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Talen's Fate Chapter 1: The Wedding

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Ever wonder what happens to everyones favorite young theif, talen? This is where you can find out what most likely Hapens to him and the others. Post-Tamuli

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Talen’s Fate, Chapter 1:
The wedding

Disclaimer: I unfortunately own nothing you could write a fan fiction about. I wish I did but I don’t. I just read the books. So I don’t own the tamuli or the elenium.

Talen walked out of the chapterhouse, feeling relieved to finally be able to get Sparhawk to leave him alone. After 9 years of training, he was finally a fully fledged Pandion Knight. Perhaps the best part, at least for him, was that he could go back to being a thief... in his spare time and behind the churches back, of course. Also, he might finally be able to escape from Sparhawk's 15 year old daughter, princess Danae. But he decided not to try that last year.

“Talen, why? Why do you always avoid me when I try to visit you,” Danae cried as she turned to leave. It was a cold, rainy day and she had showed up, like she did every month, to say hi and check on Talen. As usual, he tried to escape, and as usual, she caught him. But this was the first time she had burst into tears while talking with him. “Uh, I, well, I just…...” Talen trailed off as Danae sunk to the floor sobbing. “Danae, I just can’t forget what you said 8 years ago, Danae. I’m sorry but I don’t want to marry you!” I guess marrying me wasn’t a little girl whim after all, Talen thought. “I know you d-d-d-don’t, but could you at least try getting to know me?! Every t-t-time I visit you, you try to push out the nearest door!” Danae said as she stopped crying. Talen felt sure she ran out of tears, forcing her to stop, despite her obvious efforts to calm down. “Danae, I’m 9 years older than you, and I’m sorry, but I won’t let you trap me into marriage!” As Talen looked down at Danae, she seemed to finally calm down. “Fine Talen, if you want me to leave you alone then I will. But you should know that I love you, and I just wanted to be with you. Goodbye,” she said as she stood up and turned to go. Talen was thunderstruck as he realized she was telling the truth. She didn’t have enough experience lying to trick him. He realized that he had, in fact fallen in love with the young princess that had chased him for so long. “Wait! Danae!” Her hand stopped on the doorknob and she turned her head to look at him. “I think that, well, Iloveyoutoo.” He said it quickly and was surprised when he found Danae nearly knocking him over in a fierce, tight hug. “Really?” she asked looking up at him. “Well yeah. I mean, I… I love you more every day, I just, well, don’t want to admit it,” he said, blushing furiously. “Does this mean that you’ll marry me when you’re a real Knight?” she asked with hope gleaming in her eyes. “…..Yes, Danae, I will.” He said, and so his fate was sealed.
Danae popped up right behind him and grabbed his arm. "TALEN! YAY! You're finally a Pandion. Now I can make you my future Prince Consort." "Oh no," Talen groaned as she dragged him to the palace. Danae laughed as she walked, feeling happier than she had in 9 years, when Talen had first started his training. As Talen saw Stragen, Melidere, Kring, Mirtai, Berit and all his other friends standing in the throne room, he wondered what Danae was planning. That is, until he saw Dolmant, the Sarathi and Archprelate himself, standing in between to Khalad and Mirtai, in front of the thrones, and holding a silver crown in one hand and a smile on his face. Once they reached the Archprelate, Dolmant began the ceremony. Talen could barely hear Dolmant as he realized what was going on. She is trying to marry me today. Well, I suppose if you are going to be part of two religious ceremonies eventually, may as well do them on the same day, Talen thought, remembering his knighting ceremony and the Pandion vows he uttered a mere hour ago. “Do you, Sir Talen, take this woman to be your wife,” Dolmant Asked, shaking him out of his reverie. “I do!” Talen replied immediately. “And do you, Princess Danae, take this man to be your husband?” Dolmant’s question was answered by a thrilled “I DO!” from Danae. “Then may your lives be blessed, and now you two are married,” Dolmant said with a wave of his hand. Talen kissed Danae and then went to be congratulated by about 20-50 different people (most of whom he knew) and after a long reception, he went to enjoy his wedding night with the woman he loved more than anyone else.

The next morning he awoke next to Danae, his new wife, and dressed quickly. He gently woke her, ignoring her attempts to shrug him off, and together they went to greet the two families that they had joined into one.

This was my first fanfic; I hope you David Eddings fans enjoyed it. Please send me reviews, and don’t be afraid to criticize or critique.PLS SEND ME A REVEIW i have 4 more chapters ready
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