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Chapter 3: The Training

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disclaimer: i don't own any of these characters! or books! or anything! ijust own this plot.

Chapter 3: The Meeting

"Danae? Why are we in the middle of nowhere?" Talen asked. "Because YOU need to learn how to not cause a disaster. If every time you try to use your new abilities, you destroy something, then you obviously need training. This place is isolated, so mistakes here wont be as noticable." Came Danae's aloof response. "Ok, fine, but you do know we're being followed right?" At Talens words, Danae stopped, looking shocked, and turned around."Who's there? Come out NOW" said Danae in a menacing tone. "You don't seem too different, Danae. You're just as oblivious as you were before" came a strange voice. A young man dropped out of a tree nearbye. "Inu-Yasha? What are you doing here?" asked Danae. "Wish I knew. Everyone from our little group is here. We got sucked into some srtoa portal." The young man had wolf-like ears and long silver hair. A small Group of people came out of the surounding trees."O! Kagome, shipo, miroku, sango, and ichigo, renji, rukia, orihime, and chad!" Said danae, pointing to each in turn. "What is going on! i havent seen you guys since i went on that universe-to-universe vacation!"

Please note: this is going to be a long chapter. I'm just posting it in pieces now, so it isn't quite finished. But just wait, this story is gonna be a killer!
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