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Begin The Trip

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Ch. 4
Begin The Trip

Joel walked into his house and looked around and hugged himself thinking about what Hilary said. He closed his eyes and walked forward and sat on the couch, “I… I will do it! I will make it!” He looked to the side sighing

Robin walked up and sat by him, “Where did you go baby?”

Joel looked at her, “Do you think… that I can make it solo?” He asked

She nodded, “Honey you are a lead singer for a band…”

Joel stood up, “That’s not it! I know I am! But I have Benji as back up! He is my back up singer which makes it really not me singing alone!” He looked down, “I want to be a solo without back up…”

She watched him, “Joel…” She looked to the side, “Never mind…” She looked at him, “Where did you go?”

Joel looked at her, he didn’t want to tell her where he was going… he needed to lie… She just wouldn’t let him go see their father. He crossed his arms, “I went to Billy’s.” He nodded

She blinked, “What for?”

Joel sat down, “To see if he wanted to go with…”

She didn’t take her eyes off him, “Go with? Where?”

Joel rolled his eyes and smiled slightly looking at her, “Do I have to say it twice? To the tryouts! Benji’s going.” He shrugged, “Thought they could cheer me on you know?”

She smiled, “How nice!” She nodded, “Where is this tryout…”

He smiled, “California… San Diego!”

She paused, “Uh… Baby… maybe you should try some other time? You know?”

Joel watched her, “What for? I wanna do the try outs!” He said

She shook her head, “Sorry Joel… Maybe when its somewhere else?”

Joel shook his head, “No… mom I need to do this. I am ready!”

She watched him, “Joel you know as well as me that when you step on that stage they will know you and accept you anyways?”

Joel closed his eyes and stood up and walked off, “Whatever… don’t have faith in me… you always thought me to have faith.” He walked up the steps

His mom watched him and sighed, “That’s where your father lives…” She mumbled, “I don’t want you to run into him!”

Joel sat in his room tears in his eyes, “No one believes I can do it! No one… not even mom…”

Benji walked past the door and backed up holding a magazine. He watched Joel, “Dude?” He walked in and set the magazine to the side on Joel’s dresser

Joel looked at him, “I need you to come with me Benji!” He said trying not to cry, he was afraid that even his own brother wouldn’t understand and not go

Benji sat down by him, “What? Where to?”

Joel sighed, “I told mom you were coming with me to San Diego, California.” He looked at him, “Will you?”

Benji sat there and smiled, “Is this for the tryouts?” He asked

Joel nodded, “Uh yeah…”

Benji smiled, “Of course!” He smiled

Joel blinked and smiled uneasy thinking, “He only says that because of the tryouts. Somehow I need to keep it a secret that I’m meeting up with dad.” He closed his eyes and then looked at Benji, “Thank you!”

Benji watched him curiously and smiled then, “Welcome.” He held his arms out

Joel flew into Benji’s arms hugging him

Benji laughed and hugged him closely

“I love you Benji.”

Benji smiled, “Love you bro..”

Joel hugged him and closed his eyes leaning in leaning on Benji

Benji patted his softly on the back and looked to the side and rested his head on Joel’s. He laughed, “You know what?”

Joel sighed slightly, “What?”

“I feel gay you know?”

Joel smiled, “Awww, that’s nothing to be a shamed of!” He laughed

Benji smiled, “Oh Joel I love you so much I just wanna fuck you so bad!”

Joel laughed and shook his head, “That was scary.”

Benji shrugged, “Yeah, I know.”

They both started laughing

Next day

Joel pulled his suitcase out from under his bed

6:00 a.m.

Joel listened for a moment to see if Benji was awake

He heard a dresser drawer open and shut

Joel smiled and started searching through his clothes, “We have…” He looked at the calendar, “It’s Sunday today… so we have… five days… that’s enough time…”

Benji opened his door, “Hey you ready?”

Joel blinked, “Done? Already? Geez…” He started putting clothes in the suit case

Benji stood there watching him, “Why are we leaving so early?”

