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by Moonshyne

It was supposed to be a quiet night in but a scene in a movie changes all that.

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It had been almost a week since the drama unfolded with Derek and Elisabeth. Because of Natasha there were only hidden half smiles as they both worked their respective merchandising areas and they never had lunch anymore, never really saw each other anymore. Madison took to working the area too one to help her sister through her difficult time and two to stay away from Bob. She knew all it would take was a look or a wink and seconds later they would be making out like a couple of teenagers. So they played it safe while out on the venue they stayed away from each other, though Bob came and checked on how everything was going a little more often than usual. But no one suspected a thing. Once the show was over and they were by themselves all that day’s frustrations came out.

Even though Madison was assigned her own bunk she slept in Bob’s. The couple hadn’t made love yet but Madison had made progress. She no longer tensed as Bob touched her breasts, but always redirected his hands when he wanted more. Bob was a patient man and would wait until she was ready.

That day had been particularly rough for Elisabeth because the one place where Derek and Elisabeth had to themselves was the merch area. Today Natasha invaded that space. When they got on the bus after selling out that day’s merchandise Elisabeth went straight to the bus and to her bunk and cried.

The guys and Madison came back after the show and Madison went straight to Elisabeth’s bunk. She wanted to talk to her earlier but was shooed away.

“So what does everyone want to do?” asked Ray.

“Watch a movie?” said Frank.

“Something different, please,” said James.

Bob looked back to the sleeping area hoping Madison could help her sister.

“Earth to Bob,” teased Ray.



“Sure, anything.”

Matt started going through the vase array of dvds the band had collected over time.

“Hey this one isn’t even opened. It’s that movie with the girl from Friends.”

“Jamia bought it awhile ago, she said it was a good thriller,” said Frank.

“Everyone okay with it?”

Soon after it began Bob fell asleep. Madison finally came back to the living area a few minutes later.

“What are you watching?” asked Madison

“It’s called Derailed supposed to be a decent thriller,” said James.

“I met that girl a couple of years ago at a fund raiser. She was sweet. I felt bad though because she and her husband had just split,” said Madison.

“Shhh,” said Frank as he watched the scene unfold on the screen.

Madison just shook her head and decided to get a drink. She was hoping to wake Bob up afterwards so they could go to bed.

The guys were watching a very intense scene. The robber who had just beaten the two characters had just thrown the woman onto the bed. He then tore at the material at her waist, the camera moved to show him pulling down his pants and then on top of her. He started rocking on her indicating that they were having sex all the while ignoring her screams and tears. Everyone jumped when they heard a glass hit the counter. They all turned around and saw Madison’s reaction to what was happening on the screen.

Bob woke at hearing the crash he looked at everyone looking past him and then looked at the large screen. For a second and prayed what they weren’t looking at who he thought it was. He turned to see Madison shaking and in tears.

“Shut the fucking thing off,” Bob yelled to the room.

He then ran to Madison and took her shaking form into his arms. She held him so tight she never wanted to let him go. The rest of the room hung their heads as their eyes followed the couple that was now making their way back to the sleeping area.

Ray summed up how they all felt at that moment in one word, “Fuck.”

Matt turned to them all nearly in tears, “I didn’t know.”

James turned to his bandmate, “None of us did.”

Frank looked down, “Bob did.” For the first time since they met Frank felt something other than contempt for her.

A few minutes later Bob came out to get some water.

“Bob I’m so sorry I didn’t know there was a scene like that and I didn’t know that…” said Matt.

“Matt, its okay. I know you meant no harm. Do me a favor and not watch that movie or anything like it while she’s around.”

“How is she?” asked Ray.

“A fucking mess,” he said as he got a glass of water.

“If there’s anything we can do?” asked Frank.

“Yeah go back to the movie or something else. She’s embarrassed enough as it is.”

“Bob,” said James, “take care of her she’s a special lady.”

“I know.”

With that Bob went back to his bunk to a devastated Madison.

A few minutes later Chris came on the bus. “Buses are leaving in ten minutes, everyone accounted for?”

He looked around, “Where’s Bob, Madison and Lizzie?”

“In back,” said Frank.

“Is Gerard staying with MSI tonight?”

“I guess,” said Frank.

Chris started to call Gerard as he walked on the bus all smiles.

“Here tonight?” asked the tour manager.


“Fine I’m getting back on the other bus. See you guys at Jones Beach.”

Gerard looked at his bandmates, “So who died?”

“You know Madison better than any one except Bob, right?” asked Ray.

“I guess.”

“Did you know that she was raped?”

“Nah, Bob saved her.”

“Another time.”

“No.” Gee suddenly realized what happened that first night made a hell of a lot more sense.

They described the events that unfolded before them earlier.

“Maybe my surprise is what people need to cheer them up.”

“Yeah I noticed that shit eating grin when you walked in, what’s up?” aked Frank.

