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Ch. 7

“Joel wake up!” Benji pounded on the door

Joel rolled over his eyes opening, he looked at the door and rolled his eyes. He closed his eyes trying to drift off to sleep again

Benji crossed his arms watching the door, “Billy take our bags to the freakin car this will take awhile.”

Billy watched him and rolled his eyes, “Yes master…” He picked up the bags and started to the car mumbling. He tossed the bags in the trunk

Benji started pounding on the door again, “Joel! We need to go! Now!”

Joel looked at the door, “I’m fucking awake ok?” He rolled over facing Hilary. He smiled and sat up watching her. He reached over and shook her

Hilary moved slightly pulling the blanket more over her shoulder

Joel stood from the bed , “Wake up Hilary! I guess we need to go. Benjamin’s orders.” He started putting his extra clothes in his suitcase

Hilary sighed and opened her eyes, “Already… no…” She rolled over and started to stretch

Joel looked back at her and nodded, “Yeah I guess…”

Benji watched the door and rolled his eyes, “Joel! Hilary! Pronto!” He turned and started walking to the car, “You have all the bags Billy?”

Billy tossed a bag in the back and looked at him and threw his arms up, “You think?” He jumped in the car and got in his spot

Benji sighed and looked at the door, “Geez…”

Joel opened the door and walked out with his bags

Benji laughed, “Didn’t bother to get outta your pjs?” He smiled

Joel shrugged, “Shut up.” He tossed his bag in the trunk. “Hilary is coming.” He looked at the door

Benji looked at the door, “I still say she’s troublesome but ok.” He sighed and got in the drivers side

Joel looked at him, “Just cause she’s a girl.” He looked at the door again

Billy looked at Benji, “Hey where are we going after this?”

“Straight on… through the next town… city… whatever. You get it…” Benji looked away

Billy leaned back nodding

Joel smiled as Hilary came out of the room dragging her Louis Vuitton suitcase and her little handbag rested in her arms

Joel walked up and grabbed the suitcase, “May I?” He smiled

Hilary watched him and smiled, “Uh… sure?” She laughed and started to the car

Joel pulled the suitcase over his shoulder and walked around to the trunk and placed it in the trunk and slammed the trunk door, “Alright…” He hit the trunk, “I think that’s it…” He walked around and got in the passengers side

Benji pulled the car into reverse and backed up and then pulled it into park and drove onto the road

Joel looked in his side mirror and smiled seeing Hilary as she applied some makeup to her face

Billy looked at her, “Makeup ok… perfume is a no no…” He smiled

She smiled, “Ha ha…” She started putting the makeup on again

Joel rolled his eyes a smile to his face and he looked forward

At a gas station

Billy sat in the back playing with a pen he found laying on the floor. He sighed thinking, “Did I forget anything? I have a feeling I…” He gasped and stood up and jumped out of the car heading to the gas station

Hilary ran up to Joel, “I want Twinkies!”

He turned to her, “You can have Twinkies!” He rolled his eyes and looked at some chips, “I will have chips… yummy…” He grabbed some Bar B Q chips and started to the pop

Benji grabbed a pizza from the heater, “Pizza!” He looked back at Joel, “Pizza! Never find this shit no more in the afternoon I fucking swear!”

Joel looked at him grabbing a Diet Coke and started to the counter, “Benji get your money out…”

Benji reached in his pocket and froze and put the stuff down and started searching in his pockets, “Uh oh…” He looked at Joel, “Uh dude…”

Hilary ran up to Joel and waved a packet of Twinkies in his face, “Twinkies! Cream filling!” She started laughing

Joel backed away and looked at Benji, “What?”

Benji walked up, “I lost my wallet…”

Joel blinked, “You’re drivers license and shit wasn’t in that was it? Like ATM card?”

Benji blinked and shook his head, “Nope… I keep that in the car… Common I could just loose it some day…”

Joel glared, “Like you just lost your fucking wallet…” He pointed back towards the door, “Go get that fucking money in that fucking suitcase you keep in the fucking car…” He sighed

Billy ran in, “Guys!” He ran up

Joel looked at him, “Now what!”

