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“Oh my god oh my god!” Frank squeaked, jumping up and down in the air. He had already drunk at least 5 cans of red bull, so he most definitely had wings.
“Calm down dude, its not like you’re moving in with us,” Gerard laughed, making Frank punch him on the arm, and then continue to jump around frantically.
“Right, do you have all your shit?” Gerard said, looking at me.
“Yeah. That’s everything.” I smiled at him, walking around to the other side of my dad’s car towards him.
“I love you,” he smiled back, kissing my forehead before we piled into the car with all of the junk that we were taking with us to our new place. It made me feel all grown up and special when I said our new house. I just loved the tingling feeling of happiness that surged through my body as I thought about mine and Gerard’s life together.
Donna was going to bring Kati and Tyler round when we had finished moving in all of our stuff, and when things were more child friendly. I would miss them, but it was only for a few days so I was sure that they would be fine.

Frank, still jumping, hopped into the hire car we had rented to transfer all of our things to the new house with, and waited for my mum to come out of the house and follow dad’s lead to the new place.
Ray, Christa, Bob, Jessica, Jamia, Alicia and Mikey were coming round in a few hours, to help us unpack and settle in. Corey had said his goodbyes last night and gone back home, which I was quite pleased about, to be brutally honest.
Gerard had used what was left of his money, plus a little extra from his and my parents, to buy us a new couch, a new bed, a dining table and some cupboards and drawers to fill the house up, which should be arriving a few hours after we arrive at the house. I too had bought some bits and bobs to make it look more ‘home like,’ for example, some candles, lamps and pictures.

“Oh my god, Gerard.” I smiled, a tear rolling down my cheek, as we pulled up outside our house.
“Let’s go inside,” Gerard smiled back, taking my hand as we exited the car, and leading me to the front door. We both put the key into the lock together, our spare hands entwined.
“It’s amazing,” I beamed, taking a look around. all of the rooms had a cream coloured carpet, apart from the kitchen and dining room which had a dark wooden floor, and also the bathroom which had white tiles lining the floor. The kitchen and bathroom were fully furnished and the main bedroom had walk-in wardrobes. The other two bedrooms were just right for Kati and Tyler, and they too had built in wardrobes and were carpeted with the same soft floor covering as the other rooms.
“It needs a lick of paint and some homey things, but apart from that, I agree, its perfect.” Gerard hugged be from behind as I gazed at the huge old-fashioned fireplace in the front room.
“Homey things?” I laughed, turning around so that my lips met his.
“Homey things,” he nodded, nuzzling my neck.
“You’re perfect, Mr Way,” I said quietly, as Frank bounced through the door.
“I can’t believe it!” Frank screeched running back through the door and darting up the stairs.
“He sounds like a fucking baby elephant,” Gerard laughed, before going to help my parents bring in our boxes.

“Can I help you paint it? Pretty please!?” Frank smiled innocently at me.
“Sure you can,” I grinned, “as long as you don’t get paint everywhere.”
“I promise I won’t,” he said like a little kid.
“Ive heard that before,” I giggled.

The furniture arrived a few hours later, as planned, the guys following shortly afterwards.
“This place is amazing,” Toro smiled, patting Gerard on the back.
“I never thought I’d see my big brother move out of our house,” Mikey smiled.
“Wow,” was all that Bob could say.
“Thanks you guys,” Gee laughed, before attempting to get the set of drawers that he had bought, to fit through the door.

We decided to paint the walls before we put up any pictures or ‘homey things’ as Gerard called them, and so we covered the furniture with old sheet and Ray went out and bought us some paint.
We had the whole house to paint apart from mine and Gerard’s room, which he decided he was going to paint himself. He wanted it to be a surprise so he locked himself in there and told me to bring him up some coffee in a few hours. Typical Gerard.
“Devil doll, devil doll. Evil be thy master,” Frank sang as he painted the wall with a roller, happily moving his ass to the sound of the Misfits that blasted out of Bob’s old stereo he had given to us.

After hours of painting, we had finally finished our work. Mikey and I flopped down onto the sofa in the front room to admire our work. The rest of the guys were still painting the other rooms.
“I can’t believe you and Gerard are actually moving in together,” Mikey said.
“Gee, thanks Mikey,” I joked.
“No, I didn’t mean it like that. Well, I sort of did. I just can’t believe how strong your relationship is. I mean, after all that you two have been through, Gerard’s drinking and the drugs and… me. I mean, if you can get through all of that and still be together, then you can do pretty much everything. I think that you’ll be happy together,” he smiled, “I love you, Sarah, you do know that don’t you?”
“Yeah, I love you too, Mike Mike,” I smiled, resting my head on his chest as he hugged me, “Y’know you can come and see Kati anytime you want.”
I thought about all of the things Mikey had just said, and I knew that me and Gerard would be together forever. Things just had to work out. It was fate.
With that thought, I looked up at Mikey’s face and he smiled down at me. I had forgotten what colour his eyes were. They were beautiful.
“You have hazel eyes, like Gerard.” I smiled.
“No shit Sherlock,” he laughed.
We gazed at each other for a while before he broke the silence. “One last kiss and no mention of it to anyone?”
I laughed before planting my lips onto his.
Ending the kiss after just a few seconds, we giggled together, embarrassed.
Mikey ruffled up my hair to break the awkwardness of the moment. “Hey!” I giggled and I pinned down his hands at either side of his body, “little shit.”
He smiled at me sweetly before I freed his hands and snuggled back down with my head on his chest once more.
I hear a loud cough, and Ray said in a deep voice, “We’re not interrupting anything, are we?”
Mikey and I turned around to face the doorway, where Ray, Frank, Gerard and Alicia stood, staring at us.
“We were just… I was just congratulating her,” Mikey said, standing up.
“Yeah,” I added pathetically, standing too.
“Ive finished our room, you wanna see?” Gerard smiled. Obviously they hadn’t been stood there long enough to have seen Mikey’s ‘congratulations’ to me.
“Awesome, of course we do,” I laughed, excited, taking hold of Mikey and Frank’s hand and pulling them upstairs after Gerard.

“Oh my god.” I was speechless.
“Its amazing, isn’t it?” Bob said, smiling at me as I entered.
I gazed up at the portrait of me and Gerard, painted onto the wall of our room, astounded.
“I love it so much, honey!” I cried, hugging the life out of Gerard.
“Glad you like it,” he smiled before pressing his soft lips onto mine. Gently pushing his tongue into my mouth, I gladly let it enter as we kissed. Eventually breaking apart, we stared back up at the incredible piece of artwork displayed on the wall, and grinned.
“I love you so fucking much, Gerard Way.”
“I love you more, Sarah Iero.”
“Coffee? Anyone?” Bob laughed.
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