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Chapter 2-The Psychiatrist and the Psycho

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“I don’t wanna go!” I’m kicking and screaming as Dad tries to get me out of the car. He manages to pull me out as I’m in the middle of one of my most intense fits ever.

He drags me to where Mikey and Gramma are waiting and goes inside.

In the waiting room I manage to pull away and throw myself onto the ground pounding it with my fists and feet.

Dad ignores this as he and Gramma fill out the papers, but Mikey watches me for a few minutes before getting a magazine.

I eventually grew tired from all the kicking and pounding and stop. The carpet’s pretty comfy so I lay there until I fall asleep.

When I wake up there is someone carrying me. I think its Dad, but I’m not sure.

Whoever is carrying me drops me into a chair. I drowsily sit up and rub my eyes.

“Who woke me up?” I growl.

“Mikey.” Dad’s sitting somewhere to my right. I groggily turn towards his voice and scowl.

“Now I’ll have to kick his ass.”

“Watch you mouth Linnet Anne Way.” Gramma scolds me. I grumble and slump in my seat.

The door opens and I catch a whiff of overpowering perfume. I wrinkle my nose.

A blond haired and big and white toothed woman puts her face right up to mine. “Hi there, kiddo. I’m Dr. Kleinman. What’s your name?”

I squint at her. “Lindy…”

She sticks out her hand and I’m tempted to lick it. Dad glares at me with a ‘don’t-you-dare-even-fucking-think-about-it’ look. I bite my lip and gingerly take her hand. Dr. Kleinman laughs.

“What a cutie.”

I scowl and slap her hand away. She’s still smiling that stupid smile and goes to sit in big leather chair across from me.

“Tell me a little about yourself Lindy.”

I pause and hesitantly look at Gramma and Dad.

Dr. Kleinman nods her head. “Would you feel better talking to me alone?”

I nod. Gramma and Dad get up to leave.

“Actually, I have errands to run so Gerard will be here later to pick her up.”

They leave and Dr. Kleinman resettles herself back into her chair and smiles again.

“Now where were me?”

“You asked me about myself.” I begin to twirl a lock of hair.

“Go on.” She beckons clicking her pen. I narrow my eyes.

“I’m going into third grade next year. My birthday’s in August. I’ll be eight.” I hold up eight fingers to show her. She nods and smiles before writing on her pad.

“My best friend is Evan. He still sucks his thumb. He doesn’t get picked on for it cos of me. We’re both freaks.”

Dr. Kleinman stops writing and freezes.

“On my first day of kindergarten I attacked a boy who made fun of me cos Mommy died when I was born. He said it was my fault so I started to beat the shit out of him. It took my dad and three other dads to pull me off of him. Mikey’s friend Ray says I must be like the Hulk cos when I get really angry I’m really strong. Daddy doesn’t like it when I’m like that though, but I like it.”

“I see. What do you like to do?”

“I like playing video games, reading, comic books, going to the movie theater with my dad, cartoons, and drawing!”

“What do you like to read?”

“I started reading Harry Potter last year. It’s pretty cool. I like Little Women and the Little House books too. And Goosebumps. My favorite comic book is X-Men. They’re really cool. Shadowcat and Wolverine are my favorite.”

“What are your favorite movies?”

“The Back to the Future movies are really cool. So is Star Wars and the Indiana Jones movies. I like Adam Sandler movies too! And the horror movies Gramma rents from the video store.”

“Who else is in your family?”

“There’s my dad and my uncle Mikey, Gramma and Grampa, Gramma Elena, and then there’s Mommy’s family but I only see them a few times a year.”

“How old is your daddy and uncle?”

“Daddy’s twenty-four and Mikey’s almost twenty-one.”

“What is your Daddy’s job?”

“He’s a cartoonist I think. He wants to be a comic book artist though.”

“And your uncle’s still in school?”


Dr. Kleinman then asks me about my tantrums. She dives into treacherous waters when she asks me about the last time I had a major fit.

I throw tantrums or as some people like to put it ‘fits’ on a daily basis. About five if I’m having a really bad day or usually just two or three.

There have been a few major fits where I have been sedated and on one occasion kept in the hospital overnight.

The one I had on my first day of kindergarten was the first major fit. I had one in first grade at the Christmas pageant and one after my First Holy Communion in May. Gramma was pretty pissed that I had ruined my nice and pretty white dress.

The doctor then asks me if I ever think of hurting myself. Although I’m feeling angrier by the second I shake my head.

That’s a lie. I don’t feel like telling her that now.

She clicks her tongue and asks me how I feel whenever someone taunts me about my mom dying after I was born.

I tell her she’s stupid and that she should know this.

She just nods and writes some more on her stupid pad and then asks me what my favorite food was.

“What the fuck?” I stare at her.

She stares back. She must be impressed with my colorful vocabulary.

Forgetting the question she asked me, Dr. Kleinman asks me how many bad words I know.

“Tons. Daddy and sometimes Ray and Mikey bring me to this bar where Daddy likes to get what Gramma call ‘shitfaced drunk’. The bar guys there are really cool and give me money when I dance to songs I like on the jukebox. They says I’m a better singer than all the shitty bands that perform there.”

She clicks her tongue again. “I see.” She scribbles again on her pad.

“What’re you writing on your pad?”


“What things?”

“About you.”

“Can I see?”

“One day when you’re older.”

I make a face. “I hate it when people tell me that.”

She smiles. “I bet one day you’ll be telling that to your kids.”

I giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m not gonna be telling my kids that cos their lives will be an adventure.”

“Why’s that?”

“Cos I’m stealing Doc Brown’s time Delorean and traveling back in time and marrying Indiana Jones. Daddy said I could.”

After that we talk a bit more and then the session is over. As we walk out of her office she shakes my hand.

“I can’t wait to see you next week Lindy.” She smiles and I smile back.

I go out into the waiting room. Dad’s sitting in the waiting room drawing on one of his many sketch pads.

“How was it?” He asks me as we walk out.

“It was kinda fun. I like Dr. Kleinman. She’s really nice. I think now she’s my favoritest lady adult besides Gramma Elena and Mrs. Applebaum.”

“Who’s your favoritest adult guy?”

I grin and slip my hand into his. “You are!” I squeal. Dad smirks and opens his mouth to say something.

“Actually,” I begin, “Ray has a fro and Mikey lets me do whatever I want. And then there’s Indiana Jones!”

He makes a puppy face. “But you’re my daddy and you draw cool pictures so that’s why you’re my favoritest adult guy in the whole wide world.”

I throw my arms around him. He laughs and picks me up. “I spy an ice cream shop. And I know someone who’s always greedy for a soft served vanilla on a cone with rainbow sprinkles.”

“That’s me! Can we Daddy?”

“Of course pumpkin pie.” He sits me on his shoulders and leaves the car where it is as we walk off toward the ice cream shop. I bury my face into his hair.

“Daddy your hair smells nice.”

“Thank you pumpkin."

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