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Silent Understanding

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Gerard has a bad morning

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The next morning Gerard awoke to Kelli’s laughter which was usually music to his ears when he was the one making her laugh.
He decided to get up and see what was so funny, unfortunately he found out.
Nick and Kelli were sitting on the sofa playing on the play station, looking all to cosy for his liking. He was just about to go back to his bunk to sulk when Kelli spotted him
“Afternoon Gee, in the land of the living now are we?” she said playfully not taking her eyes off the screen
“Looks like it, what are you playing?”, he asked trying to sound interested but failing miserably
“Grand Turismo, and im kicking his ass”, she replied with an air of self satisfaction
“In your dreams”, Nick added with a smirk
Gerard felt sick at the sight, he used to love playing videogames with her, making her laugh and having that close feeling to her, it usually ended up with a tickle fight on the floor which was his favourite part.
“You wanna join in?”, asked Nick with a smile
Gerard didn’t know what annoyed him more, the fact that Nick had asked him to join, not Kelli, or that Nick had a very pleased look on his face as if he knew this was bothering him and he wanted to rub salt in the wound.
“Nah, I need to wake up and have some food”, he replied with the same smirk Nick had plastered on his face
“Ok dude, you don’t mind if I take Kelli out for the day do you”? Nick asked looking back at the screen
Ok now he was getting on his last nerve and Gerard had a feeling that Nick Knew exactly how he was affecting him with all these little comments, like there was an unspoken understanding and Nick was asserting his dominance over Kelli, making Gerard want to punch that satisfied look off his fucking face.
“Do what you like with her, as long as you bring her back in one piece”, Gerard said as he turned and opened the fridge
“Arrr Gee you do care”!, exclaimed Kelli
“Nah, I just don’t want to have to find another assistant while we are in the midst of a tour”, he replied sharply
“Oh fair enough”, she said a little surprised by the tone he used, like he was deadly serious.
Gerard knew he was being harsh, but he wasn’t in the mood for playful banter. In fact he kinda wanted her to feel as bad as she was making him feel, and for a minute he felt better.
Gerard grabbed some left over pizza and made his way to the back of the bus to freshen up, hell he didn’t want to spend the day wallowing in self pity, after all they had a show to do tonight and he wanted to enjoy every moment of it, without once thinking of Kelli, he knew his fans would lift him up, and for 2 hours he was the one on top of the world.
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