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In Comes Tony

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Ch. 8
In Comes Tony

Joel ran backstage with Benji and Billy. Joel looked at Benji and Billy as they continued to talk uncontrollably

“I can’t believe that fucking worked!” Benji laughed

“Eh, I knew Joel could do it! Anyways we got money!” Billy laughed

Joel watched them and then looked down at the money in his hands. He sighed and put it in his pockets, “I'll hold onto the money.” He looked at them, “You guys are not able to touch nothing that has to do with money…” He started walking

Benji watched him, “Geez sorry…” He smiled and started following him, “Where are we going now?”

Joel looked at him, “Benji? Why did you come with me here?” He asked crossing his arms

Benji shrugged, “To help you with the tryouts…”

Joel looked at Billy, “And you?”

“Ditto man…” Billy shrugged

Joel nodded, “Well I believe Billy…” He looked at Benji, “Benji.. you were like totally up for coming. No second thought.” He walked up, “What are you hiding?”

Benji watched him, “I…”

Joel sighed, “You couldn’t have known about daddy… cause you and the other two didn’t know nothing.” He looked down then at him, “Are you here to… meet someone?”

Benji blinked, “Meet?” He laughed uneasy, “Well, dude, who could I meet in San Diego? Seriously! Who do I know here!” He rubbed his arm

Joel pointed at him, “Don't lie!” He smiled, “You have this little crush on someone from the computer… would this person be from here? And you like to talk on your cell. So… who are you meeting?” He smiled watching him

Benji sighed and rubbed the back of his head, “Um, hard to explain… really.” He looked at him, “You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you straight…” He walked up, “Ok… I have a…. friend… his name is Tony Lovato. He’s kinda… you know… him and I are…” He rubbed his arm, he felt tears go to his eyes. He didn’t know if Joel would accept him if he told the reason! Should he lie… no Joel would know

Billy blinked, “Oh.. conflict…” He waved and ran off, “Bye!” He ran out of the room

Joel watched Billy then looked at Benji, “Why are you crying?” He blinked, “Am I pressuring you or something?”

Benji shrugged nodding, “You could say that… but you would’ve found out anyways.” He looked at him, “Ok this Tony guy… He’s kinda my…” He took a deep breath, “So called… Internet lover… boyfriend…” He went red and tears stung his eyes, he didn’t know what would happen now.

Joel’s eyes were wide as he watched Benji, “Excuse me?”

Benji looked at him, “I love Tony alright? He lives here and I thought, hey! Why not help my brother and go meet my lover! It all worked out till you got suspicious! Don't hate me! But… even if you do I will gladly say… I love Tony and he loves me and I will stop at nothing to see him!”

Joel blinked, “Dude… dude… slow the fuck down.” He smiled, “You are in love. That’s great! I’m happy for you!”

“I knew it…” Benji blinked then looked at him, “You are what now?”

“Happy for you!”

Benji watched him, “You aren’t gonna dump me off saying you disowned me or anything?”

Joel blinked, “Oh yeah Benj… I’m gonna dump you off say good bye and drive all the way home singing halleluiah!” He crossed his arms and tilted his head, “Benji… please…” He smiled and walked up and hugged him, “I think you should be happy. No matter what…” He looked at him, “I thought we should go see father but…” He nodded, “I think seeing Tony is in the matter?” He grabbed his hand and started walking

Benji stared at him amazed, “No seriously… your not going to kill me…. Dump my dead body in the river… anything like that.”

Joel looked at him, “Oh my god Benj…” He started pulling him again

Billy ran up to Hilary, “What’s up!”

She sat on the stool looking down. She looked at him, “Billy… why did he sing that song…”

Billy blinked, “You are a blonde…”

She stood up, “Excuse me!” She glared at him, “Not all blondes are stupid! I have my points but I can be fucking smart!”

Billy blinked, “Oh ok…” He sighed, “Then a big smart girl like you can figure it out…”

She watched him and crossed her arms, “Yes… yes I can! And you know what! I love him to!” She blinked and looked down, “Wait… he loves me!”

Billy blinked, “Hilary… you just said you love him to.. too means also…”

She glared at him again, “Shut that big mouth or I will shut it for you!”

Billy sighed

“Hiya!” Eminem walked up, “How you all doing!” He put his arm around Hilary’s shoulders, “Sup sexy!”

