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The Truth

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the tamuli or elenium.

Danae was upset, to say the least. She was, more specifically, terrified. She knew that Talen, as her husband, deserved to know the truth, especially after that chat with his mothers, but she was very nervous. On top of all of that, she just received an outraged message from the thousand, her family, and knew things were not going over well. The thousand was, aparently, outraged that Danae would marry an Elene. What if they tried to hurt Talen!? He was only m ortal, he could'nt last three seconds against an angry god! So Talen had to KNOW. But How does one tell their husband that they’re new wife is actually an incarnation of a child-goddess? She decided, as she went to meet talen in their room that just telling him wouldn’t be enough, as it wouldn’t solve another problem. That problem was what to do about his mortality. She had never married before, but knew she would be unable to go on if anything happened to Talen, and he WAS a mortal. Eventually, he had to die. So she decided to do this very….. stealthily. “Hi, Talen,” said Danae as she quickly threw him a small orb. “Catch!” He caught it deftly, with his left hand, and was surprised when it started to shine. “Wha-?” Talen was stupefied as to WHY the orb was glowing, and, more importantly, HOW did Danae get it. “Talen, I need you to listen, and don’t interrupt, this is VERY important, ok?” After receiving a nod from her husband, Danae continued. “I’m, er, well…. I’m not entirely Danae. I’m also Aphrael. I, well, this isn’t easy to say but, the truth is, now don’t get upset, but I’ve been confused by, well…feelings. Or rather, human feelings. I survive off of love, and still never understood it completely, never grasped its power, immensity, and…everything! That is, until I met you. At first it was just a test to learn about this kind of stuff, marriage, humans, and…… never mind, ill stop there. But the point is that it’s not an experiment anymore, and I need you to understand.” After she saw that Talen was ready to hear the rest of whatever she had to say, as he was acting just like he always did before hearing a good story, she proceeded. “That orb I gave you is an option, Talen. If you accept it, then crush it in your hand, and you’ll be….. well, almost as powerful as I am. If not, then I understand. I just want you to know this isn’t a whim, Talen. If you accept that orb, we’ll be fighting in a war. 700 of the Thousand of Styrictum are against us, and you and I only have 300 of them on our side. This is going to be a huge war, and I’ll need to call for help, but I’m not going to force you into it.” She finished her explanation and watched, apprehensively, as Talen raised the orb to peer at it. Suddenly, he crushed it with both hands, and there was a flash of light. Before he passed out on his bed, he heard his wife say “Thank you, my love.”

As he awoke, Talen remembered all that Danae had told him, wondering if it had been a dream. He suddenly noticed how cold the room was, and, with a shiver, wished it would heat up. No sooner did he think about closing the window and starting a fire then a massive explosion set the bed on fire. Then, the window closed with such force that it shattered. Panicking, Talen jumped up, willing the flames to go out- and they did! “So, I guess she wasn’t joking,” he said to himself, and then jumped as a voice spoke behind him. “No, I wasn’t joking,” said Danae as she fixed the window with a wave of her hand. “Looks like you need some practice, my demi-god of a husband. No problem, I’ve already found the perfect spot for training.” As he turned to face his beautiful young goddess-and wife- he smiled. “Let’s go then, my dear,” he said with an extravagant bow. In a flash, they both vanished.
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