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From The Beginning

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Joel Madden, an 18 year old teen and a member of the band Good Charlotte, remembers, ever since he was 8 years old, fights and sorrow from his parents fighting all the time. One day his father just...

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The Wake Up Journey

Ch. 1
From The Beginning

“You never gave a fuck about this family! You always go and get yourself so fucking drunk you forget who the fuck you are!”

“Don’t even start that! Maybe its because of this family I need to have a few drinks!”

“A few! Ha! You liar! You need to be here for the boys and Sarah!”

“I am for them! Not you, you bitch!”

“What are you talking about! You are never even home to care!”

“Just stay home once in a while for the boys!”

“I don’t need this!”

Foot steps

“Don’t go!”

“Don’t fucking touch me!”


A door opened and slammed

“What happened Benji?” A little boy whispered

“I don’t know… I think daddy walked out… again…”

“Will he be back?” A little girl whispered

“Yes… doesn’t he always come back?”

“Yes…” Both mumbled

Benji hugged them, “When Josh says we can come out… We’ll come out…”

Joel looked down hugging Benji tightly and grabbing Sarah’s hands tightly

Benji shifted a little uneasy

Joel looked at him, “What?”


Sarah started crying

Joel looked over, “Oh no…” He thought in his head

Benji hugged her around the shoulders, “Shush… what’s the matter?”

“I hate when daddy and mommy fight…” She sniffled

Joel looked to the side, “Me too…”

Benji nodded, “Don’t worry…”

Joel looked up as the closet door began to open and light flooded the closet




Joel jumped and opened his eyes as the alarm sounded. He looked over at the clock

8:00 a.m.

Joel looked over as Benji rolled over and hit the snooze button on the clock

“Fucking machine…” Benji mumbled

Joel smiled and sat up, he looked around the hotel room and sighed, “Same thing different day…” He smoothed down his hair

The door was knocked on, “Yo! Wake up already!”

Joel looked over

Benji looked at the door sighing, “Why Billy!”

“Common you two…” He yelled through the door and started walking

Benji rolled off the bed and fell to the floor

Joel watched him and smiled

Benji stood up and walked off and into the bathroom

Joel looked down and rubbed his arm, “Yup…. Same thing another day…” He looked up at the bathroom door, “I wish something will happen that just makes my life different…” He stood up and started walking

Joel Ryan Ruben Madden, Joel, age 18, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, he was a twin with Benji, youngest by 5 minutes. He is the lead singer to the band Good Charlotte they started not to long ago. He had tattoos but not many, no piercings and he was sweet and had that sweet smile people died for. But under everyone’s nose he was not to innocent. He was really nice but he had that hint for adventure.

Joel grabbed a black Made shirt and black pants. He slipped his boxers off and grabbed another pair and slipped them on. He pulled his pants on and started buttoning it up. He looked over as Benji walked out brushing his teeth and watched as he grabbed his clothes and walked off. Joel shook his head and grabbed the black Made shirt and slipped it on. He grabbed his hat from the nightstand and a bandanna and put the bandanna around his head and walked up to the mirror. He placed the hat on his head and tilted his head checking himself out. He tilted the hat and smiled. Just the way he liked it.

Benji walked out about that time and smiled at him

Benjamin Levi Madden, oldest twin. He was covered in tattoos everywhere, all over his arms and some on his neck and other places, he had both ears pierced and the middle right and left side of his bottom lip and on the right side was pierced on the top lip. His left side of his nose was pierced. He had a baby face and his smile was just as cute as Joel’s. He had a fun attitude and loved to make jokes and enjoyed the company of his friends and brother. He was one not to piss off. He was backup singer and electric guitarist.

Joel laughed and shrugged and started walking grabbing his bag

Benji watched him and followed grabbing his bags

Joel walked out with Benji and looked down the halls, “You!” He pointed at another member of their band, Billy

Billy looked over and crossed his arms, “You!” He pointed at him

Joel laughed and walking up and poked him, “You are annoying! You are like our mother!”

Billy watching him and poked him in the forehead, “You are annoying! I don’t know why you just are!”

Benji smiled and shook his head, “Geez guys.”

Joel looked at Benji, “I’m ready to head home… Aren’t you?”

Benji shrugged, “Since touring is over? Hell yeah!” He started walking

Billy laughed and started walking

Joel looked at Benji, “You know what I’m planning on doing?”

Benji blinked and looked at him, “What?”

“You know how I’m part of this band?”

Benji watched him curiously, “Yeah…”

“I want to go solo to!”

Benji watched him speechless

Joel looked at him, “Uh oh… what?”

Benji looked forward, “Nothing…”

Joel looked forward also, “Um… well, I was thinking of going down to California.”

Benji looked at him

Joel looked down, “To the tryouts.” He looked at him, “See if I can.”

Benji watched him, “Dude… you are a lead singer to a fucking band. Why try out all over again?”

Joel looked down, “Well. I was thinking to see what others thought of me singing by myself.”

Benji smiled, “Ok.” He shrugged

Joel blinked and smiled, “Hey… thanks…”

Benji looked at him, “What?”

“Thanks!” He smiled and looked down, “I mean… you are always there… and well… you always say yes to what I want and believe in me…”

Benji smiled and put his arm around Joel’s shoulder, “That’s because I love you.”

Joel smiled, “Thank you.”

Billy watched them and looked forward

In the tour van

“Wake up wake up on a Saturday night, could be New York maybe Hollywood and Vine, London Paris, maybe Tokyo.” Joel sang with Hilary Duff’s song Wake up. He blinked and looked up and looked around and smiled, “Maybe…” He looked up, “Maybe I should sing this one at the tryout?” He laughed, “It may be a girl song but…” He shook his head, “Whatever…” He started reading his book

Waldorf, Maryland

Joel stepped out of the van and watched Benji, Billy and Paul step out. Joel looked forward, “Finally…”

Billy looked at Joel, “I’m heading home… See you guys!” He started walking

Benji waved, “See you!”

Joel waved and smiled, “Yeah see ya!”

Paul waved and started walking

Benji and Joel waved at them, “See you!” They both said

Benji looked at Joel, “Let’s go home Joel…”


They started walking

Joel smiled and looked at Benji and shoved him to the side and took off running

Benji blinked and smiled and started after him, “Get back here!”

Joel laughed, “No!” He smiled and looked forward still running
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