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Going Down the Road..Oops..

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Ch. 5
Going Down the Road..Oops..

They pulled up to a white house with a fence around it. Joel looked at the door, “He should be watching for us…”

Benji looked back at Hilary, “Why her though?” He looked at Joel

Joel sighed, “Just cause.”

The front door opened and shut and Billy came walking down the sidewalk

Hilary blinked, “Oh Billy Martin. Awesome I guess.” She smiled

Billy walked around back

Joel popped the trunk

Billy lifted the trunk and tossed his bags in and shut the trunk. He walked around and jumped in, “Hey guys…” He looked at Hilary, “And girl…” He looked at Benji and Joel, “What’s she doing here?” He leaned back, “Who is she?”

Benji rolled his eyes looking away, “Ask my dumb ass bro.”

Joel sighed, “Well, her name is Hilary Sangwin.” He tapped his hands on the wheel, “She just came…”

Billy looked at her, “Nice…” He looked to the side

“You’ll think nice when I beat you for looking at me like that.”

Billy blinked and looked at her, “Oh give it up.”

She rolled her eyes, “When is the tryouts?”

Joel looked at her, “Friday…”

She nodded, “Ok…”

Gas Station

Joel stood there filling the car

Benji sat in the car with Billy and Hilary

Hilary sighed and stood up, “I’m going to go get something to eat.” She jumped out and started walking

Billy watched her

Benji looked at Joel, “She really doesn’t seem like a nice chick.”

Joel looked at him, “Well maybe it will show you to be nicer to her.” He looked at the gas price

Benji sighed and leaned back, “Whatever…”

Billy looked at Benji, “It’s ok. She’s a girl, one and three of us!”

Benji looked at him, “So what. She’s a fucking bitch at some points.”

Billy nudged him, “You know you want her!”

Benji shook his head, “Fuck no! I go my baby!”

Billy blinked, “Uh… who?”

Benji glared at him, “Forget it! I wont tell you.” He sat up

Joel rolled his eyes, “Who knows…” He looked at him, “He might tell us some day.”

Benji shook his head

Hilary walked up with a bag, “Hello boys!” She looked at Billy, “Hey? Can you hold this so I can get in?” She smiled slightly

Billy blinked watching her noticing her change of attitude. He nodded and grabbed it, “Right…”

She got in and smiled and grabbed the bag, “Thank you…” She started searching, “I got all of us chips and pop… The pop is one diet coke… and the others are normal…”

Joel blinked, “Who gets the diet?”

She looked at him, “I do…”

He blinked and smiled slightly, “Oh… well I like diet pop better.. so I will just…”

She blinked, “Oh you do? Alright! You can have mine..” She pulled it out and handed it out

Joel blinked surprised and grabbed it also noticing the change

Benji turned to her, “So… what kinda chips?” He laid his head on the headrest of the seat

She started digging, “Doritos, Bar B Q, Regular, and Cheetos.” She looked at him

He nodded and handed his hand out, “Bar B Q, mine please.”

She nodded and handed it to him

Billy pulled the bag to him and pulled out the Cheetos

She blinked and laughed a little

Joel came back from paying for the gas and got in

Hilary handed him the Regular chips, “You want this one? Or Doritos?”

Joel grabbed the bag and set it down, “Thanks.” He buckled up and started the car and started going

Hilary watched him and leaned back and grabbed the Doritos and started eating

Joel put his arm on the door and laid his head on his hand and sighed

Benji looked at him then looked to the side thinking

Joel sighed and started to think, “What if they all find out… besides Hilary, what if they find out this is also for my dad?” He closed his eyes then opened them again, “What will they do?” He sighed

That night

Benji was behind the wheel while everyone else was asleep. He yawned and looked at a sign, he blinked and sat up and slowed down to a stop. He looked at the others, they stayed asleep, and then he looked at the sign, “There is a karaoke night? At the club in the town ahead.” He looked at Joel, “Well…” He looked at the sign and sighed, “Naw… I wont bother.” He started driving again

Hours later

Joel stepped out of the car, “Alright.” He looked at the others, “We need to plan on were to go now…” he leaned in the car and pulled out a map, “Right now it’s Monday…” He started looking around on the map, “So we have… four days.” He looked at them

Billy nodded, “And we have about three and a half more days to go!” He smiled “Enough time. We should be at San Diego early in the morning.”

Joel nodded, “Alright.”

Benji leaned on the car watching Joel. He just knew something was bugging the shit out of Joel, but what?

Hilary leaned on the car and smiled, “Ok so how are we going to visit your father then? After the tryouts?”

Joel looked at her, “Oh no…”

Benji and Billy’s mouth dropped

Benji looked at Joel, “Joel! You… You lied!” He yelled

Joel looked away, “Benji… I…”

Hilary sat down, “Uh… I’m guessing they didn’t know…”

Benji looked at her, “No we didn’t!” He looked at Joel, “You lied Joel! You said this was to go to the tryouts! Is that a lie.. are you not going to the tryouts?”

Joel shook his head, “No… I was going to the tryouts for sure… but…” He sighed and looked at him, “Dad just disappeared you know…”

Benji crossed his arms, “And you wanted to try to get him to come home?”

Joel nodded tears in his eyes

Benji watched him and blinked seeing a tear go down his face, “Uh… Joel don't you think…”

Joel sighed, “You just… wanna head home?” He looked down at the map and started folding it

Hilary blinked and looked down, “Oh dear…” She moved hair behind her ear

Benji grabbed the map and pulled it down, “No… you just…” He sighed, “Want to see if daddy will come home…“ He looked down, “Lets just keep going.” He looked at him

Joel smiled slightly, “Uh alright…” He hugged him and then pulled back, “We better find a Motel!” He looked at Hilary and smiled, “Don’t worry…”

She smiled slightly, “Uh… sure…” She looked away a smile across her face

Billy looked at her and then smiled and Joel and shook his head and looked forward

Joel blinked and smiled getting in the passenger side

Benji sat in the drivers side and they took off down the road again
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