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Chapter 05

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Bailey frowned as she tried to figure out what was wrong with her and Patrick. It seemed to her like ever since she and Patrick came out to the guys about their relationship he had grown a little distant to her. She managed to get more than single word answers from him, but their conversations were growing further and further apart, just as she had feared she and Patrick were. She chewed her lip in her deep thought as she tried to shake the nausea from her recent stomach virus. That was another problem of hers; she was sick. When she was sick she needed almost constant attention, a problem since child hood that stemmed from a fear of suddenly needing some form of medical attention and no one being there to get her to a doctor.

She was so deep in thought that she only realized that Andy had sat next to her when he put his arm around her shoulder. She turned her head to look at her friend and gave him a small, but weak smile. “Hey Anders.”

“You were eating your lip, what’s wrong?” He questioned, giving her cheek a kiss afterwards.

Bailey sighed and laid her head on Andy’s shoulder, putting her arm around his back. She relaxed against him as he kissed the top of her head and gave her a shoulder an affectionate squeeze. “I don’t know Andy,” she answered finally as he slowly began to rub her shoulder, “it just... I’m confused about Patrick. It seems like ever since you guys found out about us, he’s withdrawn from me. At first I thought it was just paranoia; fear of a relationship so soon after a recent break up. But now I know it isn’t.”

Have you tried talking to him about it?” Andy questioned, halfway suggesting incase she hadn’t thought of that yet. Then again, this was Bailey, the girl unafraid of cutting straight to the chase, and was never hesitant to ask questions. When she nodded, he frowned. “What did he say?”

“Everything is fine, he’s just been extra tired with a lot on his mind. But if that was the case then he wouldn’t be so animated with the guys from the other bands,” she explained, her tone sounding almost as if she were reliving a session of a small argument in her mind. “Why is it just with me?” She sighed again. “He just says it’s nothing.”

“Bay, if you want me to talk with Patrick, I will,” he said softly.

Bailey slowly shook her head. “No, I can handle this Andy. Nothing against you, but it’s my relationship, my problem. I’ll take care of it,” she said as she raised her head and gave her friend a reassuring smile. “Alright?”

“Okay,” he said before he kissed her forehead and let her lay her head on his shoulder.

- - - - -

Bailey watched Patrick as he talked on the phone while he stood on the balcony outside of their hotel room. She had been about to talk to him, or at least try to again, when his cell phone went off. Of course he hadn’t wasted anytime answering ir. She had told herself she would wait patiently for him to get off the phone, but that was an hour ago and for some reason her patience was wearing thing. He can talk this long with someone else, but I can barely get five minutes out of him, she thought with a self-surprising bitterness.

When he finally came back inside, he gave her a barely noticeable smile and went into the bathroom, making her grumble to herself. She sighed and pulled her hair up into a pony tail as she waited on him, shifting on the bed when the toilet flushed and the door opened. “I want to talk to you,” she stated, and by her tone it was obvious that there was no questioning it.

Patrick gave her an apologetic look and shook his head. “Sorry Bailey, but it’s going to have to wait until I get back,” he said as he pulled on his shoes and grabbed a hat from his suitcase.

Bailey’s lips fell into a frown as she eyed him. “Get back? Get back from where?”

“Ryland wants to go get some dinner and maybe go hang in his room afterwa-”

“But this is important,” she said slowly, her eyes taking on a very dangerous warning look that he seemed to fidget under. “Ryland can wait for ten minutes.”

“And this, whatever it is, can wait until I get back,” he said before he quickly disappeared out the door, leaving her to stare after him.

She was about to get up and go after him, but she frowned when a wave of nausea rolled over her, making her slightly dizzy in the process. When she was fine, she knew it was too late to go after him so she got up from the bed, steadying herself, and grabbed her cell phone and room key, leaving her and Patrick’s hotel room. As she went to Joe and Andy’s door and knocked, she put her hand on her forehead, frowning more.

Joe answered the door, smiling at first when he saw her, and then frowning when he saw how sick she looked. “Bailey, are you okay?” He questioned as he let her in his hotel room, sliding his arm around her waist as he led her to the bed. He sat down with her on the bed and rubbed her back slowly as she closed her eyes, willing away the dizziness.

“Yeah, it’s just from the stomach virus,” she answered as she laid her head on his shoulder, frowning. “And I don’t think my tension is helping either.”

Joe frowned and rubbed her shoulder softly. “Andy’s in the shower, do you want to talk to me or wait until he comes out?”

Bailey snuggled into Joe and frowned more as he put both arms around her. “Can you just hold me until he gets out? It’s all I need right now,” she answered, sniffling softly as she felt the familiar prick of tears behind her eyes.

Joe ran his fingers through her hair as he held his friend close. He was glad that she would still look to him for comfort like she used to way back when their friendship was first starting. She had been going to Andy though for a while during the time they were dating, but now she had Patrick. Which begged the question, where was her boyfriend when she needed him? Joe kissed the top of her head as he tried to think of a way to make her smile, even if only for a few moments.

[Author's Note: I know it's short, but it's an update, and I'm sorry I didn't make it any longer but I saw what I was typing after that point and nothing I could come up with would work good, you know? But hey, it's an update =D. I actually already have the first quarter of six written up =)]
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