Billy shuffled his feet, “Uh… I kinda forgot something at the motel…”

Joel’s eyes narrowed, “If it’s important I will kill you and Benji…”

Billy smiled uneasy, “Well Benji asked if I had everything… well he put that fucking suitcase of money under his bed… well our bed we shared… and well I kinda forgot it…”

Joel watched him, “See my eye twitch? I hate you guys… god… you guys are so fucking stupid sometimes…”

Benji smiled, “Uh we can just go get the suitcase…”

Joel looked at him, “No we cant! We go back I will be totally late to sign up for the tryouts!”

Benji blinked, “Well… money… tryouts.. choose….”

Joel watched him, “Well…”

Hilary blinked, “Great… I wont get the fucking Twinkies… dumb boys…” She walked over and put it on a shelf

Joel sighed, “Let’s get the fucking money…”

Benji sighed, “Put everything back…”

They put everything they got back

They walked out of the gas station

Benji stopped before going through the doors. He looked at the sign. It was for that Karaoke Night he saw earlier… He walked up and started reading, “Winner of the Karaoke Night will win…” He smiled, “$300!” He looked through the window and smiled, “Well.. Joel wanted to sing alone and see how he sounds… why not give him a head start…” He walked out

Joel looked at Benji, “Come on!” He looked forward sighing, “God of all god damn trips…”

Benji climbed in the drivers side and started down the road again

Joel blinked, “Benji that fucking motel, that way… not this way…”

Benji looked at him, “Forget it… I got more money… Well, planned anyways…”

They pulled up to a club awhile later

Joel looked at it, “So what the fuck are we doing here?”

Benji pointed at a sign, “Read…”

Joel looked, “Karaoke Night… Oh no!” He looked at him, “No! I don’t wanna! You know this is a fucking bar! Who knows who might wanna kill Joel Madden from Good Charlotte! You can’t make me go in there nope…” He crossed his arms

Benji smiled at him and grabbed his arms, “Get ready to rock n roll bro…” He pulled him out of the car

In the dressing room

Joel sighed and pulled out a outfit and held it up to himself and posed, “Hm?” He looked at Benji

Benji shook his head

Joel sighed, “Dude! I can’t believe you!” He pulled out another one and held it up to himself and posed, “What about this?”

Benji rolled his eyes

Joel tossed the outfit to the side, “Fuck you then…”

Billy stood up, “Uh… if I can say something… you both have horrid fashion sense…” He started digging in the clothes

Benji and Joel watched Billy then looked at each other

Billy pulled out a long sleeved maroon and black-stripped shirt and another black under shirt, some black pants and he reached over and pulled out Joel’s MADE necklace, “Try this on…” He tossed it at Joel

Joel blinked and caught it and blinked

“Go on, Go on…” Billy urged looking through the makeup

Benji looked at Joel and shrugged, “Go ahead…”

Joel walked into the changing room

Billy pulled out eyeliner and other makeup, “What song are you singing?”

Joel laughed slightly, “Uh I was going to do Wake Up by…”

Benji laughed, “Hilary Duff?”

Joel sighed, “Hilary Duff… but then I thought I could use that for… something better. Like something bigger you know? And so I decided I’m gonna sing One In This World by…”

“Haylie Duff?” Benji snickered

Joel peeked over the door, “Yes! I am fond of their songs thank you very much!”

Benji rolled his eyes, “Whatever…”

Joel walked out

Shoes got tossed at him

Joel caught them before they whacked him in the face

Billy smiled and pushed Joel in a seat, “Benji, go tell the peeps out there the song he wants.” He looked at Joel, “Hurry now put the shoes on and now we can do the makeup!”

Joel started putting the shoes on

Billy lifted Joel’s face and started putting the makeup on him

Joel blinked, “Alright you know how hard it is to put shoes on without seeing?”

“Oh what a baby.. just do it!”

Benji laughed and walked out of the room

Joel sighed and started to struggle with his shoes

Billy walked off

Joel started to hurry to put his shoe on. He got that on and sighed

Billy walked up and put hair gel in his hands and started messing with Joel’s hair, “We need your hair good and hot for the girls…” He smiled mumbling, “Especially Ms. Hilary?” He laughed

Joel blinked, “What?”

“Nothing!” Billy pulled back, “Wonderful and now you are ready.” He looked at his watch, “Ten minutes tops!”

