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This Is Just A Test

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"These pictures," she said sliding her hands to connect with the pictures that lay on the counter. "There not of us."

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Chapter Six

Maddie didn't move when she heard my outburst of 'fire escape'. Instead she waited and took in a deep smile before jumping up and into my arms.

"Patrick, you genius!" She exclaimed wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Well…you know," I said feeling slightly proud of myself. Maddie felt so good in my arms and her usual scent of oranges was making me want to forget the escape right now. Images of us together again on this very bathroom floor were torn away quickly as Maddie stepped out of my arms. She moved over to the window leaving me heated and highly disappointed.

"I'll go first," she said in a commanding voice.

I nodded my head knowing it wouldn't do any good to argue about it. Maddie looked out the window first as if examining her escape more closely. Her fingers tightly grasped the sides of the window making her knuckles turn white. I was watching this so closely I didn’t notice her turn to face me.

"Patrick," she said bringing me back. "Will you give me a boost?"

I smiled slightly knowing asking me for help was something she didn't intend to do. I moved over to the window to stand by her and knelt down on one knee.

"Now's not the time to confess your love to me," she said looking down at me with a smirk playing on her lips.

"Oh ha ha," I spoke back. "Just step on my knee, okay," I said feeling very vulnerable that I was at her beck and call.

Maddie gave a smile and hoisted herself on my knee. She grabbed the window seal and scurried through. I told myself I was proving a point when I grabbed her leg and pushed her through faster. I heard her give a screech and a small thud soon after. I couldn’t help but let a laugh slip.

"Patrick," I heard her annoyed voice call. "I am carrying your unborn child you know."

My laugh faded. "You couldn't let me enjoy that."

Now it was her turn to laugh. "C'mon then," she said from the outside world.

I huffed and grasped onto the window seal as she had done, but the problem now was I had no one to give me a boost. I tried my footing on the wall but all I received was a slip to the ground. I got up and looked around for anything to help me reach the window.

"Patrick," came Maddie's voice outside clearly miffed why I was taking so long.

"Hang on," I said spotting a hamper close to the door.

I grabbed the hamper as it emitted a stench I had never smelt before. I made a point to turn my head away as I placed it under the window. One step up and one giant pull forward and I was falling out the window and onto the metal floor of the fire escape.

The metal connected with my hands and cheek and I gave a soft 'oof' in frustration. I looked up to see Maddie standing over me with a small grin on her face.

"Do you believe in karma?" She stated simply covering her laugh with her hand.

I just scoffed and brought myself to full height again. "Absolutely not," I stated boldly straightening my cap and clothes.

Maddie shook her head at me yet again that night and tugged on my shirt to follow her down the escape.

I noticed my heavy breathing as we felt pavement finally hit our feet. I clambered after Maddie who made a straight away to her car that was still parked on the street. I saw her give a flip with her keys and the headlights flashed on. She scrambled into the driver's seat and I didn't waste time getting in also. Once the doors were closed we were gone.

"Well that went smoothly," I stated not being able to hold my sarcasm in.

Maddie gave me nothing more than a side glance and kept driving. I had to settle with a little laugh from myself.

The ride back to Maddie's apartment was only interrupted by a red light and what I think was a cat. We pulled into the side parking lot and climbed out our separate doors. I took a quick glance at Maddie seeing her still fiddling with her keys.

"Well, I'll see ya," I said falling into my awkward stance once again.

She gave a slight smile then turned to walk to her apartment. I smiled too but replaced it with a sigh quickly and headed towards my own car.

"Patrick, wait!"

I turned back around quickly seeing Maddie hadn't gotten far from her car.

"I know it's late," she said hesitantly. "But can you come in? I have something to show you."

At the moment I didn't believe a pack of wolves could keep me from her doorstep. "Yeah, okay," I said following her quickly to the building.

I glided into the apartment after Maddie. She moved quickly to the peninsula and deposited the pictures we had spent all night getting. I followed her unsure if that was what I was suppose to do. She turned to lean on the counter and I took a seat on the other side waiting for her to get to the point.

She sighed once before looking to a pile of papers beside her. She shuffled through them as I watched the delicate work with her fingers. Finally she extracted a small paper and slid it across to me.

I clutched it with my fumbling fingers. They were so clumsy compared to hers. I pushed this thought away though as I took in what she was showing me. It was a sonogram…a sonogram of our baby. Almost the entire picture emitted a dark hole except a tiny light in the middle. It didn't look like much. In fact, it looked like a big blob…but it was my blob…I mean our blob.

