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Chapter 04

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Bailey laughed as Patrick and Joe wrestled each other over one of Patrick’s hats, earning weird looks from Andy and Pete, even though Pete was laughing his ass off. Patrick currently had Joe pinned, but Joe had caught him around the waist with his legs and was keeping Patrick from moving up his body as he held the hat way above his head.

“Come on Joe!” Patrick growled out as he squirmed between Joe’s legs, trying to get to the hat that would hide his bald spot away from the world. “Dammit!”

Bailey shook her head and walked over. Leaning down, she snatched the hat and put it on her head. “Joe, let go of Trickster,” she said with a small giggle as she looked down at the man that now owned her ex’s heart. “You know you shouldn’t have him like that anyway,” she teased as Joe let go of his friend, who stood up, pouting. She went to Patrick and smiled up at him. “Take it.”

Patrick smiled and took the hat from her head, putting it on top of his own head before he pulled her in for a hug. “Thank you BayBay,” he said with a smile as she laughed softly at the nickname.

“You’re welcome Tricker,” she said as she returned his hug before kissing him softly, making the other three stop talking and stare. It was the night after they slept together and they just hasn’t had a chance to tell the others about their newly found relationship. They broke away when Joe cleared his throat.

“Now um, when did this happen?” Joe asked, speaking the thoughts of Andy and Pete.

Bailey and Patrick both blushed profusely, both knowing the truth, but unsure if they wanted to tell the truth or just tell them this morning. They looked at each other, grinning through their blushes. They looked at Joe, but it was Patrick who spoke up. “We decided this morning to give it a try,” he said as he laced his fingers with hers.

Andy smiled big, happy for his closest friend. He crossed the room and pulled her into a hug, making her smile big herself. “Congratulations Bay, you deserve someone like Patrick,” he said as he rubbed her back and pulled back to look at her with a congratulatory look in his eyes. “I’m happy for you.” He looked at Patrick, who had a slightly jealous look in his eyes. “And you Mr. Stump, you take good care of our Bay,” he said, the “our” meant to be as in the group’s, not his and Patrick’s. “If you hurt her, I’ll bury you so deep you’ll make friends with dinosaurs.”

Pete bit his lip as he moved over to the two and Andy pulled away. He pulled Bay into a hug and kissed her cheek, looking at Patrick, before pulling back and smiling at Bailey. “Congrats Bay, I’m happy for you two.”

“Definitely didn’t see this one coming,” Joe piped up as he watched the interaction.

- - - - -

“Did I imagine seeing Pete glare at Patrick?” Joe asked Andy, who was in the bathroom with the door open, drying his hair from the shower they had shared a little while ago.

Andy looked in the mirror at Joe and shook his head, working the towel through his hair. “I saw I too, I’m just confused as to why,” Andy said as he did a fast ruffle of the towel in his hair, growling softly.

“Andy, you’re going to tangle your hair if you keep that up, and then you’ll be miserable because the knots will be pulling at your scalp,” Joe said as he watched Andy set the towel down and began his search for his hair brush. He shook his head slightly as he watched his boyfriend search through his suitcase, knowing fully well the precious item was underneath his pillow. “Looking for your brush?”

“Mhm, I need to get rid of those knots you spoke of,” Andy answered, pausing in his search to bite his lip. “But I can’t seem to find it.” He cocked a brow at the twinge of a lip twitch Joe had. “What was that?”

“What was what?” Joe asked, struggling to keep a straight face as Andy faced him completely now, his arms folding over his bare chest. “Why are you looking at me like that?” When Andy lifted the other brow and began tapping his foot, Joe bit his lip and pulled the hair brush out from under his pillow, looking very much like a stuck puppy. “I just wanted to brush your hair...”

Andy smiled warmly and moved to the bed, sitting by Joe’s side, gently pushing his hand away. “Are you sure you want to handle that mess?” He asked softly as Joe’s eyes lit up slightly. “Because if you want to try, you can.” He chuckled when Joe’s eyes lit up more and he looked like a kid in a never ending candy store.

“Really?” Joe asked, sitting up now. “Are you sure?”


- - - - -

Patrick bit his lip as he stood outside of Pete’s hotel room, trying to get the courage to knock and talk to his friend. He was worried where the conversation could go, and with the glare he received earlier that night he worried even more that he was about to lose Bailey after he just got her. When he was about to knock, the door swung open, revealing a curious Pete, peering at him over the chain of the door. “Hey Pete,” he said before Pete shut the door. He frowned, defeated, but he kept his defeated sigh back when he heard the chain slide and the door opened.

“Need something?” Pete asked, his brow lifting, but his eyes gave him away. He was pissed, internally tensed, and ready to scream.

“I was wondering if I could come in? I kind of need to talk to you.” When Pete stepped back and opened the door wider, Patrick went inside the hotel room, chewing his lip once more as he glanced around the room, subconsciously looking for something Pete could hurt him with.

“What did you want to talk about?” Pete asked, his words cutting through the uncomfortable silence.

“Pete, when you kissed Bailey’s cheek, you kind me. And I was wondering if you’re mad at me for dating our friend.”

Pete sat on the bed, looking up at Patrick, his head tilted to the side slightly as he looked Patrick over as if sizing him up or scrutinizing him. “How long have you like Bailey Patrick? Has it been for the past eight months?” When Patrick shook his head slightly, Pete continued, his jaw muscle flexing before he did so. “Well it had been for me. I liked her before you did, and yet you’re the one with her now. But you know, I never made a move so I can’t really be mad at you for taking what was never mine.”

Patrick stared, unsure of what to say. Pete was more attractive than him, so of course if Pete really wanted Bailey he could easily take her from Patrick if he tried, before they fell in love. He swallowed hard, his lack of confidence taking hold of his spine. “I... I didn’t know Pete... If I had known I wouldn’t have-”

“Just take care of her Patrick,” Pete said, ice covering his words as he cut off Patrick’s voice. The look in his eyes also shut Patrick up. “Obviously if she picked you instead of me, so she wants you. Don’t you dare leave her already. It will hurt her. And I swear to God Patrick, I’ll fucking kill you, friends or not, if you make her cry from anything but happiness. Get out.”

Patrick nodded and left the room, trembling slightly as he took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair. He put his hat back on and made his way to the room he was sharing with Bailey, sighing softly when he saw her sound asleep on their bed, curled up to the pillow he took with him on tour. He went into the bathroom and took off his pants, leaving himself in the boxers and shirt he had planned on wearing to bed. He leaned on the counter, lightly drumming on the side of it as he thought about the situation he had found himself in.

After staying in there long enough to go to the bathroom and thinking a little bit longer, Patrick left the bathroom and went to the bed, laying down behind Bailey, taking her pillow since she was content to stay on his. He snuggled close to her, being careful not to wake her as he slid his arm around her and kissed between her shoulder blades. He stared at the tattoo on her shoulder, his mind wandering on what he was going to do. He had two choices to choose between now. Staying with her, like he wanted to, and make her happy as long as he can. Or leaving her so Pete could have her, something he really didn’t want to do. But what if being with Pete would make her happier in the long run?

[Author's Note: I'm glad all of you are liking this story so far ^^ I'm liking where it seems to be going so far, but I have to warn you, this will not reach 10 chapters. I finally decided on this one today ^^ But hopefully you will love it anyway ^^]
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