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Chapter 26

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Stress and Confusion

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Morning came to soon. I awoke still feeling uneasy and positive that today things were gonna be a little weird. Both Brooke and I walked downstairs right as breakfast was being served and conveniently the chair that was for me was right in-between Nick and Joe, how wonderful…not. We were all silent which bothered Paul and Denise knowing that we were always talking.
“So how did that party go last night?” Paul asked breaking the silence. “It went great didn’t Nick?” Joe said with an irritated voice. Nick mumbled some gibberish. “So what all did you guys do?” Denise tried to open up the conversation again. “Well Nick why don’t you tell Mom what you did?” Joe said putting his fork down. “Joe would you just stop.” I said softly. “No what he did was wrong and you shouldn’t of forgave him!” Joe went upstairs leaving his full plate on the table. I felt sick so I just left the table and went to my room.
Why did all this have to happen? It was already complicated with all the mixed feelings about Joe and then Nick has to go do this? Why? I wanted to completely forgive Nick but it was so hard! I hated all of this being so complicated! I heard a door slam and I assumed that Nick had went to his room too…
I listened to the quiet ticking of the clock as it went from eight to eight thirty and then finally going to nine.
“Aubrey?” I heard Nick’s voice. “Ya…” I mumbled. “I really am sorry for what happened last night and I know that you forgave me but I just wanted to check on you…” he said walking over to me. “I forgive you Nick I really do its just…Joe…” I said as I hugged Nick. “Ya I know Joe can hold a really bad grudge but maybe in a few days things will just be back to normal.” he assured me. “Ya…maybe.” I said.


I left to my room. I just couldn’t believe that Aubrey forgave him! I would’ve never done anything like that to her and how Nick could’ve was a mystery to me. Why did she have to forgive him? I mean I want Nick to happy but…I want Aubrey so damn much! Nick’s such an idiot! How could he of done that I mean Chelsea is pretty and all but he is dating Aubrey and Aubrey just means so much more than Chelsea does. Why? Why does all this have to happen?


“What’s going on with them?” Denise asked in concern. “I don’t know.” Kevin said in puzzlement. I felt kinda bad for him considering that no one had told him. “Nick and Aubrey got in a fight and Joe’s mad at Nick now…” I mumbled only telling half of the truth. “A fight? About what?” Denise asked now more concerned. “I really don’t think its my place to tell you about this one…” I said and left the table. I just really didn’t think that I could’ve told them.


I gave Aubrey a small kiss and left her to think about things because she seemed to need to. I really liked Aubrey I truly did and I should’ve pushed Chelsea away but I was an idiot and didn’t and now Joe has to be an idiot about this whole thing. Why is he being so stubborn on this?…What if Joe likes Aubrey? Oh god why didn’t I see this before? Well I just got to be more observant about him so he doesn’t do anything to mess with Aubrey’s head…I really don’t want to loose her…


I just didn’t really know if things were going to be alright no matter how many times Nick told me so. I also didn’t really know if I had feelings for Joe or not and even if I did what was I going to do about it? I hated this whole not knowing thing! Sometimes I just wish all the confusion would go away!
I stayed in my room for a while thinking things over and still finding no answer to this whole mess. I heard a soft knock on the door, “May I come in sweetheart?” I heard Denise’s motherly voice. “Ya” I replied. “Well…Nick finally told me what he did and I’m so sorry and if it helps any Paul is down there right now lecturing him.” she sat beside me. “Its fine I don’t really think he needs lectured, he just made a mistake…everyone does at some point.” I shrugged. “I know sweetie and it was extremely nice of you to forgive him.” she said. “I know…there’s just still something wrong…” I sighed deeply. “What is it?” she asked concerned. “I…its nothing…” I lied. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Ya…I’m sure” I said trying to smile.
“Well on to better things,” she started, “ the boys are going to Hollywood Records today and talking to them and we were wondering if you and Brooke would like to come along?” she asked changing her tone. “Actually that sounds pretty good.” I nodded.
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