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“Hey, it’s Mikey,”
“Oh, hey dude. So uhm, how did things go with Alicia?”
“Well, actually, we are back together.”
“Oh my god, that’s awesome Mikey! I wish I could hug you… Phone hug!”
“Haha, yeah it is pretty awesome. I mean, I love her…”
“Im so happy for you,”
“She’s here now actually,”
“Could you put her on the phone, please?”
“Uh, hey, uhm, Alicia I…”
“Just forget about it,”
“But im so fucking sorry. I don’t wanna lose you; you’re such a good friend,”
“Don’t sweat it, its fine. Me and Mikey have sorted things out, and im not gonna hold anything against you. It’s in the past now, babes, it doesn’t matter,”
“You sure? I am so sorry,”
“Sorry for what? It’s all forgotten,”
“Yeah, but I can’t just forget what I did…”
“But I can. I can forgive and forget. Now don’t say another word about it. Love you.”
“Love you more…. Mikey? You there?”
“I’m here. Uhm, so how are things with you, we haven’t spoken in ages,”
“Oh, everything’s okay over here. Same old, same old. Kid’s being a pain in the ass, Mom and Dad are fine, Frank still whips my ass at video games, Gerard’s still a… talking of Gerard, has he been acting any different at home?”
“Nope. Just his normal weird self. Why?”
“Mikey, can I tell you something?”
“Yeah sure…. Oh Shit!”
“What? What?”
“Ray’s just reversed his Dad’s fucking car into the wall outside our house! I told him no good would come of him stealing the keys!”
“Haha, trust Ray to fuck it up,”
“Can I call you back?”
“Yeah, I suppose so, talk to you later,”
“I, uhm, love you,”
“Love you too, Mike Mike. Talk later. And say bye to Alicia for me,”
I sighed as I hung up the phone. I really needed somebody to talk to about Gerard, but nobody seemed to have time for me.
I walked slowly into the kitchen, dragging my feet. I began to boil the kettle, as the door opened.

“Hey baby,” Gerard smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist as I poured myself a cup of coffee.
“Hey,” I said, bluntly. Secretly, I wanted to return the affection, as this was the closest Gerard and I had been in weeks. This all digs up too many bad memories.
“What’s wrong?” Gerard said, noticing my reluctance to hug him back.
“Oh, nothing. Mikey and Alicia are back together!” I faked a smile.
“Yeah, I just heard, great news isn’t it.”
“Yeah,” I smiled, resisting my urge to hug the hell out of Gerard, who stood infront of me with his hands now on my hips.
“So, uh, is Corey around?” Gerard said, innocently.
I had had enough. What the hell was so special about the cousin that ruined almost everything he set eyes upon? What was so special about him? What made Gerard like him so much better than he liked me?
“No, why? You’re always with him,” I said, removing his hands from my hips, walking around him, and heading for the front room, acting like I had lost interest, even though this conversation was all that I had been bothered about all week.
“I just wondered. He’s a nice guy if you get to know him,” Gerard followed me.
“He’s a horrible person, Gerard, but you seem to know him a lot better than I do, don’t you?” I scowled.
“I knew this was going to happen,” Gerard sighed, taking a seat next to me on the sofa.
“What? That I was going to get pissed at you spending all of your time with that fucked up creep?” I raised my voice slightly.
“That you were going to get suspicious of our sudden friendship, and you were going to question it,” Gerard said calmly.
“Well, why wouldn’t I get fucking suspicious, you’re always together, whispering shit, and then if I walk in you go all secretive on my ass. And anyway, I don’t think ‘friendship’ is the correct word to use,” I snapped.
“What the fuck?” Gerard looked nervous.
“Yeah, what I saw you two doing was not something friends tend to do.” I said, holding back tears.
“How often do you see Bob and me kissing each other dressed in just our underwear, at like, 4 in the morning?”
“Like, never. I mean…” Gerard said, thinking, “Oh my god.”
“Yes, oh my god. Exactly what I thought when I saw you two…”
“Sarah, I…” Gerard tried to put his hand on my knee, but I moved away too quickly.
“What? You just thought you’d see what it was like to kiss a guy? Or, you just couldn’t resist his charm? What? You just wanted an easy way to let me know you don’t love me anymore…?” A single tear escaped.
“Of course I fucking love you! That’s what I told him! I said to him…” Gerard began.
“Oh, spare me the shit Gerard. I heard what you said. I heard him telling you that I don’t love you, and I saw you making out with him afterwards, motherfucker,” by this time I was shouting.
“Sarah, I just…” Gerard said.
“No!” I interrupted, not wanting to hear his excuses.

