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Chap 3

Joel walked out of his house and started walking down the street, “I’m gonna go talk to dad’s old friend… Good thing he still lives here.” He walked up to the corner waiting for the walk light to come on. He looked around and looked at his watch

5:35 p.m.

He sighed and looked up at the light as it changed. He started walking across the street. He glanced down, “Boy I’m worried…” He looked up, “If I go and find my dad… the tryouts is a few days… basically Friday. What if I can’t make it?” He sighed still walking

He got up to a two story white house and walked through the gate. He walked up to the door and knocked, “This guys pretty old and has cancer… so I better ask then stick around for awhile.” He smiled, “He’s a nice guy.” He looked to the side, “For being 68.” He looked at the door as it opened, his mouth dropped, “You?”

That blonde girl stood there with a apron around her waist, her hair tied back in a pony tail. She smiled uneasy, “Uh… hey?” She looked back and then at him, “You here for Mr. Jones?” She asked

Joel nodded, “Uh yeah.” He looked down hoping he wasn’t blushing. He always blushed around pretty girls!

She shrugged and looked back and froze then looked at him, “You are?”

Joel looked up at her, “Joel… Madden…”

She blinked unbelieving, “You’re Joel Madden?”

Joel nodded, “Yeah…” He looked down, “Can I come in now?” He looked up at her

She shrugged her look less shocked and backed up, “Come on…” She crossed her arms

Joel watched her and walked in and started walking across the living room, “Where at?”

She watched him her arms still crossed, “Room…”

Joel walked up the steps

She continued to watch him then rested her hands to her hips, “Great… a guy who thinks he’s all that is here.” She rolled her eyes, “Whatever…” She pulled her apron off. She looked at the stairs and put her finger to her chin

Joel walked up to Mr. Jones room and pushed the door open, “Mr. Jones?”

Mr. Jones laid there on his bed watching the news on TV. He looked at Joel a smile came across his face, “Hello Joel! Welcome! Come on in!”

Joel smiled and walked in and shut the door, “I have a question…” He sat in a chair, “My mom wont tell me… and my other siblings wouldn’t know. But…”

Mr. Jones shut the TV off and looked at him, “Hmm?”

Joel looked up at him putting his hands together, “Are you still in contact with my dad?”

Mr. Jones smiled and nodded laughing a bit, “Yes… of course. I may be old but that man is seeing how I am every now and then.”

Joel smiled and stood up, “Oh thank you! I need to know where he lives! Please tell me!” he begged

Mr. Jones laughed and nodded, “Oh son, I can tell you anything.” He looked at him, “He is down in California!”

Joel blinked, “California?” He sat there and looked down then looked at him, “Where in California?”

Mr. Jones looked up, “He moved to San Diego.”

Joel blinked and smiled, “Awesome!”

Mr. Jones blinked, “Awesome?”

Joel nodded, “See since I’m in a band now… I decided to be in the band and a solo singer!” He smiled

Mr. Jones nodded, “Right…”

Joel sighed, “Well…” He looked to the side, “That is in the same place… San Diego.” He smiled and looked at him, “Maybe my father will go and see me! Help me through.”

Mr. Jones blinked, “Uh Joel.”

Joel jumped up a little, “Well, now I know where he is I can head off! I’m sorry I’m leaving so soon but the tryouts are Friday and I really need to see who’s coming and head off! Thank you!”


“Bye!” Joel walked out in a hurry and ran down the steps

That girl watched him, “Slow down…” She said

Joel stopped before getting to the door and looked at her, “Uh.” He smiled, “So what’s your name?”

She blinked and smiled slightly, “Hilary Sangwin.” She looked to the side then at him

Joel blinked and blushed, “Well that’s a pretty name.”

Hilary blinked and went red, “Uh thanks.” She looked down and sighed, “I heard you are looking for your father?” She looked at him

He blinked, “Yeah?”

She smiled crossing her arms, “Well I was thinking… I will help you find him. If you let me come along.”

Joel watched her, “Why?”

She rolled her eyes, “Duh. I just wanna go to California!”

He blinked and crossed his arms, “Well…”

She sighed, “I can help Joel… please!” She begged

Joel sighed and shrugged, “I barely know you.”

She shook her head, “So what! We can get to know each other! Just let me come!”

Joel rolled his eyes, “No…”

She blinked, “I can also help you with your tryout!”


She paused and shook her head, “I dunno…”

Joel pointed at her, “You just want to go cause I’m part of a band! Or in your words you just wanna go cause of California! Forget it!” He paused and looked down, “I’m sorry… that was rude…”

She glared anger just flying over her, “Well… you know what! You suck at singing and I bet you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere at that… that… tryout! You try that you will not make it!”

Joel blinked, “Hey I said sorry! I’m just in a hurry and I just think I should do this maybe alone or my brother or something!”

She turned, “Whatever! Get out!” She crossed her arms

Joel blinked and sighed and turned and walked out

She blinked and turned looking at the door, she dropped her arms her heart sinking, “Oh boy…” she couldn’t believe she just snapped at him like that. She looked up, “That could’ve went a lot better… I mean… I said I wanted to go just to see California…” She looked at the door sighing
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