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It's a deathwish

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I woke up to find and empty space beside me.
I figured Gerard had just gone downstairs for some coffee, so I hopped out of bed and pulled on a pair of Gerard’s boxers that were on the floor, and found a hoody hung on my door handle and slipped it over my head to cover myself up.
I walked slowly down the stairs, rubbing my eyes and stretching out my arms, in an attempt to wake myself up properly. As I reached the kitchen, I noticed Gerard was not sat in his usual place, so I guessed he had just decided to drink his coffee in the front room. “Ge…” I began, opening the front room door a fraction, before I stopped in my tracks.
Corey and Gerard were sat in the middle of the floor together, both of them dressed in next to nothing.
I watched and listened through the crack in the door.
Corey had been staying with us for the past few weeks, as he would have just been staying in random hotels if not. My parents thought it would be wrong to leave him to find hotels to sleep in when we have a perfectly good sofa for him to crash on during his stay in Jersey. Frank and I did protest, using all the excuses we could to try and make them rethink their decision to let him stay. We told them he should be made to find his own place to stay, as he is 22 and can look after himself, but it didn’t work.

I watched as Corey put his hand on my boyfriend’s cheek and slowly move in to kiss him. Their mouths collided for a few seconds until Gerard pulled back.
“Why are you doing this?” Gerard asked.
“C’mon Gerard, you know you want to.” Corey smirked.
“No. I love Sarah. It’s wrong.” Gerard protested as Corey put his hand on his leg.
“I bet you can’t prove it,” Corey said, still smirking.
“Isn’t our son enough proof for you?” Gerard snapped.
“Just your son? Not your daughter? Why did you not mention Kati?” Corey saw an opportunity to mess with Gerard’s head.
“I just didn’t say it, okay. I thought just one of them would be enough to prove our love, ‘cause if we didn’t love each other why would we have a child, or even more than one?” Gerard said, thinking quickly.
“But why did you not say Kati? Why did you pick Tyler over Kaitlin?” Corey questioned.
“I… I… I just…” Gerard stuttered.
“Oh my god! She’s not yours is she?” Corey exclaimed, looking pleased that he had found out something he shouldn’t have.
“Of course she’s mine!” Gerard said in an unconvincing tone.
“Who was it then? Who did she fuck? I think that proves she doesn’t love you,” Corey said.
“For fucks sake, she…” Gerard began but was interrupted mid sentence.
“There’s no point lying, I know Kati isn’t yours, so just spill, whose baby is she? I won’t say anything.” Corey said, acting sweet.
“Fuck you! It was my fucking brother, alright? But it doesn’t make me love her less!” Gerard said, getting frustrated.
“Oh my god! That proves she doesn’t love you. I’m so sorry man, but if a girl is willing to risk her relationship, and fuck her boyfriend’s brother, then im afraid she doesn’t love her boyfriend.” Corey patted Gerard’s shoulder, pretending to comfort him.
“But she does love me.” Gerard said. His tone of voice was beginning to sound as though Corey had convinced him. I didn’t want Corey to win and ruin our relationship, but I couldn’t just walk in because if I saw them both nearly naked together I would have to act surprised and maybe even a little bit mad, which would make Corey’s plan even easier, as Gerard and I would end up arguing.
“She doesn’t, you just have to face it.” Corey said.
“But I…” Gerard said, helplessly.
“Don’t get upset. Im here for you.” Corey put his hand back on Gerard’s leg, and the other on his shoulder.
After a few seconds of staring into each others eyes, the two began to kiss once again, but this time, Gerard didn’t pull away, and he didn’t seem reluctant to continue.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t watch my boyfriend and my cousin together any more, so I ran back up the stairs, slamming my bedroom door and falling onto my bed. I sobbed into my pillow. My whole life will be turned upside down in the blink of an eye

I decided to play along with everything, and pretend that I didn’t know what was going on. I figured that if Gerard really loved me, he would tell me about the things Corey had said and done, and I would be able to forgive him, like he did when I was truthful and I told him about me and Mikey.
Thinking about it for a moment, I realised that Mikey never told Alicia about me and him sleeping with each other. So she doesn’t know that Kati isn’t Gerard’s.
My mind was split in two and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just sat there on my bed, waiting for Gerard to finish whatever was going on downstairs, and come back to me, so I could feel loved again.