Joel watched him blinking, “You timed it?”

Billy shrugged, “Been timing myself…” He laughed and looked back as Benji walked in

“They are ready for you.” Benji said and blinked, “Mr. Pimpin!” He held up two thumbs up

Joel smiled shyly, “Uh…” He looked at Billy, “What about you guys? You guys staying back here?”

Billy shook his head, “We are the backups.. but not major backups you know?” He smiled

Joel smiled and nodded, “Alright… lets head out.” He started walking

On stage

Joel walked up to the main microphone and grabbed it. He looked around the stage. It was a normal stage but in the middle was a short walkway that lead to the middle of the crowd and a circled area at the end.

Benji and Billy walked up to the back ones waiting

The announcer came out, “Hello everyone!” The announcer was about in his 30’s and was short but not to short. He has bleach blonde hair and blue eyes. He was muscular and to the girls really cute! The announcer looked at Joel and then the crowd, “Hello.. My name is Eminem! How ya doin!” He laughed

Joel looked over, “Eminem?” His eyes went wide, “Oh my god… this is fucking cool!” He smiled

Hilary sat on a tall stool and crossed her legs, “Yummy…” She looked at Eminem smiling. She glanced at Joel and her heart felt like it dropped, “Holy…” A smiled came to her face, “Who knew Joel Madden could be so sexy in person.” She leaned on the counter

Eminem sighed and looked at Joel, “Yes… fucking cool… fucking everything… but now… This is Joel Madden singing One In This World!” He looked at Joel and smiled, “Hi… Hope you do a good job dude…” He spun the microphone by its cord walking off stage

The music started

Joel blinked and looked forward at the crowd. His knees became weak as the crowd was watching him. He looked away, “I cant….”

The music stopped

Hilary blinked, “No… No Joel don’t back off…”

Benji and Billy shook their heads, Benji sighed, “Great…”

Joel looked at the crowd. He looked down tears in his eyes

Eminem watched from the side and he looked down thinking he looked up

Joel looked up at Hilary without moving his head. His memories of his mom telling him he probably would only make it because he was famous already struck him. He didn’t know what to do. He felt dizzy, weak. He couldn’t sing

Eminem looked at Hilary and smiled, “One In This World…” He looked at Joel, “Psst!”

Joel blinked and looked over

Eminem waved and whispered, “Pretend that that blonde babe is the only one here! You know? That chick there! Nice legs.. yeah… pretend she's the one you like totally singing to… and you will fucking fuck her afterwards! Do something! You don’t want to loose this chance! This song might get to that chick there if you sing this! So sing! Alright! Just forget everything around you!”

Joel looked at Hilary and whipped the tears away. He sighed and took a deep breath, “Only Hilary…” He smiled and closed his eyes then looked at the DJ and nodded

The DJ nodded and started the music

Joel put the microphone up to his mouth and put his hand to his chest and started to sing, “I've been searching for a heart that needs a heart like mine.” He smiled and held his hand out to the crowd still a little dizzy and trying to think clearly but everything going pretty well while he kept singing, “I've been reaching for a hand that understands” Joel nodded and started walking across the stage singing, “I've been waiting for.” He smiled and put his hand to his chest again singing , “Someone that I can love that loves me.” He looked at Hilary nodding singing, “Loves me for the one that I am.” He looked to the left side of the club singing, “Someone to hold me when I'm lonely.” He smiled and moved his hand in front of his face pretending it was rain singing, “Someone to keep the rain away.” He pointed at a group of people singing, “They say” He nodded pointing at another group singing, “They say, they say.”

Hilary blinked and smiled, “He likes Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff to! Oh my god!” She watched him

Joel started walking across the stage again, he felt himself getting more into the song, especially when the chorus came up, singing, “There's one in this world for everyone.” He smiled and pointed to his chest still singing , “One heart.” He held up one finger, “One soul to walk besides you.” He looked to the side smiling singing, “One in this life to share your love.” He looked at the crowd putting his fingers to his face, “One touch.” He looked down grabbing the microphone with both hands, “To touch the heart inside you.” He reached up smiling singing, “Wanna reach for each night.” He quickly pulled his hand down to his chest, “Wanna trust with your life.” He pointed to his head looking back at Benji and Billy, “That's what I believe.”