She looked at him, “Ok… this is weird… Eminem is hitting on me… A lead singer from a band loves me and Eminem a rapper is hitting on me…” She smiled, “Nothing Eminem… just figuring shit out.”

He nodded, “Right… well I hope you know something babe, that he really likes you. I think he knows you like him back so what the hell are you standing here for like a duh blonde?”

She sighed, “I will hit you so fucking hard…” She looked at him, “You bleach blonde so you must have lost some brain cells.. basically making you a dumb blonde to.” She smiled

Eminem sighed, “Shut up… Go find Joel…” He pushed her forward, “Women…”

Hilary looked back, “Famous people…” She started walking

“Ha ha ho ho… I can’t stop… I can’t contain my laughter…” Eminem watched her, “She was sexy.. now she's… gah…”

Billy looked at him, “Gah? Man you can’t be Eminem…” He started walking

Eminem blinked, “God… fucking children…” He turned and started walking

Joel turned a corner and bumped into someone and stumbled back, “Holy…” He looked forward

Hilary sat on the floor rubbing her lower back, “Owie! God damn it!”

Joel walked up and held his hand out, “Sorry, Hilary…”

She grabbed his hand

He pulled her up

Benji sighed, “Geez… Hilary, I never thought you would fall for my bro…”

Hilary rolled her eyes, “Not another one…” She looked at Joel, “Can I talk to you in private?”

Joel blinked, “We are in a hurry…”

Hilary blinked, “What? Please?”

He shook his head, “Later k?” He started pulling Benji again

Hilary watched him, “Joel…I…” She looked down, “Love you…” She sighed and looked down the hall, “So much for old man advice…” She started walking, “Thanks Eminem but no thanks..”

Billy ran up, “Where did they go now!”

Hilary pointed, “But you are staying with me…” She grabbed his arm

Billy shrugged, “Alright…”

Joel pulled Benji out of the building, “Do you know if he is close by?”

Benji blinked, “Well…Joel… What is today?”

Joel blinked, “Tuesday…”

“Right… Well… Tony just happens to be living in San Diego which may I add is umm… three more fucking days away…” He looked at Joel, “Don't get in a rush… he knows I’m coming…”

Joel blinked, “Oh ok… so we wait?”

“For the others? Yes…”

Joel nodded and sat on the hood of the car, “Whee… waiting…” He laid down

Benji walked up and got in the drivers side

Hilary and Billy walked out. Hilary crossed her arms, “Butthead and friend.. can we go?” She looked at Benji, “Now?”

Benji shrugged, “Get him off the hood…”

Billy ran around the car, “Oh let me!” He reached down and pushed the horn on the wheel

The cars horn blared

Joel screamed and rolled off the hood, “God damn it!” He stood up, “Ok, I heard, get him off the hood… not blow him off!”

Benji rolled his eyes, “Let’s just get going… We have three more days.”


Joel looked at Benji, “It’s Thursday… We have only tomorrow… its six in the fucking afternoon… can we take a god damn break?” He pulled out the money, “We have $150… that’s not a lot… we have enough to get a cheap motel…. Not shitty… but cheap…”

Billy leaned over the seat, “No breaking beds or rusty fucking water!”

Joel laughed

Hilary shook her head, “its ok… life is hard… I’m sure this wont be that bad…”

Benji shook his head, “The odds of two things happening in a short time? Slim to none…”

Billy sighed, “Shut the…” He leaned back, “Fuck up…” He rolled his eyes

Joel looked around and pointed, “Hey look! There’s one… stop here!”

Benji pulled into the parking lot

They stood outside of two doors

Joel pointed, “Benji, Billy… You get room 5… Hilary and I… get room 2.”

Benji shrugged

Billy sighed, “I can finally take a fucking shower… place looks like seems nice… ok..” He walked in the room

Joel and Hilary walked over to their room

Billy tossed his bag on his bed, “Mine…” He started walking. He opened the bathroom door, “Ok.. these are clean… must be good service…” He turned and started grabbing clothes from the suitcase

Benji watched him, “I wanna take a shower first…”

Billy looked at him, “Fuck no! Mine…” He walked in the bathroom

Benji rolled his eyes, “You’ll pay for that… I wanted one first..” He laid on the bed and rolled over, “Bitch…”

Billy looked around that bathroom. He reached in and turned on the hot water and quickly pulled his hand back, “No rust…” He looked around, “I think this place is better than last time…” He started stripping of his clothes

Benji pulled out his book and started reading it, “Ooo… spooky stories… lemme tell ya…”

Billy screamed in the bathroom and there was a big boom

Benji looked at the bathroom door, “That guy has no luck… Hopefully he didn't hurt himself..” He stood up and walked up to the door and knocked, “Billy? Are you ok?”