5 hours later. Still no sign of Gerard. I could hear the TV downstairs playing really loud, and I could hear the clinking of plates in the kitchen. Tyler began to cry, and I heard muffled voices too.
I figured everybody was up now, and they were all going about the day as usual.
“So much for ‘I love you’ Gerard,” I said to myself as I got dressed and ran down the stairs, “didn’t even check if I was alright.”
I walked into the kitchen and took over from my mum feeding Kati.
“What’s with you?” Frank asked, coming over and sitting beside me.
“Oh nothing, im just a bit tired. How long since you all got up?” I replied.
“A few hours, why?” He said, still looking concerned.
“I just wondered how long I had overslept, that’s all,” I gave a fake smile.

I finished feeding the kids and got myself a bite to eat, before entering the front room to find Gerard and Corey playing video games, seeming like the ‘best of friends.’
“Look at you guys, getting on like a house on fire,” I said.
“Oh, yeah,” Gerard smiled weakly.
“You got up early this morning,” I said, staring at Gerard until he turned around.
“Yeah, I needed coffee. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. You were still fast asleep so I just left you, didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so peaceful,” he smiled.
“Oh right, okay,” I said, not knowing how to reply.
“Had a good nights sleep then?” Corey said, his eyes still fixed on the screen.
“Not too bad,” I replied, wondering what was coming next.
“Yeah, I did too.” Corey smirked, still facing the TV.
“What made your night so good then, Core?” I asked curiously, also wondering if Gerard’s face would change. I can always tell when there’s something wrong, or when he is feeling guilty.
“I just had a nice long sleep, and I was greeted by a cup of coffee from Gerard. It made me feel more at home, y’know. It was nice, wasn’t it Gee?” Corey smirked.
“Yeah, I suppose. Coffee is always nice, though,” Gerard said, eyes still transfixed on the screen.
“Yeah, coffee and a good morning kiss, that’s how I like to start my day, but today wasn’t like that, was it Gerard,” I started to get upset, but tried to hide it behind my words.
“Sorry babes. I just thought you’d be happier sleeping,” Gerard continued to stare.
Just as I was about to reply, with a remark I would probably live to regret, the doorbell rang and so I went to answer it.

“Hey Mikes, hey Liss.” I said as Mikey and Alicia entered.
“Hey, I was just looking for my brother,” Mikey said, going into the front room.
“Hey babe,” Alicia smiled, hugging me before we too entered the room.

“Mom was asking if you would go round and help her today, ‘because the washer is broken and ‘cause Dad’s away there’s nobody to fix it,” Mikey said to his brother.
“Can’t you do it?” Gerard replied.
“No. 1, I’m no good with fixing stuff I just seem to break it more, and 2, I promised Alicia I’d go out with her.” Mikey explained.
“If I must then. I’ll go in a bit though. Not right now,” Gerard groaned.
“Do you two want a drink?” I asked Mikey and Alicia, before my mum brought Kati and Tyler into the room.
“Sorry, your dad and I want to talk, can you take these two?” Mum said, as if they were her responsibility.
“Sure, mum. They are mine to look after anyway, you go have some time with Dad, its fine,” I smiled, taking Kati in my arms and watching Ty crawl over to Gerard.

“Fuck yes!” Gerard shouted as he beat Corey at the game they were playing, just as I walked back in with a drink for Alicia.
“Did you win honey?” I smiled at Gerard, trying to forget everything.
“Hell yes I did,” he smiled back, picking up Ty and spinning him in the air.
“Aww, he’s so cute,” Corey smiled at Gerard as he sat back down next to him, holding Tyler.
“I know, he’s daddy’s little superstar,” Gerard giggled at Ty, making him laugh.
“Aww, and Kati, you look so much like your daddy,” Corey smirked at me.
I know where this is going.
“Ali…” I was interrupted before I could get Alicia out of the room, before Corey ruined things for her and Mikey.
“Don’t you think so Mikey?” Corey said to Mikey, who just nodded and mumbled, “Suppose so.”
“Don’t you think he looks so much like you Mikey? Do you think she’ll need glasses when she’s older, just like her Daddy?”

“What the fuck?” Alicia said as Corey smirked.
“Alicia… I…” Mikey was speechless.
I held my head in my hands as Alicia stood up and stormed out.
“Lissy, babes!” Mikey cried out, heading after her, “Thanks a fucking lot.”

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