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Chapter 06

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When Patrick opened the door to the hotel room, the last thing he was expecting to see was Andy sitting on Bailey’s bed, his legs crossed, a serious expression on his face. The look, known as the Hurley Glare, could make you feel completely ashamed or scared, depending on what he could be glaring at you for. His lips were pulled into a thin line and his blue eyes seemed to be even darker than normal as they narrowed at Patrick, who for a moment thought of turning and running. “H-Hey, Andy,” he managed to stutter out, forging a weak smile as he did so.

“Hello, Patrick,” Andy replied, looking at Patrick over the top of his glasses. “How was dinner with Ryland?”

“It was good,” Patrick answered, looking around the room for Bailey.

“She’s at the hospital, with Joe,” Andy said when he realized what Patrick was looking for. “She came to my room after you left her alone, and not too long after she asked him to take her to the hospital because she couldn’t take being sick anymore. I would have gone too, but you and I need to have a little talk. Sit down, Patrick.”

Patrick sat down at the table by the door, looking at Andy, who shifted, switching which legs he had crossed. “What do we need to talk about?”

“After they left I tried calling you ten times, I left four voice mails and sent two texts. Why didn’t you answer or reply to any of those?” Andy questioned, his brow lifting once more as he studied the suddenly fidgeting Patrick.

Patrick bounced his leg as he absorbed what Andy had told him; Bailey was in the hospital and he wasn’t there with her. He could have taken her to the hospital and stayed by her side when she got sicker. He looked up when Andy cleared his throat, obviously getting impatient on waiting for an answer. “I had my phone on silent...” He finally answered, his voice almost unheard.

“Why would you have it on silent, and not on vibrate, when your girlfriend is obviously sick, and getting sicker by the day? Why would you even leave her?” When Patrick opened his mouth to speak, Andy held up his hand silencing him. “What the Hell is going on with you Patrick? She’s sick and you left her. And, she had mentioned to you that she need to talk to you and you still left her.”

Patrick frowned, shifting in his seat as his guilt washed over him and threatened to drag him down. “Andy, I thought she would be okay for a couple of hours, if she needed me she could have ca-”

“No,” Andy snapped, cutting him off, “she couldn’t, Patrick. You had your phone on silent, not even vibrate. It’s almost as if you don’t even care about her anymore. She’s noticed it and even I have noticed it. What is going on Patrick? Have you even realized you’re hurting her?”

“Oh, like you never hurt her!” Patrick snapped and instantly regretted it as his friend narrowed his eyes at him and shook his head. “Andy, I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have said that. It was uncalled for.”

“You’re damn right it was!” Andy snapped. “You’ve been quite an ass lately Patrick, and tonight is just the icing on the cake, so tell me, right now, what is going on with you and Bailey,” he ordered.

Patrick frowned and shifted in his seat once more. “I... I’m pushing her away so she can be happy,” he answered finally, his words coming slow. “She could be happier if she had someone like Pete, so if she leaves me, she can go to him.” He yelped in pain, and shock, as he cupped his cheek after Andy got up from the bed and closed the distance between them, his hand colliding with Patrick’s cheek. He looked at Andy with wide eyes, fighting the need to shake when the look of anger on Andy’s face became more apparent.

“Don’t be so damned stupid!” Andy yelled, his voice echoing in the room. “She is with YOU! If she wanted Pete, she would have slept with PETE! She would be dating PETE! Is anything of this getting through to you!?”

Patrick winced every time Andy raised his voice at him, frowning when Andy pointed out that Bailey had slept with him and not Pete. How had he known they slept together when he knew for a fact neither of them had told anyone?

Andy shook his head at the look of confusion written all over his friend’s face. “Dammit Patrick, Bailey doesn’t have a stomach virus, she’s carrying your child,” he growled out.

- - - - -

Joe frowned as he sat next to Bailey on the hospital bed as they waited for the doctor to get back with her release papers. He was worried about the look on her face, it was unreadable but the tears rolling down her cheeks told him something was wrong or else she would be smiling. “Bailey, it will be okay hon,” he whispered as he rubbed her back.

“No, Joe, it won’t be okay,” she replied, shaking her head as she wiping her tears from her cheeks. “I’m pregnant, with a child whose Father is going through some weird phase, or whatever it is, and it is putting major stress on myself, and in a small way the baby as well... How can you tell me it will be okay when all I can think about is the fact that I can’t bring a child into this relationship, but I don’t believe in abortions. I’m afraid that when I tell him I’m pregnant he’ll spazz out, and then you know what happens next? I’m taking my son or daughter home from school and the kid is asking me, ‘Mommy, where’s Daddy?’ Oh Gods,” she whimpered before burying her face in his shoulder when the sobs hit her again.

Joe frowned even deeper at the spoken fears, upset that she had to go through these emotions; and he was sure the hormones weren’t helping any either. He looked up when he heard the door open, nearly sighing in relief when Andy came in, followed by Patrick, who he shot a glare at.


Bailey looked up when she saw Patrick standing by the bed, and although she was mad at him for walking out on her, and after all the doubts she had, she jumped up and dove into his arms that quickly wrapped around her as he held her close. She sniffled as she clung to her boyfriend, needing this more than anything else right now. She snuggled further into his chest as he stroked her hair, his chin gently resting on her head.

