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Chapter 2

Joel walked up to their house door and walked in, “Mom!”

Benji ran up behind him and jumped on him and they toppled to the floor

Joel cringed laying on the floor, “Ow…”

Robin walked up, “Hello Benjamin and Joel!” She held out her arms, “Hug for your mommy!”

Benji and Joel scrambled to their feet and hugged her

She laughed and hugged them, “I missed you two!”

“We missed you to mom!” They both said

“Sarah! Your brothers are home!” Their mom called up the steps

They heard a door open and shut and someone running down the steps. A light brown haired and brown eyed girl came around the corner. She was 17 and really pretty

“Benji! Joel!” She ran up and hugged them, “I missed you so much big bros!” She said squeezing

Benji and Joel laughed hugging her

Joel put his face on the top of her head, “Hey Sarah.”

She smiled, “Hey Joel…” She closed her eyes

“We missed you all…” They both said smiling hugging Sarah and letting Robin in the group

Later that night

Joel walked up to Robin. He looked at the dirty dishes she was cleaning and grabbed a towel and walked around her and grabbed a wet glass and started drying them

Robin looked at him, “Joel?”

Joel looked at her then put the glass away, “Hm?”

She watched him and smiled and started washing again, “What do you want baby? You never help unless you want something.”

Joel looked at her, “I do…” He grabbed a plate and started drying it

She nodded, “And?”

Joel sighed and put the plate away, “I want to know the truth.”

She blinked and looked at him in the corner of her eye still washing, “Truth of what?”

Joel put the towel over his arm and hugged it to himself, “Daddy…” He looked at her, “Where’s daddy?”

She stopped looking down in the water for a second then she started washing, “I… I wouldn’t know.” She looked at him, “Why would you want to know baby?”

Joel looked at her, “Why are you lying to me? I want to know because he just walked out that night. We hid in the closet to escape the yelling and then come out to him nowhere the next day.”

She sighed and looked at him, “Dear… he’s gone…” She picked up a glass and started washing it

Joel looked out the window, “Maybe if I found him… he would come home…”

Crash, something shattered

Joel looked over at his mom then looked at the floor

The glass laid in pieces on the floor

Robin looked at him, “Babe… I suggest you don’t even go to that. Go to bed now.”

Joel watched her and started walking putting the drying towel over her shoulder, “Night mom…”

She grabbed the towel and pulled it off her shoulder, “Night Joel…”

Joel sat on his bed hugging his knees. He looked around the room tears in his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and looked over at a picture. He stood up and walked up to it and picked it up, “Where are you daddy…”

The picture was around when Joel and Benji were 5 and Sarah was 4 and their big brother Josh was about 9. Their dad sat on the couch, Josh sat on the back of the couch, their mother stood behind the couch and Benji sat on the right side of their dad and Sarah on their dads lap and Joel was on the left side of his dad. Everyone was smiling, like a family should smile… they were smiling.

Joel walked up to the radio still holding the picture. He held it close to his chest. He pulled out a burnt CD and placed it in the radio and shut the disk lid. He waited and set the picture down. He turned the volume up loud and turned the CD to number 5… Music started, it was Wake Up by Hilary Duff, his favorite song

Joel walked up to his bed grabbing a marker from his dresser on the way and put it to his mouth and he started to sing in the marker pretending it was a microphone, and started to sing with the song, “There's people talking they talk about me” He smiled and he ran his hand down his face singing, “They know my name they think they know everything” He started to shake his head, “But they don't know anything about me” He stepped off the bed, “Give me a dance floor give me a DJ” Joel looked to the side at the window singing, “Play me a record forget what they say” He smiled starting to get into it, “Cause I need to go I need to getaway tonight”

Benji looked at the wall blinking and he smiled sitting up listening

Joel ran up to his desk with a mirror and sat on the chair and grabbed his eye liner singing with the song, “I put my makeup on a Saturday night” He tossed it behind him still singing, “I try and make it happen” He stood up singing, “Try to make it all right” His smile got bigger as he put his hand to his head singing, “I know I make mistakes” He walked up to the bed still singing in the marker, “I'm living life day to day” He stepped on the bed and looked at himself in the mirror singing, “It's never really easy but it's ok”

Sarah looked up from her book and looked at her door listening as well

Joel started jumping on his bed singing, “Wake up wake up on a Saturday night” He stopped jumping putting his hand to his chest singing, “Could be New York maybe Hollywood and Vine” He looked at himself again in the mirror singing, “London, Paris maybe Tokyo”

Robin looked up at the ceiling setting a plate back in the sink listening

“There's something going on anywhere I go” Joel sang and he fell to his knees still singing, “Tonight” He smiled looking at the mirror, “Tonight” He fell back onto his bed singing tiredly, “Yeah, tonight”

He rolled over to his side closing his eyes and quickly drifting to sleep

The next morning

Joel opened his eyes and looked at the marker in his hand. He smiled slightly and sat up and dropped it off to the side and threw his legs over the side of the bed looking down, “Wow… I was really tired…” He stood up and looked around and looked at his desk, “Great… I threw my eye liner and lost it.” He looked around the floor and started searching, “Hmmm…” He smiled and reached under his dresser and pulled his eye liner out and sat up on his knees, “There…” He put it back on the desk and looked out the window and blinked, he stood up

A girl stood out there, she looked like she was waiting for the light to change for her to walk. She was blonde, a dirty blonde. She was thin and wore a white ruffle skirt with a baby pink spaghetti strapped shirt and baby pink high heeled shoes. She had a white Louis Vuitton purse.

A smile went across Joel’s face, “Wow… she’s nice…” He leaned on the window, “Don’t know her though…” He sighed and looked to the side, “Maybe she’s new here…” He looked back at the picture, he paused and looked at the door. He sighed and looked out the window

She was gone

“Well… that didn’t last long.” He turned and stood there thinking, “I know… I will find where my father lives and go and find him! He will have to come back then!” He smiled and walked out of his room, “I wonder…” He looked to the side, “If anyone is up…” He looked at his watch and blinked, “Hell no! It’s 6:14 a.m.!” He looked back at his room, “What was she doing up so early?” He shook his head and started slowly walking down the hall to his mom’s room. He opened his mom’s door slowly and looked in seeing if possibly she was awake

She was sound asleep

He sighed and looked down, “I will need to find a way to figure where he is… right now isn’t a good time…” He shut her door and walked down the hall back to his room, “I will just go to sleep now…” He walked in and shut his door
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