"I got it just yesterday," Maddie said suddenly.

I looked up at her and smiled. "This is weird," I said setting the picture down on the counter and staring at it again. "I mean…good weird," I clarified.

I heard Maddie give a slight chuckle which made me smile even bigger.

"Patrick," I heard her almost whisper. I sent my look back up again at her and I saw a slight nervousness cross her face.

"Yeah," I said suddenly having a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"I have a confession to make," she said quickly.

The sinking feeling plummeted further down and words got caught in my throat.

"These pictures," she said sliding her hands to connect with the pictures that lay on the counter. "There not of us."

Wait…what? Not of us! "What!" The outburst came quicker and louder than I would've liked, but I was shocked. I had just been broke into a strangers house, rummaged through his mantle, got attacked by his dog, locked in his bathroom, and down his fire escape tonight, and all for pictures that weren't of us.

"Look Patrick I was indecisive about you…and this," she said quickly motioning to the forgotten sonogram. "I needed to know you were really in it."

I was shocked…dazed…stunned…upset. She had to test me. That was it. She had to test that I was really going to be there. Well I had passed. Hadn't I? I had risked my life to get these crummy pictures that I didn't even care about in the first place and…wait. If the pictures weren't of us, then what were they of? They must be something pretty important for us to commit so many crimes tonight.

"Maddie, can I see the pictures?" I stated holding out my hand to retrieve them as I thought she would so willingly do.

"Um…," Maddie said putting a protective hand over them and backing away. "There nothing really," she said picking them up and clutching them to her chest. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. I know now you want to be here."

She wasn't going to get out that easy. I got up too and advanced on her. "Maddie, what are the pictures of?"

"It doesn't matter Patrick, really," she said switching them behind her back.

"Maddie," I warned. "I will use my manly strength to pry them from you."

Maddie put on a shocked face and stopped her retreat. "Patrick!" She said sending me shivers at the sound of my name so forcefully used. "You'll do no such thing." I had barely time to recover from my chills when Maddie put on a stupid grin and raced past me, pictures waving above her head. I wasted no time scurrying after her around the peninsula and over into the living room. She did a once around the couch before I collided with her bringing her forcefully down on top of me.

"Unborn child! Unborn child!" She screamed while trying to wriggle from my grasp.

"Oh like that'll work," I stated plainly grasping my hands on hers to pry the pictures from them. I wrestled a few from her grip and popped up quickly to retreat to a corner to have a look. They were quite bent up from the struggle but my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw what the fuss had been about.

The pictured outlined a bedroom with a bed directly in frame. On the bed perched Maddie in nothing more than black lingerie. Her pose was something between a cat and injured deer. Her sparkling blue eyes were staring right at the camera and a seductive lip bite sent an excitement through my body.

I quickly got a glance over at the other few I had confiscated to see similar poses before a claw-like hand wrapped me from behind.

"Give them back Patrick," Maddie whined trying to reach them from her position. "There private."

I gave a slight grin looking back at her. "No wonder you wanted these back," I said playfully keeping her away from the pictures with my single hand.

"Patrick," she whined again stepping back and giving me a well played pout.

I laughed at her and let my protective arm drop. "Okay," I said handing the pictures over but not before extracting one and sliding it in my back pocket.

Maddie smiled and took the pictures greedily. She made a straight course to the garbage can where she tore them up and disposed of them. She gave a satisfied sigh and turned to look at me.

I gave her a sly grin letting her know I was thinking about them.

"Patrick," she huffed again looking at me. "They were taken in the middle of our relationship…just as a gift…"

I held up my hands as if to say 'tell no more' and moved towards her. "I understand," I said now right in front of her.

She looked at me before giving a shy smile and staring back at the floor. "Um…well," she said. "It's late."

I gave an agreeing nod and surprised myself by grabbing her delicate hand. "Yeah, I'll go," I said as her gaze came back to mine. I didn't know what was appropriate in a situation like this. We weren't really together, but a part of me told myself it was okay to give her a quick kiss. So I leaned in and she did not pull pack. Our lips locked in a soft kiss. As I pulled back I caught her scent and my stomach did flip flops like it had never done before.

"Night," she said quietly letting our hands disconnect.

"Yeah night," I said watching her retreat back to her bedroom.

I sighed and headed towards the door feeling confused and battered from the night. I'd just have to sort it out in the morning.
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