Benji and Billy smiled singing with Joel, “I believe.”

Joel nodded singing, “You’re the one.”

Benji and Billy grabbed their microphone stands while they sang, “You’re the one…”

Joel turned facing the crowd, he pointed at them singing, “You’re the on in this world for me.” Joel backed up and stopped, he put his hands together, “I’ve been praying that” He smiled at Hilary, “Someone like you would rescue me.” He looked up running his fingers through his hair, “I’ve been hoping that.” He looked down looking at the crowd running his hand back down his face, “I'll find my way to you.” He pointed at his temple shaking his head singing, “I’ve been dreaming that.” He smiled turning to the side, “Somehow I'll finely find somebody.” He shook his head putting his hand to his chest, “Somebody to make my dreams come true.”

Hilary blinked watching Joel, “Was he looking at… me? Me? Naw… seriously? Oh my god…” She looked to the side red going to her cheeks

Joel started walking down the walk way singing, “Someone to hold me when I’m lonely.” He glanced at Hilary then quickly looked away, “Someone to give my whole world to.” He stopped in the middle of the circle singing, “They say, they say, they say…”

Hilary looked up at him and blinked cause the middle, the circle, was right next to her, “Oh dear…” She looked away

Joel looked at Hilary, “There’s one in this world for everyone.” He started around the circle, “One heart, one soul to walk beside you.” He got to the side Hilary was on, “One in this life to share your love.” He bent down and touched her shoulder, “One touch…”

Hilary looked at him her heart sinking further

“To touch the heart inside you.” He stood up watching her, “Wanna reach for each night, wanna trust with your life.” He looked to the side at the crowd moving his hand to the side, “That’s what I believe.”

Benji looked at Billy while they sang, “I believe…”

Joel looked at Hilary, “You’re the one”

Billy closed his eyes while they sang, “You’re the one.”

Hilary looked up at Joel seeing him still by her, “Oh god…” She looked away

Joel smiled, “You’re the one in this world for me…” He stood up putting his hand to his chest, “Someone to hold me when I’m lonely.” He looked down at Hilary who still wasn’t looking at him, “Someone to tell my secrets to.”

Hilary looked up at him

Joel smiled, “Someone who’s living for me only.” He looked out in the crowd, “Someone to give my whole world to” He grabbed the microphone singing, “They say, they say.” He bent down to his knees singing, “They say, they say.” He turned while standing up singing, “There’s one in this world for everyone.” He started walking back down the walkway putting his hand to his chest singing, “One heart…” He looked at Benji and Billy while singing, “One soul to walk beside you.” He looked back at the crowd, “One in this life to share your love.” He reached out, “One touch.” He smiled, “To touch the heart inside you.”

Hilary sighed deeply looking down then back at him, “Why does he look at me! Why me! Seriously!”

Joel looked back at her smiling, “Wanna reach for each night.” He looked up putting his hand to his chest, “Wanna trust with your life.” He looked back at her, “That’s what I believe.”

Benji grabbed the stand to the microphone, Billy smiled, “I believe.”

Joel started back down the walkway singing, “You’re the one.”

Billy smiled at Benji while they sang, “You’re the one.”

Joel got to the circle singing, “You’re the one in this world for me…”

Hilary covered her face, “Ok… I’m so bugged…”

Joel smiled and bent down in the middle of the circle, “You’re the one.” He looked down to the side, “You’re the one in this world for me…” He looked up at the crowd, “You’re the one…” He stood up

The crowd was silent

Joel blinked and looked to the side

Eminem smiled and came out and started clapping

The crowd one by one all started clapping, the room began to be filled with cheers

Joel smiled watching them. He looked back at Benji and Billy

Benji and Billy gave him a thumb up

Eminem walked up to Joel, “I think we know who the winner is for the $300 award!” He pulled out some money, “Joel Madden!”

Everyone started screaming with cheers

Joel slowly took the money from Eminem. He looked at him and smiled

Eminem nodded, “You did great…” He patted him on the back

Joel looked over at the crowd, “I might do this…” He closed his eyes, “I can beat the tryouts…”
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