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I cleared the plates from the table of people I had been watching for the past half hour. I couldn’t get my head straight. They have been spending so much time together it’s unbelievable. Gerard hardly ever speaks to me anymore, and Corey always looks suspicious every time I see him. I swear they are up to something. I hate how they are so close. I hate Corey, and he’s beginning to make me dislike Gerard for liking him. This sucks. I cant wait until Corey has finally fucked off back home.

The rain poured outside, the mesmerizing sound of raindrops pattered on the roof as I gazed into space, watching the water droplets bounce off the surface of the road outside.
“Sarah?” I heard Mr Jones’s voice, but didn’t register that I was being spoken to. “Sarah!” she shook me, until I woke up from my daydream.
“What?” I said bluntly, half of me still not paying attention.
“There are customers waiting to be served,” He said, wandering back into the back room.

I woke up from my trance as soon as I noticed Gerard and Corey sat in the booth right in the corner. Gerard looked around, his eyes darting about, and finally picked up the menu, but instead of reading it he stood it up on the table, covering his and Corey’s faces.
I walked over there as fast as my legs could carry me, not knowing exactly what I was going to do or say.
Pulling back the menu, what I saw infront of me, was not at all what I had expected.
“Busted.” Gerard muttered, hiding the piece of paper he and Corey were looking at, underneath the table.
“Uh,” was all that my mouth would say.
“Damn. Uhm, we’ll take two coffee’s Sarah, please.” Corey added.
“Yeah.” Gerard said, nervously.
As I walked away, still in total shock that I didn’t uncover them making out in the corner, I heard Gerard whisper, “I didn’t think she’s seen us, now what are we going to do? Now she’s going to be suspicious.”
What the hell is going on with those two? I asked myself as I put down the two cups of coffee on their table and took the money from Corey’s hand.
“Thanks,” I said hurrying away as fast as possible.

All day my mind came up with so many theories on what they were up to, but none of them seemed like they could actually be reality.
My head spun as I flopped down on the sofa, hoping Frank would come and make me smile.
“Hey, how was work?” Frank asked, bringing me a mug of hot chocolate and a biscuit.
“Fine thanks, nothing new to tell, how was it for you?” I replied. Frank had got a new job now, working in a music store at the mall.
“Awesome,” he smiled, “I got cookies, and a gory film!”
“Hell yeah,” I laughed at his cute expression, and at his weird dance moves as he jigged about before finally putting the film into the DVD player.
“Where are Kati and Tyler?” I asked before he pressed play.
“Asleep.” he said simply.
“Oh, good.” I smiled as the film began.
“Mom and Dad?” I asked.
“At the pub with Mick and Suzanne, everything’s fine, shut your face.” Frank giggled.
“So…” I began.
“Shut the fuck up. Mom and dad went out about an hour ago, I put Tyler and Kati to bed and everything is okay. Shhhhh.”
“Okay,” I whispered.
“Fucking shhhhh!” Frank laughed.

I hadn’t had a night like this in ages. Since I had got together with Gerard, and since I’d had the kids, I hadn’t been as close to my brother, but now, finally, we were close again, and were enjoying every minute of it.
“Shit!” I yelped, as a dude in the film got his head sawn off and I spilt my hot beverage all down myself.
Frank couldn’t stop laughing, “Damn, I wish I had my camera! Your face then was a fucking picture!”
“Shut up jerk. Go get me a towel,” I said, trying not to laugh.
“Or what?” Frank said, starting one of the playful arguments we hadn’t had in such a long time.
“Or I’ll… I’ll… I’ll bite you!” I laughed.
“Bring it, bitch!” Frank said, standing up ready to run.
“Oh just you wait till I get you!” I shouted, running around the room, trying to catch him.
I dived on him, pushing him into the ground and biting his arms. He bit my fingers as I held onto his skin, and I yelped in pain. Lying in a heap on the floor, covered in bite marks, soaked in hot chocolate, we laughed hysterically.
This was the kind of thing I needed to make my day so much better. I could forget about Gerard and Corey, and just spend some quality time with my brother, my best friend.

Meanwhile, outside the Simmons household, Mikey shouted frantically at Alicia’s window, yet again, trying to get her to come down and talk to him.
“I fucking love you Alicia, just please, come down and I will explain everything!” he yelled, tears falling down his cheeks.
He threw himself violently down onto the floor, so that he was sat on Alicia’s doorstep. Holding his head in his hands, crying, he didn’t notice Alicia stood at the door behind him.
“I’m such a fuck up. Now I’ve lost her, im so fucking stupid,” Mikey cried to himself.
“That’s right, you’re stupid,” Alicia said, putting her hand on Mikey’s shoulder, making him jump.
“Oh my god,” Mikey whispered, standing up to face her, “Alicia I love you, I…”
“Just shut up Mikey. I only came down here so that I could hear your best attempts at trying to explain.” Alicia said callously.
“Im so sorry. I know I should have told you. It was before we got together, and I didn’t know she was pregnant for months! Im so fucking sorry,” Mikey cried.
“You think that makes it okay? You didn’t know about it for a few fucking months. What happened to telling me when you found out? You’ve had plenty of opportunities. Damnit Mikey, she’s nearly 1 year old!” Alicia shouted.
“But… I…” Mikey snivelled.
“Get the fuck in here,” Alicia spat, pulling Mikey into her house.
“When I asked you out, and you told me you liked somebody else, it was her wasn’t it? It was Sarah you fucking loved, your brother’s girlfriend!” She yelled.
“I’m not going to lie to you, Alicia, yeah it was Sarah. I thought I loved her, but she was upset, I was comforting her, things got out of hand and we… well, y’know, and then I thought I really did love her, but then I realised it was you that I loved, that’s why I agreed to be your boyfriend, because I love you, Alicia.” Mikey stuttered.
“The only reason you said yes to me was because you couldn’t have her! She already had a boyfriend and you couldn’t stand that she wasn’t yours, so you said you’d be with me! Thanks a lot Mikey; it shows how much I mean to you! I really liked you Mikey, you should have just told me the truth, told me that you couldn’t be with me and not change your fucking mind about it, it would have been the decent thing to do!” She began to cry.
“Alicia, the reason I said yes to you was because I realised, not that I couldn’t have Sarah, but that I loved you. You are pretty and caring and just truly amazing. I realised that it was you I wanted to be with, you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, grow old with, and have babies with. I realised it was you who I would give my last dollar to, and you who I would jump infront of a bullet for. Alicia, I love you so fucking much, and I can’t go on living without you in my life. I need you. I love you more than life itself, will you please forgive me?” Mikey cried.
Without saying a word, Alicia told Mikey her answer.
Their lips crashed together, and their fingers became entwined in each other’s hair.
“I love you, too.”

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