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Chapter 1

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Nonnie Woods had finally gotten her life on the right track. What happens when Pete Wentz mistakes her for a hooker? Will she be able to hold it together or fall apart at the seams?

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Chapter 1

“You stupid light, come on and change.” I said in frustration. I had to get to work like now or I was going to be in big trouble. I sped through the light and turned at the next one then strait into my office’s parking lot. I rushed inside the building with the cover samples in hand. Then went straight to the conference room. “I’m so sorry that I’m running so late…”

“Save the excuse Mrs. Woods,” My boss Mr. Howard said. The new clients were sitting and waiting for me to continue. I took a deep breath. I’m sure he was going to continue the tirade he had just started after they left. I brushed my shoulder length hair behind my ear and looked at the new clients. I could tell right away they were irritated with me, one in particular stood out in his frustration his body language stated that not only was he irritated but he was also disinterested in any and everything that I might be about to say. I ran through their names and started to match the faces to the names. There was Patrick, the lead singer he was smiling and so was Andy the drummer. So I smiled back, but when I looked over at Joe who played lead guitar, he wasn’t smiling. I didn’t let my smile falter until I got to Pete the bass player and I could tell right away he was the one I was going to have trouble with.

“So I have few ideas for your album cover. Oh sorry my name is Nonnie Woods. I know all of your names. Pete, Patrick, Andy and Joe right?” I walked over to shake each of their hands. Pete didn’t even acknowledge my hand. I brushed it off and cleared my throat. This wasn’t my first time designing a cover for a big band it was the first time I tried tequila though.

Last night my little sister Marcia and her best friend Janay challenged me to do tequila shots off of Frank’s stomach. Frank was like my older brother and best friend. I knew it was a bad idea and so did Frank, but I can’t turn down a dare and I can’t let a challenge go so I did seven shots off of his stomach and now was working on a major hang over. I’m sure I probably looked like hell too. I just needed to get through this meeting and then I could go crawl back into my bed.

“So the album is called “Take This To Your Grave” so I thought maybe a gravestone. Well here I’ll show you,” I took out one of the samples and showed them. They didn’t look impressed.

“Is this all you have?” Patrick asked politely.

“Uh No I have more. I just like that one, but here are some other ones.” I took out the other samples and laid them on the table in front of them.

“None of these are us,” Pete scoffed at the samples.

“Well that could be because I don’t know you,” I said. Hoping that would explain it. “I just know your music, which let me tell you now I do enjoy very much. I just…it tells me a little about you guys, but not everything. If you want a cover that speaks about you. I have to know you.” I was pulling all that out of my ass. I just hoped that they wouldn’t know it.

“Dude she does have a point.” Joe said looking at the others I hadn’t even realized he was paying attention.

“Mrs. Woods, can I see you out in the hall way. You know give them a chance to look over that.” I just nodded and followed Mr. Howard out into the hall. I closed the door behind me. “Nonnie what the hell are you trying to pull. I give you a chance and you screw it up this bad, I can’t believe this.” surprisingly enough I was more scared he was going to yell than that he was going to fire me. I mean my head was pounding like crazy.

“I know I screwed up okay…”

“Actually we think she’s right.” Patrick said stepping out of the conference room. “Aside from her showing up hung over, at least she showed up and she also had those awesome samples. We really like your style those just aren’t quite what we are looking for. So we are in town for the two weeks. You have that long to get to know us and prepare new samples.” I could have kissed him.

“Are you sure, Mr. Stump?” Mr. Howard said obviously ready to fire me anyway.

“Yes sir. We believe in second chances. So you wanna come with us to lunch?” I really just wanted to go home and try to sleep off this hang over, but this is probably my only chance at keeping my job.

“I’m already there,” I said with a smile. I turned and looked at my boss; he looked pissed that he still hadn’t gotten rid of me.

“Don’t screw this up,” I just nodded and went back into the room with the guys. Pete looked particularly annoyed with me.

“So where are we going for lunch?”
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