“It’s okay, Bailey, I’m here,” he whispered against her head as he softly rubbed her back, ignoring Andy and Joe since they were more than likely still glaring at him for walking out to begin with. “I’m so sorry I didn’t stay with you, BayBay,” he said as he continue to stroke her hair and rub her back.

Andy looked at Joe and nodded to the door that left the room, leaving the room with Joe when he got up from the bed. Patrick looked up when they moved past them and walked out. He looked down at Bailey, who looked up at him, the sight of her tears making him frown since he knew they were because of him.

“What’s wrong with us, Patrick?” She questioned, her eyes filled with a confused sadness. “What did I do to make you withdraw from me?”

“Bailey, it’s not you,” he quickly replied, not wanting her to think something so wrong, “it’s me. It’s my own stupidity that made me push you away...”

“Please explain,” she softly begged, wanting to fix what was wrong with their relationship.

Patrick pulled away from her and sat down on the bed, looking at the floor since he was finding it difficult to look at her. “I wanted you to break up with me, because I didn’t think I could make you as happy as someone else,” he said semi quickly. “I was trying to look out for you and instead I ended up hurting you.”

Bailey stared at him, confused, until she moved over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “Patrick, if I wanted someone else I would have ended up with someone else,” she said softly, “and I would be carrying someone else’s child,” she whispered the last part, not knowing Andy had already told him, yet hoping he had.

Patrick looked up at his girlfriend with a small smile. “Andy already gave me a good verbal beat down for that, so I already know,” he smiled slightly when she gave a small smile and a soft, almost inaudible giggle. He pulled her closer and rested his hand on her stomach. “So it was true? We’re going to have a baby?” He questioned as he looked up at her.

Bailey nodded and looked down at his hand on her stomach. “That’s why I’ve been sick. I wasn’t eating properly so my body, and baby, decided to teach me a vital lesson,” she chuckled, sniffling as she wiped away her drying tears. “Patrick... Are we going to be okay now? No more doubts on who I want? No more pushing me away?”

Patrick nodded and wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned up as she leaned down, their lips meeting in a slow, sweet kiss. When they slowly broke their lips apart, she tilted her head upwards slightly and kissed his forehead. “I’m sorry for how I acted, BayBay,” he said as she removed his hat, making him scrunch up his nose until she ran her fingers through his hair being careful not to let her hand touch his bald spot since she knew it bothered him. “Can you forgive my stupidity?”

“I think so,” she said with a small smile as she put her arms around his shoulders. “Want to know how you can quickly make it up to me?”

“Name it,” he said with his own smile as he played with the small of her back over the outside of her shirt.

“When we get back to the hotel room, I expect a back and neck rub from those talented hands,” she answered in a matter-of-fact tone that made him grin. “Oh, and a serenade from you, any song, doesn’t matter.”

“You’ve got it, Bailey,” he said before their lips met in another slow, sweet kiss, both unaware of the two standing outside the doorway, listening to the whole conversation, ready to rush in should anything take a turn for the worse once more.

Joe and Andy grinned at each other as they walked away from the door, their hands brushing as they walked side by side towards the waiting room. “So, you think they’ll be okay now?” Joe asked as he looked at his boyfriend.

Andy nodded as they sat down to wait for Patrick and Bailey to come out when she got released. “Definitely,” he said as he took out his cell phone and sent Pete a quick text that they needed to talk when they all made it back to the hotel. “I told you Bailey doesn’t put up with any bullshit,” he chuckled as Joe rested his knee against Andy’s since that looked more normal than him laying his head on Andy’s shoulder like he wanted to. “Anything else comes up she’ll straighten it out before she loses him. Just like I would put up a fight to keep from losing you,” he said softly to keep that part of the conversation between him and Joe.

Joe smiled at his boyfriend before he yawned and ran his fingers through his fro. “Want to take bets on how fast her mood swings put him on a couch or in his own bunk?” He snickered, pouting when Andy delivered a light blow to the back of his head. “Okay, okay I get it,” he said as he took out his phone and sent someone a quick text.

“Good,” Andy chuckled, taking his phone out when his text alert went off. He flipped it open and went to his messages, smiling at the I love you, Andersdy typed across the screen. He replied with an I love you too, JoeTroh, before he shut his phone and put it away, smiling at the smile on Joe’s face when he read Andy’s text.

[Author's Note: Yep, that was the ending chapter for Closet Lovers, and I hope this ending made up for the ending of "Their Innocence..." I know that pissed a lot of people off, so I was working on this one to make you all happy again =) I wanted to end this story on a light note and I hope the ending itself was okay, thank you all for reading it and reviewing it, you all know who you are =) Now that I have this one out of the way, I have two one-shots I'm working on before I release my next multi-chap story, with lots of twists and turns that you guys will hopefully like. I already have some of the chaps typed up since that was what I worked on when I couldn't think of anything for this story or my one-shots. I will give you a hint about the story, Rayne, you know about it already, since you guys like my spin-offs of A Little Less Sixteen Candles, I decided to do one you haven't seen before ANYWHERE =) Have a good night/day/morning you guys, and keep an eye out for my new releases =).]
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