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I Found Out What It Takes To Be A Man...Well Mom And Dad Will Never Understand

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I took a deep breath and continued. "About two months ago I met a girl…" This was getting harder by the second. "And we became…we became close…" I was trying to use my words wisely and I ...

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Chapter Seven

The sound that awakened me the next morning could only be described as a small earthquake through my apartment. A horrific scream of 'PATRICK!' followed and I rolled over in my bed. The covers felt so soft and comforting on this particular morning and it took all I could muster to drown out the next screams of 'PATRICK OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!’ I did a slow stretch and when I heard 'PATRICK I SWEAR…' emit I knew I had to get up.

I rolled out into the hallway in what could only be a snail’s pace. I collided once with the wall still unsure of if I was awake or asleep. I found my way into the living room with much difficulty as I felt the door shudder once again from the person banging on the other side.

"Yeah," I lazily said coming to grasp the handle and wretch it open.

In its midst stood Pete looking happy for such an early hour.

"Finally," he breathed passing me in a whirlwind. "Where's Andy?"

I shut the door with the frustration I was feeling and wheeled on Pete who had descended into the apartment as though it was his own. "You were screaming my name to get the door," I said angrily.

Pete turned back to me from the kitchen and laughed. "Yeah, I knew you'd come to get it eventually. Andy would've just ignored me." Then he opened the fridge searching through it with sighs and grunts of disapproval.

I sighed and took a seat at our little kitchen table while I saw Pete give up on the fridge and grab a bag of pretzels instead. "Andy didn't sleep here last night," I said answering Pete's question. "He probably stayed at his girlfriends again." Pete twisted his face in and expression that said 'I should've known' and sat down next to me. "So you just came to see Andy then and eat our pretzels," I asked still annoyed I had been awoken from my slumber.

Pete chewed on a pretzel and shrugged his shoulders. "I was going to talk to Andy, but I guess not."

I gave a frustrated sigh and shook my head. "You can talk to me," I said. "I live here too."

Pete looked at me as if I was kidding and just chomped on another pretzel. "Nah it doesn't really involve you…I'll just talk to him later."

I sighed again and laid my head on the kitchen table feeling like I could fall asleep again.

"There was something else I came to do too." Pete was saying as I heard him crunch on pretzels. "Oh yeah," he said as I felt the table shift from his abrupt need to get up. "I need to use the bathroom."

I gave a scoff as I picked my head up to see Pete race down the hall. What an idiot Pete was, but I had to admit he was one of the best friends I could ever have. He understood me in a way no one else had. I was never afraid to share anything with him because I knew he'd always understand.

"Oh my God, Patrick," I suddenly heard Pete explode from the bathroom. I twisted around in my seat to see him emerge from the hallway a wild expression on his face and something grasped firmly in his hand. "Who is this?"

At first I had no clue what he could be talking about, but then it hit me like bricks. He was grasping Maddie's picture I had took from her last night. "No one," I said quickly getting up so fast my chair tipped over from beneath me.

Pete put on an infamous smirk and waved the picture around some more. "What was this picture doing in your bathroom," he smiled. "You were wanking off, weren't you?"

My cheeks burned as I ran towards Pete. "Pete, give me the picture!" I said as firmly as I could.

Pete dodged my rage and ran towards the living room. "Not until you tell me who she is," he stated happily clearly enjoying the situation.

I grabbed one of Pete's hands and pulled it down trying to off-balance his conquest. "It's not important," I spat holding tightly.

Pete laughed and lost his balance falling on the sofa with a thud. I clambered on top of him as the image of last night entered my mind. This had happened to me less than twelve hours ago yet the prior one had more up sides seeing as I was lying on a girl and not Pete.

"Oh my god," Pete said scanning the picture quickly before staring back at me. "This is her…isn't it?"

I blushed a deeper red as Pete smiled.

"This is that girl you got knocked up!"

Pete smiled in triumph as I plainly stated. "Her names Maddie."

Pete gave a soaring laugh and I pounced again to grab the picture. Our match was interrupted though by the slam of the door and a voice bellowing 'hello boys'. I wasted no time and grabbed the picture while Pete was occupied with the intruder. I then turned too to see who had come in. There stood my mother holding a bag of groceries and an odd smile on her face.

"Mom," I said climbing off Pete and standing up by the couch. My mother gave a firm closed lip stare and headed towards the kitchen. I looked back at Pete who was still smirking. I held the picture in my hand unsure of what to do with it. I finally settled sticking it in the front of my pants a place I was certain Pete wouldn't go. Then I walked over to the kitchen as my mother began to fill the fridge with food.

"I don't know what you eat if I don't feed you," she said stocking the shelves. "I'm almost certain you'd starve."

I gave a small smile and looked at my mom. "Mom, I'll only be here a couple more weeks. I don't need that much food anyways."

My mom smiled but none the less continued her stocking. I heard the TV turn on in the living room and looked around to see Pete occupying the couch the pretzel bag in his hands once again. I turned back to my mom as she sighed and closed the fridge.

"That should help anyway," she said giving me a smile. My mother had a soft way to her. Her hair which was a strawberry blonde like mine curved around her face and would flop from side to side depending on her mood. I could usually confide in my mom for anything and now that this big secret that consequently hid in front of my pants was biting me I was feeling the urge to tell her.

"Mom," I said making my way around to stand closer to her. No matter what I was about to confess I didn't want Pete over hearing it. "I have to tell you something."

My mother's facial expression showed the worry she must have been feeling. "This doesn't sound good," she said lowering her eyebrows in what I could see was listening form.

I took a deep breath and continued. "About two months ago I met a girl…" This was getting harder by the second. "And we became…we became close…" I was trying to use my words wisely and I could tell from my mother's face it wasn't helping with her confusion. "Well the thing is she now is very close to me and…and…" It was hard to say it.

"She's knocked up!" Came Pete's voice from the couch.

I twisted around to see Pete so contently listening to our conversation the TV now muted.

"Thank you Pete," I spat as Pete grabbed another pretzel and stuck it in his mouth. I glared at him and turned back to my mom who was looking quite shocked.

"She's pregnant?" My mother clarified looking to me for reassurance.

I settled with a head nod.

"Well," she said moving from in front of me to take a stroll around the kitchen. "What are you going to do about it?"

My brain was wracked with answers to this question, but I didn't have time to evaluate them. "I'm going to help," I said looking intently if that was the right answer.

My mom stopped pacing and looked at me with her kind eyes. "Patrick Martin Stump," she said calmly. "I hope that is what you will do." I sighed hoping that was the worst of it. She walked back up to me and gave me a small hug. "I'm sure it'll be fine," she said in my ear.

She pulled back and I smiled glad she was taking this so well. "Thanks mom," I said letting my insides recoil. "I was a little worried about telling you," I confessed.

My mother smiled again and moved to collect her things. "Well I was the easy one. It's your father that will take it harder."

My insides tightened again as my mom gave a satisfying smirk and moved towards the door.

"Oh Patrick," she said turned back to look at me. "Where's Andy? I was hoping to speak with him."

I gave a frustrated sigh as Pete cracked up on the couch.
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