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The hardest part of living

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“Fuck Frank.” I said a bit too loud.
“What the…?” Mikey said, looking at me with a weird look on his face.
Everybody stared at me for a few seconds before I spoke.
“Frank its Corey.” I said, quieter this time, pointing at our cousin who was sat in the corner of the restaurant.
“Holy shit im leaving.” Frank said turning to walk back out of the restaurant.
“Fuck no your not. Don’t let this dude ruin the night. Who is he anyway,” Gerard asked, pulling Frank back.
“He’s our cousin. He lives in New York and, thank god, we haven’t seen him in ages. Last time he visited, let’s just say all hell broke loose.” Frank said, cringing at the thought of last time Corey was in Jersey.
“What happened?” Bob asked.
“He just messed shit up. Everything good we had going on in our lives, he fucking ruined. You stay away from him Gerard.” I laughed, making a joke out of the situation.
Frank punched my arm gently, “Don’t joke. He would seriously fuck your relationship up.”
“How, like?” Gerard asked, curiously.
“Well, he told Frank’s ex that he had slept with Frank, ‘as a joke’” I said in a sarcastic tone, putting “as a joke” in air quotes.
“Really, he did that?” Ray asked, shocked.
“Yeah, he finds other people’s grief amusing.” Frank said bluntly.
“Well don’t let him see us.” I said, urging everybody to move back out of the door, “We’ll go somewhere else.”
”Sarah? Frank?” I heard a voice call as we began to exit.
“Shit.” I said.
“How are you guys? I haven’t seen you like, forever,” Corey said, trying to hug me.
I pulled away, “Fine, we know, goodbye,” I said sharply, edging back towards the door.
“You’re leaving? You haven’t even got in yet and you’re going?” Corey said, taking hold of my arm, “Come and join us.”
“Fuck me sideways,” I grumbled, making Gerard giggle.
“Cassie, this is Sarah and Frank, my cousins.” Corey introduced us to his date, “And you are?” he continued, looking at Gerard and co.
“This is Gerard, my boyfriend. Gerard’s brother Mikey, and his girlfriend Alicia. Ray and Christa, and that’s Bob and Jessica.” I said in a monotonous tone. I cant believe we are about to have a meal with Corey the cock face and some random girl.

After about 2 hours of torture, Gerard finally saved me by standing and announcing that he needed a cigarette.
“I think I’ll join you babes,” I said, standing up too. Anything to get me away from Corey.
“Oh my god, my baby cousin smokes?” Corey said, acting shocked.
“Yes, she does and so does your other cousin too. Infact, all of us here smoke, apart from you and I don’t know about her,” I said bluntly before leaving quickly, before he could comment.
“If one of your relatives are ever in Jersey and they offer to share their table with us, for fucks sake, please say no.” Gerard laughed, taking a cig from the packet and offering me one.
I took a cig and lit it, laughing at his comment, “I totally promise, does Gee forgive me?”
”Of course Gee forgives you,” Gerard smirked, leaning in for a kiss after taking a drag of his cigarette.
“I love you,” I smiled, kissing him back, my tongue savouring the taste of cigarette smoke in his mouth.

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