“Sarah, just hear me out!” he grabbed my arm and pulled me down, back onto the sofa, “Sarah I love you. You are my fucking world. Yes I admit I kissed him, and yes I admit he said you didn’t love me so I kissed him again, but Sarah, after that kiss I punched him. I punched him hard in the stomach and told him to get his facts straight. I know you love me, and I love you more than anything. I told him to back off, and that nothing was ever going to happen,” Gerard explained, still holding my hand.
“That doesn’t explain the sudden closeness you have with him,” I said, believing his story for the moment.
“I didn’t want to tell you this yet; I wanted it to be a surprise…” Gerard sighed.
“Tell me what, Gerard?” I stared until he caved, and began to tell me.
“After rejecting Corey, he told me that he realised just how much I loved you, and how hard I was willing to fight to stay with you. He told me that he wished that he had somebody to love, just like I have you. He said he was sorry for trying to fuck things up, and like the stupid bastard that I am, I forgave him,” Gerard began. I went to speak but was silenced by Gerard’s finger covering my lips. “I told him that I was willing to do anything for you, and he said that he could tell that I was totally devoted to you. We got talking about love and relationships and all that cliché shit. In the end, we had pretty much wasted hours of our time, getting to know each other inside out, and so I figured we were close enough for me to tell him the one ting I have been keeping secret from everybody for so long.”
I gazed at his beautiful face as he spoke, watching his lips move as he said each word, fascinated.
“Go on…” I urged him to continue.
“I have some money saved up for Art school, or at least I had some money saved up. Before I met you, going to Art school, getting qualifications, and becoming an artist for comic books and cartoons was all that I wanted to do with my life, but you and the kids have given me so much more. I mean, Im just turned 18, and I already have what the average 30 year old guy has. I have a beautiful girlfriend and two amazing children. Sarah, I don’t want this to end anytime soon. I don’t want to throw this all away by going to some shitty ass art school and getting shit ass qualifications that probably wont get my fuck all in life. I have got everything I want right here, right now, and I couldn’t be happier. Corey has helped me make all of the plans for my life, and he has been so understanding and helpful. To be honest, i dont think that i could have done this without his help keeping things a secret, and planning everything out the way we have.”
“Your point?” I smiled, thinking about his long speech that wasn’t getting anywhere.
“My point is, Sarah, that I’ve used the money I had saved, to buy us a house.” he smiled, crossing his fingers and hoping that I would be happy.
I wanted to cry.
“Oh my god.. You’ve... Gerard, you’ve bought… Really?” I spluttered, completely astonished.
“Yeah.” he smiled, “We can move in in a couple of weeks, I haven’t got the exact date but im sure I can get it soon enough. The house isn’t perfect, and it’s a little on the small side, but it’s in Jersey, so we aren’t far from our parents and friends, and I think it should be perfect for us to start off our lives together in. So, Sarah, will you live with me, in our own house, that we own, together?” Gerard proposed.
“Fuck yes,” I laughed, crying with happiness.
Both of us standing at the same time, I jumped into Gerard’s arms, hugging the life out of him. “I love you so much Gerard Way. Fuck!”
Pressing my lips onto his, we collapsed back onto the sofa together, lips locked, fingers entwined, joined together forever… Ready to embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

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