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He'll have to go

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Gerard decides once and for all to take matters into his own hands!

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“That was amazing”, glowed Kelli as she gave Gerard a big hug
He could smell the sweet scent of her hair and it sent shivers down his spine, being in Kelli’s arms felt like home.
“You guys were awesome”, she beamed directing the comment to the whole band who had just piled into the dressing room after the show, they were all sweaty and out of breath and obviously still buzzing from the adrenaline.
“Why thank you”, answered Ray grabbing a bottle of water.
Kelli couldn’t help but notice that Gerard looked rather sexy with wet raven hair falling aimlessly into his hazel eyes.
“Man that felt good”, said Gerard panting taking several big gulps of water
“The first show and it went without a hitch”, beamed Kelli proudly
“Where are we tomorrow night Kel”, asked Mikey
“New York”, she replied “So congrats again, and ill see you guys later, k”, she smiled
They all nodded and Kelli made her way back to the bus.
“Bet she’s going to take care of business with that new beau of hers”, smirked Bob
Gerard felt his heart plummet at lightning speed
“Yeah well at least someone will be getting some tonight”, said Ray
“They make a cute couple” added Frank
Gerard huffed and stormed out the room making sure the door banged shut behind him.
“What’s his problem?”, asked Ray slightly confused
“Don’t ask me”, replied Mikey trying his hardest to appear as perplexed as they were.
“Sounds to me like someone’s Jealous” , added Bob
“Really”?, asked Ray
“Think about it, he only got pissy when you mentioned Kelli with Nick, I reckon the dudes got some major crush on our Boss lady”,
“Might be on to something there”, contemplated Ray as stood in deep thought
“What do you think Mike”? asked Bob
“Dunno, who can work Gerard out anyway”, he responded quickly trying to stop this conversation A.S.A.P
“Well that’s a fair comment” sniggered Ray “He’s a complicated person”.
They finished getting changed in their dressing room and made there their way to the bus seemingly forgetting about Gerard, much to Mikeys relief, he knew the last thing Gerard needed was the guys on his back.
They all piled on the bus and were greeted by Kelli who was already in her pyjamas sitting cross-legged on the sofa writing stuff in her Planner.
“Hey guys”, she said cheerfully
“Where’s gee”? asked Mike
“In the Back I think”, she replied pulling her hair back into a ponytail

Mikey walked to the back of the bus and found Gerard laying on his bunk listening to music with his headphones on. He still looked miserable.

“You ok bro”?, Mikey asked sitting on the side on Gerard bed
Gerard turned the volume down enough to hear what his brother was saying
“What did you say”? he retorted
“I asked if you were alright”,
“Do I look alright”?, asked Gerard with an air of annoyance
“Dude you gotta tell her if its bothering you that much”, Mikey stated
“Mike what’s the fucking point, she has Mr perfect now, id just be making a fool of myself”
“You don’t know that, she might feel the same way”, Mikey reassured
“Really?, is that why she is playing tonsil hockey with some other asshole”, Mocked Gerard in an angry whisper
“Look Gee if you really have feelings for her, just tell her before its too late”, Mikey added as he got off the bed and walked away in a huff.
Feelings? Yeah right if it was only just feelings he had, maybe he could just forget about her and get on with it Gerard thought to himself, but he knew it ran deeper than that, this wasn’t having feelings, it was being in love, maybe it was obsession, he didn’t really know exactly what it was, but it was a deep and very strong feeling, strong enough to give him butterflies when ever he was around her, strong enough to give him chills and make the hair on the back of his neck stand on end whenever she touched him and strong enough for him to think about her whenever they weren’t together, question was how was he going to get it to go away, how could he stop fantasising about her being his?.
After battling with his thoughts for awhile he decided the answer to his problem was simply to devise a clever plan to get Nick out of the picture, with Nick a distant memory, things could go back to the way they were, with Gerard the main focus in Kelli’s world, even if he wasn’t going to be her one true love, he needed her affections somehow, even if her friend was the best he could hope for.
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