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Chapter 3-Phone Calls and Procrastination

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Chapter 3-Phone Calls and Procrastination

February 26, 2007

“I hate Mondays.” I’m sitting at the kitchen table rubbing my eyes. “And school too.”

“You’ll always hate Mondays for the rest of your life. Until you retire of course.” Grampa puts down his newspaper and takes a sip of his coffee.

I mimic him by taking a sip of my coffee-which of course is decaf because if I’m given regular coffee I literally bounce off the wall. And once because of this I tried to hang upside down on the highest uneven bar at school. A trip to the emergency room for a broken arm is not fun.

“When are Dad and Mikey coming home?”

“Soon, kiddo, soon.” He picks up his newspaper again.

“When exactly is soon?”

Grampa sighs. “Next year soon..”

I grimace. “They’re always touring. And whenever they have a break I barely get to see them.”

Grampa gives me an exasperated look. “You’re going with them for the European tour. Did you forget about that already?”

I shrugged and stared at my coffee.

Gramma sets down a plate of bacon and eggs in front of the both of us. “Hurry up and eat Lindy. You’ll miss the bus.”

I open my mouth to say something, but she cuts me off with a look.

“Don’t even think about it Lindy.”

I pout and finish waiting before grabbing my bag and running out the door. Gramma sighs after I leave.

“That girl is too wild for her own good.”

“Hush hush Donna. Leave her be.”


I’m thirteen now. A couple months after my first session with Dr. Kleinman I was diagnosed with ODD.

And as my luck goes, my stupid third grade teacher made the ‘mistake’ of announcing it before the class. More taunts equals more fights and fits.

By the time fifth grade rolled around I was seeing three other psychiatrists other than Doc Kleinman. They’re all OK except for Dr. Weiss. He’s really creepy.

It sucks. I have to take medicine I don’t even need because they think I have ADHD as well. It makes me feel all sluggish and on some occasions stoner-ish. I told Dr. Weiss what was happening and he acted like he didn’t hear me! Asshole.

My dad and his band on their Black Parade World Tour now. They’ll be touring well into next year. I get to go with them when they go to Europe!

That’s Dad’s way of making up for missing my birthday last year.


“Hey Lindy did you watch the Spider-Man videos I lent you on Friday?” My best friend Evan Leavy asks me as I sit down next to him on the bus later in the morning.

I shook my head. “Gramma made me practice both the piano and my violin till nine last night. My recital’s next Saturday. I’ll give them back to you when I can.”

“You better give them back to me before you go off to Europe Lindy Way.” He rolls his eyes at me. “I’m gonna miss you ya know.”

I punch his shoulder. “Dude, chill. I’m only gonna be gone from mid-March till the semi-beginning of April.”

He pouted. “I know. Fred and his gang are gonna descend upon the crew like vultures on an animal carcass.”

Evan likes explaining things in a dark way. He says it’s because he found his father’s dead body after he hung himself. I have to agree.

“No they won’t. I’ll just have to go after them when I get back then.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did you take your medicine this morning?”

I grimace. “Yes mother.”

He only grins as he turns on his Ipod and stares out the window for the rest of the bus ride. I take out my Ipod as well and loose myself in one of my many detailed daydreams.


“Lindy don’t leave me!” Alice wails as she throws herself onto me as I slam my locker closed.

I sigh. “You’re such a drama queen Al.”

She grins, the gap between her teeth very apparent. “And that is why you love me.”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah right.”

Alice is my best girl friend. She moved here in good ol’ Belleville, New Jersey in fifth grade. We were seatmates and bonded instantly.

Alice rolls her eyes back. “When you’re gone me and Ev are going to have intense make out sessions.”

The top of Evan’s ears grow red. Al teases him about this on the way to first period.


The day goes on as it usually does for a Monday. I get into an argument with prissy Jenny Sims during lunch which results in me pulling her hair and her boyfriend giving me a black eye and detention after school.

“Seriously Linnet, you have to stop getting into all of these fights.” The school nurse sighs as she gives me a bag of ice for my eye.

“No worries, Ms. Richie. I’m hoping to get another one before I leave for Europe!” I say enthusiastically as I press the ice bag to my eye.

Ms. Richie sighs and cracks her gum.


“Two black eyes in a six week period, Jesus Lindy.” My dad sighs into the phone. I’m twirling the cord around my finger. He doesn’t seem to care I’ve gotten detention yet again.

“And I got a bloody lip last week.” I stubbornly grumble back.

“The doctor said…”

“I don’t care what the doctor said Dad!” I’m yelling now obviously annoyed. There’s mumblings in the background on the other end. My dad sighs.

“Frank wants to say hi.”

A long squealing, “Hi!” is shrieked over the phone.

“Hiya Frankie.”

“Hey kiddo!” Someone’s pepped up today. “I heard you got another shiner!”

I smirk to myself. “That’s right. I plan on getting another before the European leg of the tour.”

“Sweet! I’ll get one too so we’ll match! Twinsies!”

Frank’s like the older brother I never had. I remember meeting him at My Chem’s first concert. He had to stand on a box to see. I sat on Grampa’s shoulders and teased him for being so short. We ended up having a pinching fight. I won of course.

I can hear Dad yell, “Don’t encourage her Frank!” in the background on the other end. Frank giggles.

“Mikey, Ray, and Bob say hi, and ow!, your dad wants the phone back.”

Muffled shouting and then my dad grumbles into the phone, “I’ll call you again in a couple of days pumpkin. Please try not to fight anymore.” He sighs again.

“OK, bye Daddy.” I say in a childish tone before hanging up.

Gramma gives me a look. I shrug.

“It’s Frank, Gram.”

She only nods.

“What’s England like Gramma?”

“I don’t know Lindy.”

“There’s cool band named McFly from England.” I wrinkled my nose. “They were in a movie with Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. I don’t like her, but Chris Pine is cool cos he was in a movie with Anne Hathaway and we share a birthday.

“Lindy you’re procrastinating.” Gramma pointed to the stairs. “Go practice.”

I grumble and start up the stairs.

“And you’re taking your violin with you.”

I groan.


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