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Chapter 27

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Hollywood Records

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The drive up to Hollywood Records wasn’t too bad with the exception of Joe who was apparently still a little mad…but he was looking a little better. Mostly we were quiet…mostly…Kevin of course wouldn’t shut up because god forbid that boy ever be quiet! Finally we got there and I didn’t have to listen to Kevin tell Brooke some story about something or another.
We watched them for a while as they recorded some things but Brooke and I finally decided to just wait in this room outside the recording room. “So are things getting any better?” Brooke asked. “Ya I think that they are maybe everything will go back to normal.” I shrugged trying to keep my cool, I knew that this had to pass sometime.
Minutes passed and we began to get bored. “Aubrey do something to entertain me.” Brooke said sitting down on the floor. “Why should I have to entertain YOU?” I asked. “Because you’re the one that’s talented…sing or something.” she shrugged. “Ok that I don’t mind…what do you want me to sing though?” I raised my brow. “I don’t care I just want some music!” she demanded…ya she was bored alright.

“Seems the only one who doesn't see your beauty
Is the face in the mirror looking back at you
You walk around here thinking you're not pretty
But that's not true, cause I know you...

Hold on, baby, you're losing it
The water's high, you're jumping into it
And letting go... and no one knows
You cry, but you don't tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you're together with a smile
But you're coming undone

I guess it's true that love was all you wanted
Cause you're giving it away like it's extra change
Hoping it will end up in his pocket
But he leaves you out like a penny in the rain
Oh, cause it's not his price to pay
Not his price to pay…”

I opened my eyes when I heard a couple claps. I whipped my head around only to see the managers of Hollywood Records and of course the Jonas family. If I would’ve been any more embarrassed I would’ve just melted right there into a liquid pile of Aubrey. Why on earth did I give in to Brooke’s requests? They must think I’m horrible…the managers and the Jonas family…
“Who’s this and why don’t we know her?” one of the men said. I caught a small grin on Joe’s face and although I was embarrassed it was wonderful to see a smile on that boy’s face. “This is Aubrey and her and her friend Brooke have been traveling with us.” Denise said with wide eyes. I froze but at the same time was praying that they thought I was good.
Before I knew it I was getting swept away into some contract room along with everyone else…this couldn’t be happening. “How would you like to record a CD and tour and be famous?” the man asked writing something down. “I…uh…that sounds…sure.” I mumbled as all of this happened quickly. I seen Denise and Paul look over the contract and approve and of course I signed it. I was going to be a Singer…my dream was happening…like now!
Everything happened so quick I could barely tell what was really going on and then we were off in the parking lot walking to the car. “Honey I didn’t know you could sing!” Denise said hugging me tightly. “Sorry?” I apologized still in a daze. “Why would you be sorry honey this is wonderful I will call your mom tonight and tell her all about it!” Denise sounded excessively happy. “You have my mom’s number?” I asked. “Ya sometimes we talk…we’re moms its what we do.” she laughed. We drove home as Denise and Paul talked to all of us about how happy they were and such.
The next few days we spent up at Hollywood Records and I was a little sad that I wouldn’t attending CTHS anymore but at least I wouldn’t ever have to see Chelsea Staub again. Then again I could never see Jason Dolley either and he kinda become one of my best friends. I was super happy because Joe and Nick began warming up again and that pleased me and things were almost back to normal except for me still slightly wanting Joe no matter how far I pushed it to the side.
I heard the doorbell ring and I walked downstairs and opened the door to a bright and smiley Chelcie. (author’s note: Chelcie is from chapter 23) “Hey! I haven’ seen you since we met and so I decided to come over!” she chirped seeming to be happy. “Ok I don’t really think we’re doing much today.” I shrugged. “Chelcie!” Brooke said coming down the stairs. Well at least Brooke likes her.
After some small gossip and telling her about my new career we decided to hang with the boys. “Hey guys!” Chelcie said walking into the game room where they were playing Guitar Hero. “Oh hey Chelce.” Nick said smiling. I could tell that Chelcie melted when he did so…then again who didn’t…
We talked and messed around for awhile and I could tell that Chelce was being a little flirty with Nick but somehow it didn’t bother me, I just couldn’t stop looking at Joe and noticing that he was looking at me too. Every time it happened I could feel myself blush and my heart race. Confusing Much?
The evening came really quick but then again we were having a blast with all the wrestling and Guitar Hero. “Man I should probably go…” Chelce sighed. “Chelce you don’t have to go. Spend the night we have a guest bedroom.” Brooke said. “You guys wouldn’t mind? I mean I know I’m a little…out there…” she laughed. “Believe me Your no where near as bad as Joe.” I assured her while making everyone laugh. “Aubrey’s right about that one.” Joe said encouraging the laughter. “Ok then I’ll ask!” Chelcie said picking up her phone and calling her mother.
We waited a few moments in silence so that she could hear…and we could too. “She said sure and that she is going to go out with my dad…slightly creepy but I’ll take the opportunity.” she grinned. “Just try not to think about them like kissing and then making out…and then well never mind.” Joe said. “Ewww! What’s wrong with you Joseph?” Kevin asked smacking him in the back of the head. “Ya thanks Joe now all I’ll be able to think about is…yuck!” Chelcie made a sour face. “Was it something I said?” Joe asked rubbing where Kevin hit him. “Yes Joe!” we all said at the same time. “Well sorry.” Joe rolled his eyes, I never could quite figure out how he always kept a straight face when he did stupid things.
Soon we all got settled down to watch a movie. “Kevin hurry up with the Poppy-Corn!” I yelled. “Hold your horses!” he shouted back from in the kitchen. “I cant they’re in Missouri and I’m in California.” I said back. “Smartelic…” I heard him mumble as he sat down with a humungous bowl of pop-corn and we all got comfortable. Joe pressed play.
It was slightly repulsive that the whole time my best friend made out with Kevin…but it did give me more pop-corn. I realized that Chelcie couldn’t help but flirt with Nick which was a little funny even though he was my boyfriend. I could feel Joe’s eyes on me and it was beginning to get uncomfortable but I handled it well by cuddling closer to Nick and watching the movie so my mind wasn’t constantly on Joe. I knew that everyone had kinda forgotten the big ‘fight’ but it still burned my mind sometimes and it still gave me mixed emotions.
Finally the movie ended and it was about bedtime. We said our goodnights, well Brooke’s was more of a make-out goodnight instead of saying anything. “Well Chelce this is your room.” Brooke said opening the door. “Sorry you kinda get stuck with this one…it was the room no one wanted.” we laughed. “No its fine…a lot better than some rooms I’ve stayed in.” she shrugged. Chelcie seemed pleased in the guest bedroom so Brooke and I went off to our rooms.
I laid down and began to think over everything. Did I still love Nick? Did I love Joe? I just was unsure some part of me wanted to just give up and get with Kevin but he was taken and that wouldn’t of solved anything anyway. Why was it like this? All of this was happening all my dreams coming true but I still had problems…they were just different than they used to be…very different.
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