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Never Thought It’d Be This Way

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Ch. 6
Never Thought It’d Be This Way

Billy looked at Benji and Joel, “You’re kiddin…”

Benji and Joel shook their heads

Hilary sighed, “You expect me to sleep in this dump?”

Benji and Joel nodded

Joel sighed, “Guys, we need to save our money!” He looked at the motel

It wasn’t in great condition, half the lights on the word Motel broken, some numbers from the doors missing. Everything wasn’t in good shape

Hilary sighed, “Maybe the rooms are better?” She looked at Billy

Billy sighed, “This is when I hate being a neat freak…” He started walking pulling his bag up on his shoulders

Hilary grabbed her Louis Vuitton suit case and started walking

Benji looked at Joel, “Picky people.” He started walking with his three bags

Joel nodded and looked both ways in the dark, he shivered and ran after them, “Wait up!”

Billy pushed open the door to room 18. He smiled, “Hey the inside isn’t a piece of shit.” He started walking

Hilary walked in and looked around, “No… not bad..”

Benji pushed her in lightly, “Get in…”

Joel walked in, “Not bad…”

Billy looked around, “Well, they could fix the outside…” He sat down on the bed and it collapsed. Billy screamed and stood up

The others started laughing

Billy looked at them, “I’m taking a shower!” He grabbed his bag and started walking

Hilary covered her mouth and smiled at Joel

Joel smiled at her

She looked to the side

Joel blinked and smiled and looked at Benji

Benji sighed and crossed his arms, “Well.. I guess this means we will have to split rooms. I’ll go order another room…” He walked off

Hilary sighed, “Bored, bored…” She looked down

Joel nodded

Billy locked the bathroom door and sighed and walked up to the tub and turned it on

The showerhead choked a bit then red rust water came out

Billy backed up, “Yuck!” He glared at the water, “This place is a piece of shit!” He looked at himself in the mirror and whipped off the red water, “This bits hard!” He turned the water off and walked out, “Forget the shower…” He sat on the other bed, “Where’s Benji?”

“Get a new room..”

Benji walked in, “There is only one and it has one bed… So two stay in here and the other two go to the next room…”

Joel sighed, “Benji and I and Hilary and Billy…”

Hilary shook her head, “I can’t… I don't know him… Joel I know you…”

Joel watched her and nodded, “Alright.. Hilary and I will get the new room and you and Billy get this one…”

Billy blinked and sighed, “I get to share a room, and bed, with a guy. Yay…” He sighed

Benji crossed his arms, “Shut up!” He tossed his bag by the bed

Joel and Hilary waved and walked off

Room #23

Joel sighed, “Alright…” He opened the door and walked in

Hilary followed


Hilary laid in bed reading her book

Joel walked out of the bathroom, “I don't know what Billy’s problem is… the shower is fine.” He looked at her

She nodded, “He’s weird..” she continued to read

Joel stood there the towel over his shoulders watching her. He smiled and walked forward

She kept reading her book seeming not to notice him

Joel crawled on the bed by her feet. He smiled and reached up and pulled the book down

Hilary blinked and looked at him, “Uh Joel?”

Joel crawled on top of her

She laid back watching him

He smiled and laid on her

She watched him and looked to the side then back up at him, “Hi.”

Joel smiled, “Hey.”

She smiled slightly, “What are you doing Mr. Madden?”

Joel put one hand on her face, “Nothing..” He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips

She paused then slipped her arms around his neck and returned it

Joel moved his hand up her shirt

Hilary pulled back and pushed him, “No!”

Joel rolled off her and off the bed, “Ow…”

She sat up, “Sorry… just don't wanna like yeah…” She looked away

Joel sat up and looked at her, “Sorry…” He looked down and crawled in bed and covered up

She laid down

“Night…” He mumbled

“Night…” She replied looking down at the floor

Hilary soon fell asleep

Joel laid there and rolled over, “Hilary?” He waited

No answer

He sighed and sat up looking at her, “I can’t believe this… I think…” He blinked and looked down, “I love her…” He closed his eyes, “Whatever…” He looked up, “I never thought it’d be this way…” He closed his eyes and laid down soon falling asleep
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