Billy stood up, “Fucking cold god damn fucking water! I swear every fucking motel needs to be blown the shit out of!”

Benji blinked, “Cold water?” He laughed, “Now you see what happened? You could have been nice and let me take a shower and the water would have got me… but you were stuck up and you are the one who got it. How do you feel?”

Billy looked at the door, “Shut the fuck up Benji!” He started pulling his clothes back on

Benji shrugged, “Shutting up…” He started walking, “No shower for you… no shower for me…” He laid down and pulled the book out again

Friday morning 9:56 a.m.

Joel ran up to Benji’s door and started hitting it, “Benji, Billy! Come on! We need to go see Tony and then our dad then the tryouts! Come on! Come on!”

Billy rolled over. He opened his eyes, He sat up and started pulling off his sweatshirt, “God its hot in here now..” He pulled of another after that one

Benji sat up, “What's up?” He looked around, “Oh… sleeping is over… damn.. good dream…” He rubbed his eyes

Joel stood there, “Benji! Come on! The sooner you’re up the sooner we can get to Tony’s…”

Benji looked at the door, “Fuck me..” He looked at the clock, “9:59 in the morning…”

Billy looked at him, “Come on…”

In San Diego

Benji pulled out a paper from his pocket

Joel looked, “Oh sure… loose the money.. but the address? No not the address!”

Benji looked at him, “Shut up!”

Hilary looked at the buildings, “This is huge…”

Benji nodded, “Yeah… but not really at the same time… No LA…”

They pulled up to a huge white house

Joel blinked, “This is it?”

Benji looked at the paper, “Same address…”

Joel nodded

They pulled in

Benji got out and ran around the car and up to the door. He started knocking

Hilary looked at Joel, “What time are the tryouts?”

Joel looked at her, “It is 12:45… and tryouts is at… 10:30 to midnight…” He looked at her

She nodded

They walked up to the door

The door opened

A tall very skinny guy stood there. He had blonde hair, dyed you could tell. He had blue eyes, he didn’t have a shirt on, his body was mostly covered in tattoos. He had a piercing on his bottom lip, left eyebrow, and his ears. He smiled, “Benji!”

Benji ran up and hugged him, “Baby!”

Joel blinked, “Um… ew… I mean.. Uh…”

Hilary rolled her eyes, “Oh my god have a heart attack…”

Billy looked at her, “Damn girl…”

Benji put his arms around the guys neck, “How are you? I finally get to touch you and meet you in real life!”

Hilary sighed, “Ugly lil bitch if you ask me…”

Benji glared back at her, “Hilary shut up…” He looked at the guy, “I missed talking to you!”

Hilary shook her head, “I missed fucking you on the internet…”

Joel hit her, “Shut up!”

The guy looked at her, “Disturbing bitch…”

Benji looked at him, “Tony!”


Benji smiled and kissed Tony quickly on the lips

Hilary blinked, “Hey! He doesn’t have to kiss a web cam! He has the real thing!”

Billy looked at her, “Shut up!”

Tony smiled and jumped a little, “I can’t wait to fuck you!”

Benji blinked

Hilary rolled her eyes, “I just can’t wait to fuck you! Puke!” She crossed her arms

Benji covered Tony’s mouth, “Don't! These are… not people who give a flying…” He smiled

Tony smiled

Hilary sighed, “Bitches…”

Joel looked at Hilary, “You are being a bitch! Now stop it! My brothers in love! Accept it!”

She looked away, “Whatever…”

Joel rolled his eyes, “Well…” He looked at Tony, “I’m going to go find my fathers house now… I want to speak with him alone… so you keep these three here.”

Hilary sighed, “You’re kidding…”

Billy looked at Joel, “What if things start to go bump bump you know?”

Benji shook his head, “Guys! Stop it!”

Tony smiled

Joel started walking, “Later!”

Hilary sighed, “Great…” She pushed past Benji and Tony

Billy ran in, “Excuse me!”

Tony looked at Benji, “Dunno about your friends…”

Benji looked at him, “Hilary’s pissed off at something and Billy hasn’t really come in contact with a gay couple…”

Tony kissed Benji again, “Come on…”

They walked inside the house
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