that Marrow showed her yet again. She stepped out onto the terrace and looked over the vastness of the dark territory. Night had fallen and the light of the full moon cast the ground in an eerie glow. It seemed almost empty with so many of its inhabitants off fighting on another continent far from home, and the master was there with them.

-The master...Raven's thoughts found themselves focused on his absence once again. Since he had been gone life had become stale and dull. The dark territory now merely festered like an infected wound. Not expanding, not healing and every day she felt it more. Without the master around the demons lost their direction. The land would not grow and the humans lost their respect for the shadows.

-She had never believed that he would be gone for so long. Months had passed and still he had not returned. Just how long did he plan to be away? And once his campaign was over who would rule over his domain across the sea? Perhaps he would stay there and never return.

-Raven didn't like that idea at all; she had been alone long enough. Something had to be done, but what? She wouldn't disobey him by leaving her post and she didn't know of any other way to be with him. Unless of course she gave him a reason to return, some crises to bring him home if only for a short time.

-The dark territory was poorly defended with the master gone; it wouldn't take much to threaten it. But even if she did get the master to return it wouldn't take him long to put things back in order and then he would be off again. It would only shake his confidence in her; she needed a more permanent solution.

-Raven knew that what the master wanted was a challenge, something to make him work for victory. He hadn't even tasted it at home so he had gone across the sea to fight, and Raven knew that they would fare no better. Eventually he would conquer the entire world and then what would he do? No human or man made weapon could harm the master, and no demon of his making would ever turn on him.

-Raven let out a sigh, she knew what she would have to do and she didn't like it. She proffered letting the master run the show and was content to support him. She had no desire to take a lead role in this little drama but it seemed that she would have no choice. She pushed away from the terrace and briskly walked back down to the dungeon.

-There were only a dozen humans left in good condition. It wasn't much but it would do for what she had in mind. She went back into he room where her former lover was still tied down and unconscious. She smiled as she closed the door and walked towards him. If the master wanted a challenge, she would give him one.
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