“I have a surprise.”

“You know how Bob hates surprises,” said Frank.

“But he’ll love this one, I guarantee it.”

“Your funeral,” said Frank as he shook his head.

Bob laid on his side next to Madison as she laid flat on her back. He gently brushed the hair from her face and gave her a weak smile.

“Feeling better?”

“Thanks. I’m sorry, that scene just brought back so many bad memories.”

“You want to talk about it?” Bob tried to approach the subject before but was shot down.

“Yeah, I think I do.”

“If it gets to hard to talk about just let me know.”

“How’d I get so lucky?”

“If you ask me, I’m the lucky one.”

Madison just smiled at him.

“Where should I start?” she asked.

“How about the beginning?”

“Like I told you before my father wanted me to work with someone who was driven by their passion and the soon to be state senator fit the bill. I started as gofer position but soon worked my way up until I was liaison to the communications director. The race was a tough one and we were just about neck and neck with the opponent. After our candidate won the debate we noticed for the first time that we were ahead in the polls. We broke out the champagne and there were about ten of us celebrating and then ten became two.”

“I don’t know if was the champagne, or the fact that he was brutally handsome, but we started kissing. He took my jacket off and I took his off. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest after a while he unbuttoned my shirt. My bra had a front clasp which he immediately undid. He was sucking my nipples and making them hard I never felt anything like it. It felt good, really good.”

Madison noticed Bob’s blank expression and she thought she knew what he was thinking. At what point does this become rape.

“He turned to be and said that he loved my nipples they were much more prominent than Sylvia’s, his wife. All of the sudden reality hit me what was I doing with another woman’s husband? A woman I knew well and was like a mother to me after my mom died. I told him we had to stop and he said I was a fucking tease. I didn’t care, I just wanted out, when I got to the door it was locked.”

Madison went into a dream like trance as she remembered what happened next.

Madison’s POV

“Where was I?”

“You grabbed the door and it was locked.”


“Going somewhere baby?”

“I need to get out of here.”

“No I’ve waited way too long for this. Since you were sixteen you’ve been teasing me. Wearing those skimpy bikinis when they got wet I could see right through them. Those low cut gowns when you bent over just the right way your breast was fully exposed. You have been a fucking tease. Tonight I finally got a taste and now you think you’re going to walk away?”

He turned me so I was facing him and he pinned me against the door and then pressed hard against me. I could feel his erection.

“Feel that Madison? Every fucking time I saw you I had to deal with it. Not anymore, not tonight.”

He grabbed my arm and threw me onto the leather couch that graced the center of the library in his house. He had a whole wing of this mansion in which his wife and children weren’t allowed. There would be no one to hear me if I screamed.

He tore at the waist of my skirt, I think he wanted to rip it right off me.

“Please don’t do this. Stop now and I won’t tell my father any of this.”

“Don’t worry you won’t be telling Daddy anything.”

“Try me,” I said through my tears.

“I have evidence of five different scenarios that your father had insider trading tips when he went to buy controlling stock of certain companies. If the SEC were to find out well you’ll never see Daddy without a plate of glass between you.”

“How could you?”


He undid his belt and lowered his pants and there was his full erection staring me in the eye. He shoved it in my mouth and started moving back and forth, I was gagging so bad I thought I was going to die. Finally I got enough courage to bite the damn thing

That’s when I got slapped across the face. It ended up being a very stupid move. I’m young and thongs are in how was I to know it would give him easy access to all he wanted. He hiked up my skirt and thrust himself inside me I think he broke my hymen along the way. It fucking hurt so much.

“Stop!!” I cried. But he kept going in and out like my wants didn’t matter, my pain didn’t matter, I didn’t matter. A few minutes later he screamed my name and spilled his seed in me. It was finally over I thought. Like everything else that night I was wrong.

He took me to a spare room on the second floor and tied me up and placed a gag over my mouth. I was there for I don’t know how long, but it was days. If I was good I was allowed to eat. Being good consisted of giving myself willingly, which I never did.

I was woken one night when I heard cheers from the library below. After what seemed to be an eternity the house was quiet. I somehow managed to get the ropes off and found my torn clothes. I put them on and made my way to the door, thankfully it was unlocked. I was at my freedom and started running. I ran right into him.

“Going somewhere sweetheart?”

“I’m out of here.”

“One more celebration.”


He dragged me by the hair into the bedroom and started tearing my clothes off again, but I kicked him in the balls and took off. He caught up with me and the last thing I remember is his palms against my back right before I tumbled down the stairs.

Third Person POV, now.

Bob looked at her after she told her story then gathered her in his arms. She felt so safe in his arms.

“You did the right thing by not mentioning his name, because if I knew who he was I’d fucking kill him. If anyone touches you like that again I swear to you I’ll kill them.

Madison looked in his eyes and knew that was a promise and not a threat.
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