Joel paused then looked at him, “Because. I want a very early start that’s why. Now meet me down by the car and go ahead and start putting your bags in the Corvette…”

Benji blinked and watched him then nodded, “Alright…” He picked his bags up and started walking, “You’re lucky mom lets you barrow that car.”

Joel nodded, “Right…” He sighed and finished packing his bags. He grabbed his cell phone from his night stand and placed it in his pocket. He grabbed the Corvette keys and walked out with his bags. He walked downstairs and out the door to the car. He placed the bags in the trunk

Benji lifted his last bag from his three bags and placed it in the trunk

Joel watched him and looked at him, “Ok… what’s that bag for?”

Benji laughed and grabbed the trunk lid, “Well its my make up and shit like that. Come on! I need it. And my CD’s and all that good junk.” He closed it when Joel put his bag in, “And it has our money in it..”

Joel blinked, “What if you loose the bag? What then?”

Benji rolled his eyes, “That’s extra money! I have our usable money in my pocket!” He smiled

Joel shook his head walking around the drivers’ side

Benji watched him, “What?”

“Guys! Wait up!”

Benji and Joel looked at each other then looked over wondering who that was

Hilary ran up with a Louis Vuitton suitcase and her Louis Vuitton hand bag. She smiled, “Make room for me!”

Joel’s mouth dropped and he looked at Benji

Benji looked at Joel over his shoulder and placed his hands to his hips, “Joel…”

Joel smiled uneasy, “Uh… I don't know her…”

Hilary put the bag in the back, “Sure you do!” She hopped in and looked around, “No top. What if it rains?”

Joel laughed uneasy as well

Benji looked at her, “It’s a pull up… we can pull the top over it… now…” He looked at Joel, “Who is she?”

Hilary leaned over the front seats and held her hand out, “Hilary Sangwin.”

Benji looked at her hand and sighed and pulled out his cell phone, “I got a call…” He walked off

Hilary blinked and looked at Joel, “Let’s go hot stuff!”

Joel watched Benji then glared at her

She blinked, “What?”

Joel rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, “You can’t come!”

She shook her head, “What! Why?”

Joel looked away, “Cause… I think my brother and my best friend can make it good without a girl.”

Hilary watched him, “Friend?” She sat down, “Why are you bringing your friend?”

Joel glared at her, “He’s my best friend!”

She blinked and leaned back, “Joel… I just wanna go.” She looked away, “I really want to get our of Waldorf…”

He watched her and rolled his eyes, “Well.. uh… I don't… god… uh…” He closed his eyes

She looked at him, “But… I can tell I’m not wanted…” She grabbed her bags and stood up

Joel grabbed his head, “Fine! You can come! Just cause I’m nice…” He looked at her

She smiled and sat down, “Alright then!” She smiled

Joel watched her then shook his head and walked off

She watched him and leaned back

Joel walked up the stairs and to his mom’s room. He smiled and walked in quietly. He watched her as she laid there asleep. He sighed and walked up to her, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. He stood up and looked to the side at her computer

A page was up

He walked up to her. He blinked, “Her Diary? On her computer?” He sat down and looked back at her, “I shouldn’t…” He looked at it, “But sure…” He started reading

Dear Diary

Hello… I am writing because of my son Joel. He doesn’t understand why I don't want him going to California… It’s because his father is there. Does he know that? Joel as a young boy would always ask where daddy was what’s daddy doing. Does he know? Is he lying to me? Well he told me he is going to a tryout to become a lone singer. He is a lead singer and will make it that way I’m sure. But Joel doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand why his father left. I don't have the heart to tell… I really hope he is going just for the tryouts and doesn’t run into his father. Oh dear Lord don't let it be… I am beginning to become tired… Good night and God bless my boys and daughter…


Robin Madden

Joel stood up watching the screen, “I’m sorry mom…” He looked back at her. He put up a new page. He started typing


I’m really sorry for not listening. I am eighteen and can make my own decisions. I’m sorry… but I love you and my baby sister and we should be back after Friday. I will miss you and I hope you will be happy for me on my mission and at the tryout. Pray for me! I love you both… Bye!

Love you so much

& Benji

He smiled and stood up and walked out of the room
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